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Why you should absolutely AVOID this …

Okay, let’s be honest: there is no woman alive who does not resist pleasure. I very nearly did not make it to a birthday party I was invited to last weekend because I really, really thought I had to unpack. The boxes in my bedroom were talkin’ to me. I had to shut those bad boys up and shake out the one that contained my dancing shoes.

Good times are way scarier and more unpredictable than good old reliable Hard Work and her best friend, Complaining About Stuff.

But, my darlings, in this crazy unpredictable world, there are so very many reasons to open a new box, and say yes. Yes to yourself. Yes to your womanhood. Yes to sisterhood. Yes to your own becoming. Yes to p l e a s u r e.

But, as usual, there are also, always, so many many reasons to say no, aren’t there?

In the spirit of fun, here’s my quick list of all the reasons you should definitely stay far, far away from me and Boot Camp this week! : ) 

You’re already full of:

fulfilling relationships
love for your body
life force

Your body totally feels:

fully alive
turned on
lit up

Your love relationship is:

a source of pride

Your work life is:

on fire
in flow
just like you want it

Your community life is:


Your feminine energy is:

in flow
in surplus

Your inner state is:

thrilled to be alive
available to connect

Now, if you’ve totally got all these down, then I truly DO NOT want you to join me in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp. Who likes a show off anyway??! Though, that said, I do want you to tell me your secrets in the comments section.  : )

For the rest of us, I invite you to join me as we plunge headlong into the eight Womanly Arts, and work on applying them together, week by week, to create spectacular and extraordinary lives.

This course will completely recreate and recharge every cell in your body as you step into the Fall – whether you’re new to this work, or a grad looking for a refresh. Every year, we get the best stories and extraordinary brags about their breakthroughs as a result.

Boot Camp starts THIS THURSDAY! Now is the time. Will you say YES to you? Hope so.


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  • SG Jacqueline September 17, 2014, 2:06 pm

    Dear SG’s
    I am just about to dive into Boot Camp tomorrow and I am really excited about it. Having said tha,t I know I will grow, change, develop and morph into the most Awesome New Lady but how will everyone else in my Life deal with the Changes…! Sometimes the Status Quo is what we are used to and changes make everyone feel alittle unsure of the Future.
    I suppose I must Charge through the Barriers (all put up by me in the Past), shouting loudly, “New Life of Fun, Desire and Happiness here I come….!”
    SG Jacqueline xxx

  • Sister Goddess Bitchy Goddess of the Sea September 16, 2014, 9:37 pm

    I miss bootcamp! I long for it in every connection I do with other women. t changed my connections… and… it serves me well.
    I have reconnected to Miami, to dancing while crying, absorbing the beauty of every woman, being naked and being adorned by awesome outfits, running topless by the sea and enjoying the beautiful rainbow that happened before my eyes over the sea.
    thank you for so much. Thank you for being my first time traveling first class.
    Thank you for reminding me of THAT sparkle that happens to come alive when I am in pleasure and that belongs to the most sacred and intimate Goddess there is in me.
    thank you because I only can talk this way in your community and I feel I want to write forever.
    I loved boot camp.

  • Patty September 16, 2014, 1:16 pm

    Boot Camp started it all for me, Regena. I look back at all the discoveries I made and all the juiciness that unfolded for me, in my work, my love, my relationship with my children, HECK, even my dog was so grateful I took that course, but most importantly, my relationship with myself. I learned to really really love myself. Just as I am.

    The relationships I formed with so many women in Boot Camp over one year ago, continue on today. I am still closer with many of them than I am with women I have known all my life! I was in a taxi in New York last weekend with a couple of women I was in Boot Camp with and we just laughed ourselves silly. We all commented on how , it’s like we have known each other forever, totally comfortable, relaxed, and just a really warm supportive feeling between us because of our Boot Camp experience together. And its funny because I’m off in the Atlantic Ocean, two were on the West Coast, and another one was in Europe. Distance can’t keep us apart.
    Every woman should have that Boot Camp Experience. It’s a life changer!

    • Sister Goddess Bitchy Goddess of the Sea September 16, 2014, 9:38 pm

      May it continue being that fabulous or even better Sister! <3 I adore our time together. Thank you for being sweet to me, that was the healing I received. Thank you <3