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Blood sisters


I am in the middle of an International Countdown.
A huge caper.
Me, my team, and women from 10 different countries and 30 different states are on the road together, even though most of us have never met.
We are all winding our way down indescribably different roads, heading to the same destination.
We will meet, in about ten days, at the first weekend of Mastery.

(Pssst…we have 9 spots left.)

And, as you can imagine, this convergence is much on my mind.
So many women, from so many different backgrounds, different cultures, different life experiences.
What do we have in common?
A deep, numinous tug that feels like destiny.
That nothing else soothes or speaks to.

This deep numinous tug — listened to, responded to, served, surrendered to — is the very recipe for a woman to begin to truly live her unimaginably beautiful destiny, rather than quietly, desperately longing for it.
And there is nothing more important for a woman to pledge her life to.
Each woman is a perfectly designed essential contribution to the future of the world she inhabits. Mastery is the key to unlocking a woman’s ability to live the legend she was born to become. 

I am immersed in studying and preparing for this upcoming weekend, and I came across the notes for a slideshow that I show in class on Sunday. I take women on a historical tour of how the divine feminine was celebrated over the last 30,000 years of human history. I love this part of the curriculum. I love the stories, I love the images. I love knowing that I am “she who bleeds, but does not die, and gives life…”
And you are that, too.
We are all blood sisters.
When I very first began to learn about the ancient goddess traditions, and saw how women were once revered, rather than disparaged, I felt like a room opened inside my soul.
Not just a room, but a huge, glorious ballroom, dripping with gold, filled with treasures, radiant with light.
It was a space that I had been looking for, inside myself and outside myself, for such a long, long time.
I had always wanted to understand my spiritual value as a woman, and I had been unable to connect to that value through any of the patriarchal religious systems.
Here in the indigenous, here in our common ancestry, I found home plate.

Of course a woman would have once been considered divine — she creates life with her body!
And once I understood that that was the common ancestry of all of us, I could relax into my own desires and my own divinity in an even more powerful way. Which is every woman’s birthright.
This is something we get to explore and experience in great depth, over the next six months in Mastery.
In celebration of this upcoming launch, and in celebration of you, my blood sister,
I’d love to hear,  in the comments section below, your answers to the following questions:

If you were truly divine, what would you want to create with your life? (Click to tweet!)
What would you do with your divine life this weekend?
What would your hot holiness expect from the men/women in your life?
How would the higher power in you treat yourself differently?

Explore with me, with us, as we prepare for the kickoff of the world’s greatest celebration of the divinity in women. I invite you to take one of this year’s few remaining spaces.

In so much love and pleasure,
mama-gena-sig-180pxp.s. Have questions about Mastery? Hear from my grads directly in last week’s blog post, “I have an answer for you.” Or call and talk with Lauren or Hannah at (212) 787-2411 x2.

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  • Daisy Diaz March 25, 2014, 7:43 pm

    I would create a world where everyone born into it would be blessed into their divinity. They could use their life to develop into all they could be. Everybody safe, sharing, enjoying accepted valued and filled with appreciation. Nobody needing to fix themselves because no one was broken. Love.

  • Deborah Smith aka SG Wicked March 21, 2014, 12:45 am

    Ummm, yum! I am basking in the resplendent power of all that has been written above. I know I am so late to getting to this blog this week that no will will read this. No matter. It is a joy to write my responses ehre.
    I agree with Foxy (although I do forget to stay conscious in this; I am divine.
    What I am doing is creating Eden: in my life, with my family, in my work.
    This weekend? Tango, yoga, gardening, loving time and meals with friends, family and Sister Goddesses, hot bathes, long sleeps, play with my dogs and horses, laundry, grocery shopping and cooking sumptuous meals for the week ahead.
    My Hot Holiness expects nothing, but DESIRES respect, grace, positivity and kindness from all.
    I bragged the other day that I am divine! I suspect that my HP is behaving accordingly.

    Thank you Regina,this was a truly awesome blog!! All of the answers are SO inspiring!!!
    PS: I am waiting with bated breath to see if this years Mastery class is as ornery as we were!!!

  • SG Ssanyu, The Succulent Superstar March 19, 2014, 8:41 pm

    I would bask in my gloriousness and allow myself to be swept up by worship and reverence. Ah, to be Goddess during a time when The world weeps from homesickness for the Divine Feminine! I feel it’s ache, a twinge in my womb,and I respond with juice, joy, and pleasure!

    My divinity would be fed by my pleasure all weekend long. I would swell with orgasmic prayers, be a willing participant in acts of extreme self-care, and dance with wild abandon surrounded by my blood-sisters!

    The man in my life would recognize my ancient royal divinity and worship at my sacred pussy altar, asking nothing for himself. His contentment would lie solely in the cradle of my pleasure.

    But most importantly, I will always see the Queen when I passed any reflection. The “good girl” curse would be broken forever as I spit out the apple and awaken from my soul-slumber. I’d live as Goddess on earth, shining wherever I go. I would always remember.

  • Foxy March 18, 2014, 9:58 pm

    There’s no ‘if’.
    I am divine.
    We all are.
    Thanks, Regena! You ROCK.

  • Michaela March 18, 2014, 8:20 pm

    If you were truly divine, what would you want to create with your life?
    – great abundance and the ability to teach others how to create that for themselves. Pleasurably.

    What would you do with your divine life this weekend?
    – I would explore a rainforest & swim in a waterfall in a hot steamy location.

    What would your hot holiness expect from the men/women in your life?
    – I would expect RESPECT from all the men and women in my life. I would expect them to treasure my time and attention, and to show me deep love which would enable intimacy.

    How would the higher power in you treat yourself differently?
    – She would help me to embrace myself & trust that we can handle whatever comes our way, instead of freaking out & wanting to run & hide.

  • Sister Goddess KadyBloom Dalrymple March 18, 2014, 3:47 pm

    How would the higher power in myself treat myself differently?
    Allow myself to feel my body fully in its rainbow of feelings. Let go, really let go and cry, so that I could move along and feel real joy and pride for myself. Allow myself to be loved and love fully without fear. I would play and create without judgement and my inner critic. I would be the person that I know inside to be hiding, yet afraid to shine.

  • Sister Goddess KadyBloom Dalrymple March 18, 2014, 3:41 pm

    What would my hot holiness expect from the men and women of my life?? To embrace adventure and curiosity with me. To respect and honor each other on our journey together (or apart). To take time and share our authentic hearts without shame or judgement.
    To dance together with abandon.

  • Sister Goddess KadyBloom Dalrymple March 18, 2014, 3:36 pm

    What would I do with my divine life this weekend? Spend it in a garden with my hands in the earth, appreciating all she is growing and make countless bouquets of flowers for gifts and delicious nourishing food to share for a moonlight party.

  • Sister Goddess KadyBloom Dalrymple March 18, 2014, 3:33 pm

    If I were truly Divine, I would create safety for all children from fear and abuse. I would create freedom to be our authentic selves without shame or remorse. I would encourage all people to play and connect with abandon. I would encourage all to respect nature and enjoy her beauty and power.
    Those are things I want for myself and all beings.

  • Flamingo flame M March 18, 2014, 1:40 pm

    Oh, Mama, I m so tired that I forgot what divinity feels like :/
    If I could I would give myself endless holiday, the type where you dont know where you’re going or when you coming back or what will you be up to when you do come back.
    And when you do come back, people greet you with their arms wide open and love sweet love.
    This weekend I would enjoy 48 hours of sensual pleasure including fine wine, sweet talk, tenderness…love love love, and total self forgetfulness.

    Love M

  • SG Rachel Rampage Jones March 18, 2014, 1:12 pm

    I am truly divine, we all are, but our earthbound egos get in the way. So, if my ego were to take a very long nap and allow my divine to fully erupt and explode from it’s shell, I would be 100% pure passion, creativity, freedom and inspiration. I’d be everywhere around the world in one moment. I’d swim with sea turtles in the ocean for a hundred miles. I’d love without restriction and touch everyone in my path with my love spark.

    This weekend, I will be in Savannah visiting a college with my hubby and stepson and wish to be nowhere else. I’ll give my ego another sleeping pill so my Divine can keep on playing. I will love my family, spoil them with kind words and positive energy. And I’m going to EAT lots and lots of delicious SOUL FOOD (both literally and figuratively)!! I will laugh and be present with them and those we invite into our love bubble.

    My Hot Holiness expects all those I come in contact with to reciprocate in like kind, and if they don’t, I’ll zap them with my love spark anyway. Of course, if I’m being an ass, I expect those around me to tell me to “snap out of it!” and give me a good hug.

    I think you know how my Divine, higher power would treat the “little me” differently: She’d give the entire bottle of sleeping pills to that unruly ego and make her sleep forever. That way, the ego could never stop ME from being the Divine Spark that I am.

  • SG Aaren March 18, 2014, 1:09 pm

    I AM truly divine. I was born to be a healer and I have felt it my whole life… I turn negative energy into positive and pass it through my body into others. It is intense and delicious and my true purpose.

    I will use my divinity to live as my authentic self, to perform Mama Gena’s spiritual exercises toward wholeness and live her Word. I will love myself wholly and fully in order to investigate my inner Goddess and expose her, even more than I have, to this magnificent world.

    I have found a second soulmate, someone who I feel more connected to than anyone else in my short life of 20 years. I found him through living as my Self and no one else, through feeling the Goddess in me and satisfying her every desire. He treats me like the Goddess I am and was born to be.

    My purpose is to be myself, to be a Goddess, a true beacon of femininity, a healer, a mother figure, a nurturer. And most importantly, to LOVE all that I am and that I am capable of.

    With all the love, power and positive energy in the universe,

    SG Aaren

  • Sg Ti Sealstress March 18, 2014, 12:28 pm

    If you were truly divine, what would you want to create with your life?
    I’d re-enchant women with and from their sacred soul-spot.
    What would you do with your divine life this weekend?
    Revel in lovemaking, good friends, deep conversation, the ocean, seals, crows, and trees – and that’s exactly what I’m doing!
    What would your hot holiness expect from the men/women in your life?
    Hands on my back to support me, nudges on my hips to get going, shoulders and chests on which to curl when fear strikes, eyes that sparkle their faith in me, and willingness to participate in my creative madness
    How would the higher power in you treat yourself differently?
    It would whirl through my money house, setting it in order to act as a material foundation for the deep and broad work I am here to do. I would so utterly enchant myself that the women I work with would participate to “have what I’m having”!

  • Eugenia March 18, 2014, 12:28 pm

    Your timing is Devine on this subject for me. I drove to work today and you know how sometimes you feel as if you are elevated in space, as if you’re passing though time rather than through a tunnel under the bridge. I felt I was not part of the surroundings but an outsider looking at my surroundings. For a moment, I was not feeling my physical state but rather my soul and my divine passing to the other side. In that moment, I knew my answers to the questions I’ve been asking myself, similar to ones you’ve asked today but I didn’t know how I’ll get there. Yet, the feeling of being elevated and watching myself pass through time made me feel as something more than what I am right now and that I could do more…

    ~If you were truly divine, what would you want to create with your life?
    I want to teach
    ~What would you do with your divine life this weekend?
    I will be teaching
    ~What would your hot holiness expect from the men/women in your life?
    A spark to follow their calling and a desire to be real and true to oneself
    ~How would the higher power in you treat yourself differently?
    She will not fear change or what could or may be…

  • Anne Marsella March 18, 2014, 11:35 am

    If truly divine? Tap the world with my wand to make women’s voices unabashedly public and 100% respected, to reconfigure power so it works toward creating pleasure-nourished, sustainable societies where women hold the reins as much as men. I believe the higher power in me would treat me a frothy lightness of being so delicious I might just start levitating and bring others up along with me.

    • mama gena March 18, 2014, 12:56 pm

      i believe you could levitate…

  • SG Cooky March 18, 2014, 10:53 am

    What would I do this weekend? Precisely the thing my pussy just lead me to do…

    Completely scrap my plans. Reshuffle the deck. Buy a different plane ticket. And jet my way to the West Coast to spend time with my BSG… in this context…. my Bestie Sister Goddess!

    What will we do? No clue. We’ll have 3 days to make our way down the California coast somehow to get me to a meeting on time Monday morning. Will we drive? Will I end up flying? Will we hop on a yacht and boat down the coast? Will we conjure a limo to drive us the whole darn way in luxury? Will her man step up and create magic for us? Who knows. What I do know is that pussy spoke and I listened and it will be wonderful.

    And along the way, we’ll certainly be talking about those other questions. Our impact in the world. Our dreams. Our hopes. Our evolving relationships with ourselves and those around us.

    We’ll lift each other up.

    We’ll push and pull.

    We’ll frolic.

    We might cry.

    We will definitely laugh.

    We will continue the amazing journey of being alive in this world, grateful to be women, unfolding, here, now.

    Thank you Regena for helping me get to this spot where I leap for this!



    • mama gena March 18, 2014, 12:56 pm

      yum. i wanna come….

  • BSG Glitzy Cougar Karen March 18, 2014, 9:49 am

    If I were truly divine, what would I want to create with my life? Freedom – to be truly myself…sexually, spiritually, emotionally, financially…not just the good girl I was raised to be, but the erotic, irreverent, sassy woman whom I know resides inside. And rich. Did I say rich? Yep. With it can come not only freedom, luxury, abundance, ability to create change, but also philanthropy.

    As I emerge into that (and I am:), I would take what I have learned out to the world…to open women and men to their own joie d’ vivre…their own possibility, the HUGENESS of who they can be. I would do that via entertainment – song, dance, burlesque, my writing. That is where my joy lives.

    I’m doing that too with my shows – The Goddess Revue, Hot Mama Mahatma, my tv pilot script. I have a vision so big it shocks me. But it is real. And as I step more into my divinity, it is happening. So much of this is happening because of this sisterhood that Regena has so brilliantly created. With gratitude, Regena and my sisters…xo Glitzy

    • SG Joan Champion of Pleasure March 18, 2014, 10:18 am

      Oooh, SG Glitzy Cougar Karen, you are a true inspiration. Your testimony is hot and juicy. Thanks for posting! I am honored to know you.

      • mama gena March 18, 2014, 12:55 pm

        so, true, joan (and karen)!!!

  • Bonnie March 18, 2014, 9:39 am

    I’d mandate world peace. Men haven’t been doing very well at getting along, since recorded history. A woman, truly in charge, might change all that. :-))))

    • mama gena March 18, 2014, 12:55 pm

      word, bonnie!!