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A 30-second assignment


Every morning, I start my day the same way: I dance naked for 10 minutes. Two full songs on my playlist.
Every morning.
Even when I don’t want to — especially when I don’t want to —
I dance.
10 minutes in the morning. Then, little 30-second tune-ups throughout the day, when I start to feel my life force draining or my crankiness encroaching.

Why? Well, a woman’s body LOVES to move. In order to unlock the legend that lives inside her, a woman’s body needs to move.

The only way to blow the lid off your greatness is to practice the action of self-love. Not the thought of self-love. Not the kind of self-love that is a result of your hard work, how great you look, or how effective you have been — we are going for the kind of self-love you feel for absolutely no reason, just because.

The only way to practice this kind of self love — the turned on, lit up, legend-creating kind — is to get into that gorgeous body of yours. To feel it, to move it, to inhabit it. Your body will teach you self-love in a way that your intellect cannot. (Click to tweet!)

I have a proposition for you. It requires 30 seconds of your time. Ready?

I propose a worldwide dance break — right here, right now. Just because. Because it’s fun. Because it’s useful. Because it will orient you to pleasure, which will change the course of your day.

Now here’s the thing: the majority of you do not want to take me up on this. You will want to stay glued to your chair, staring at your computer screen, reading about moving, and not moving. How do I know this? Because I was you. I hated to move because I wasn’t very good at it. I am not a dancer, so I was in my head, disapproving of my awkwardness, when I attempted to dance. Being stuck in your head and not wanting to move is a perfect place to start. Awkward is the new sexy.

Just for fun, as a harmless experiment in service to your greatness, I’m going to ask you to trust me and do it anyway.

If you’re at home, crank your speakers. If you’re at work, head into the bathroom with headphones. Wherever you are, stop what you’re doing and press play. Dance with me for 30 seconds and see how your world shifts (and then read on to find out why).

The song of choice today has become a sort of theme song here at the Palace. Join the party:

Did you feel that? READ MORE…


I have just gotten the single mother break of the century.

My daughter has a whole weekend sleepover with a camp friend, in the country.  She gets fresh fall air, changing leaves, and giggling all night with friends, and I have time to ride my horse, catch up with friends, and sip a cup of hot tea in an outdoor cafe with one of the last warm rays of summerish sunshine blessing me.

This time is so precious to me I could weep. I get to catch up with myself. Stop conducting so many orchestras at once (school schedule, soccer schedule, therapy schedule, work schedule, writing schedule, friends schedule) and breathe into all that has happened.

I had an amazing summer.  I was away at the beach for the whole summer, and I lived a long-standing dream to own my own horse. Which turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I ever made.


Well, learning how to ride my 1,500-pound, insecure, emotionally unstable, smart, beautiful, loving, prickly, temperamental horse has instructed me, to my deepest body and soul, in how to even more effectively parent my teenager. And weirdly and wonderfully, the calmer my horse gets, the calmer my teenager gets.

It reminds me, yet again, to never ever doubt the power of a woman’s desire.


Sensuality is Power


Sensuality is power.

Not domination.  Not force.
It is something different.  It is both more practical and more numinous.

Yesterday, I was traveling seven hours with my daughter, to have a weekend visit with my college chums on Cape Cod.  The day before, I had packed up our beach house and moved us back to the city, after a week of hosting guests, and preparing for all the back-to-school activities at The School of Womanly Arts.

Maggie and I were exhausted.  And I knew the only way to get through the day of planes and trains and automobiles would be to connect with my eternal power source—my sensuality.

I put on these ankle boots that make me feel hot.  Tight white pants that make my legs looong.  A scarf I got in Paris, and a shrunken jean jacket.  The slightly tight clothes made me super aware of my body.  I walked differently, knowing I was hot.  And the focus of the day completely changed—it was not about the trains and planes and automobiles, it was about the pure privilege of being me (and Maggie being Maggie) and enjoying the challenging, ever changing experiences, as we travelled through New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

We ended up having a great day.  Laughing a lot. Flirting with everyone, and getting offered a ride on a motorcycle when we reached Cape Cod (which we did not accept—too dangerous… :-))

This is something that I want for all women.

Each of us has the propensity and the ability to connect to a deep, interior strength in pure service to ourselves.  That is the gift of 8,000 nerve endings.  The gift of being a woman.

Most women do not have any idea how to find that switch and keep it on.

The connection to our core fire is often tattered and torn.

We all have had such varied and difficult relationships with our sensuality.  Abuse.  Violence.  Ignorance.  Lack of education.  No validation.  Poor role models.

In today’s video, you are going to meet 3 women who have completely turned around their lives, by turning around their relationship to their sensuality.  You will see what happens to a woman when her core power is used for her, rather than against her.  The elixir of sensuality powers not only the woman, but her entire world.

It is our 4th and final video of this summer’s series, and we’ve saved the best for last.

Join me, Mirna, Sade and Bernadette in the video below, find their answers to your questions below that, and then join us all in the comments at the bottom…

What steps can you take to fall in love with your own power after a lifetime of feeling guilty/selfish…? READ MORE…


I am so deeply impatient with mediocrity.
Irritated off the wall with settling, with compromise, with shrinking.
I cannot even stand on a line without questioning it or inventing an alternative.
Yesterday I was on a line at Briermere Farms, trying to pick up a going-away pie to bring to my friend Amanda.

And the power of my intention—not to be on a pie line (for f*#ks sake)—was so powerful that I conjured a worker guy approaching me and the last 10 of us on the long snaking pie line, who said if anyone knew what kind of pie they wanted, he would go get it for them. “Strawberry Rhubarb!” I shouted, like a contestant in the final round on Jeopardy. He ran around the back of the store, and came back 20 seconds later, with my pie, and I was free. Free to enjoy the sunshine.  Free to jump back in the car with my kid and drive to the barbecue in Oyster Bay.

I am that girl.
I get all the breaks, the grand escape, the golden ring, the secret passage to freedom, the miraculous.
Not only yesterday, but every day.|
How? Why?
Because I am one of thousands and thousands of women who practice something called the Womanly Arts.
Here is the Full-On Ovaries Truth:


This week we look at relationships: How do you take a relationship and have it grow better and better over time? How do you create and acknowledge the space to allow THE relationship to be unveiled? How do you see through what you think you need, to where your pleasure is actually found?



LOOK at your body.
I mean, LOOK at it!

Look at it.
What do you see?

Do you see beauty?

I was having dinner with a friend in the Hamptons on Saturday night, and there was a moment when we were in her bedroom, getting ready for a party, and reviewing and comparing our thighs.
Questioning our thighs.
Criticizing our thighs.
And the thing is- both of us have really awesome thighs.

But we were not looking at the awesome.
We were flaw surfing.
Until we came to our senses.

But, the pull to criticize is so great, that you can get sucked under the giant wave before you see it coming.

With all the changes a woman’s body goes through as we grow up, develop and then ages, and society’s norms of what is beautiful, and the media, and on and on, how how how do we truly-madly-deeply love this body-right here, right now?

How do we perpetually and ongoingly fall in love with our bodies…as we change and evolve over a lifetime?

How Do You Navigate the Body “Woman”? And feel spectacularly beautiful every single day that we have the privilege of being alive? 

Let me introduce our gorgeous and fabulous panelists for this week: Rebecca, Bernadette, and Rose. In the video below, they are generous enough to share their own experiences as they navigated their ups and downs through the Womanly Art of Owning Your Beauty, and found themselves ready, willing and able to fall in love with themselves.

Stay tuned after the video, because just below, our ladies answer your direct questions! 

Now that you know have had a chance to connect with our ladies, let’s see how they have addressed some of your issues.

Life transitions…

Such a polite way to describe what are really the dark nights of the soul, those dark, difficult turning points in life. Just when you think you have it all figured out…

WHAM! Life turns you upside down and shakes you.

I know that many of you are going through your own exploding version of a life transition, right now. In fact, in reviewing all your questions for this summer series, so many of you asked about what to do during these complex times of revolutionary and evolutionary change.

Really, what to do when the proverbial s&*t hits the fan??

We don’t always realize that we actually design our s&*t-hitting experiences, do we?  We feel undone and done to, and I have to say, I have felt like the biggest loser on the victim bus so many times in my life, ’til the Womanly Arts brought me to my senses.

Let me introduce our gorgeous and fabulous panelists for this week: Rebecca, Sade, and Elan. In the video below, they are generous enough to share their own experiences during life transition. Then below they answer your direct questions for applying the Womanly Arts.

Now that you know our ladies, let’s see how they have addressed some of your direct questions!



We have to do that—again?
But I just re-created myself!
I thought I dealt myself a brand new set of cards, after taking untold risks and doing a gut reno on my life.
Why again??
(Big exhale.)
It’s all about desires, sisters.
As women, we are the holders, the bearers, the inhabitors of so many magnificent desires.
Desires that break us and remake us.
Shake us and stir us.
Wake us in the middle of the night.

We are always being called forward by new desires—whether it’s the desire to become a mom, change careers, start a business or re-enter the dating scene. Sometimes we’re forced to re-invent. Perhaps your relationship just ended, you’ve been laid off from your job, or having to revamp your diet after a health scare.

Often the aching urge to change is as uncomfortable as the dazzling fear of change. READ MORE…

Like to watch?


What’s more informative than Wikipedia, more energizing than a green drink, more exhilarating than a roller coaster ride, and more inspirational than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on a Sunday morning? The Mama Gena YouTube Channel, of course!

There are over 60 videos on there, spanning the last three years, for your viewing pleasure. (And let me just tell you, we have learned a LOT about video quality! ?)

Dive into one of my pleasure learning series. I’ve got videos on creating your desires, reinvention, and receiving, just to name a few. There are also Q&A videos, dance breaks, and tips on how to get unbound. Catch some of my national TV appearances on the Ricki Lake Show, the Today Show, 20/20, and Conan O’Brien!

You can even hear how pleasure mixes with business and health, when I get down and dirty with guest experts like Marie Forleo, Kris Carr and Danielle LaPorte.

What are you waiting for—get ye to the Mama Gena YouTube Channel! Watch, share, and become a subscriber to stay connected!

And if you’ve got someone in your life who likes to watch, share this post with her.

So what video did you like? What topics should I focus on in future videos? Lay it on me in the comments section below…

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena


This Valentine’s Day…

Sister Goddesses are rising.

The Pleasure Revolution is joining forces with Eve Ensler’s global activist movement, V-Day, for its 15th anniversary and most ambitious event to date. We will join one billion people as part of the world’s largest dance break in support of an end to violence against women.

Watch this quick video for all the details…



Do you ever get overwhelmed with too many passions and business ideas? Ever wonder what you should be doing first, second, third, and so on? Me too. That’s good news, though, because I recently had the chance to chat with my pal and Mastery Program speaker Marie Forleo on this very topic.

If you don’t know Marie, you should. She’s just been interviewed by Oprah as a thought-leader for the next generation, and she’s built an incredible virtual company that allows her to travel, make a big impact, and give back to causes she believes in. She’s helped thousands of women, including myself, take their business to the next level with her latest course, B-School. And I want you to benefit from her talents right here, right now, with this video interview…

Marie and I have been friends for a few years now—she brings the Mastery house down every year, and we always have a blast when we get together. Watch the interview below where we discuss how to discover your true passions, why every woman is a marketer, and what you can learn from American Idol.



I love presents. Getting them is cool, but mostly I love giving them. I love that delicious feeling of anticipation when I have found the exact perfect thing for someone, remembered to tuck it in a drawer and pull it out just in time to blow their mind with how well they are known and how deeply they are gotten. So nerve wracking, so gratifying. Just call me the stealth love bomber.

And today I want to spread a little stealth wealth around with you.
Keep reading this if you’re a mischief-maker, too, and want to make another woman’s day with the click of a button.

I just finished creating my best video series yet. It’s for you to send—as a little gift—to your mom, your sister, your best friend—all the special women in your life you’ve been wanting to introduce to the Pleasure Revolution. You want them to know pleasure, but perhaps you haven’t known exactly how to broach the topic? This one’s for you.

And there’s a secret twist at the end, which will make you smile for five days straight.

Go watch this quick video with all the details.



Think Hurricane Sandy is the only powerhouse female around? I’ve got Kris Carr in the house! And in this week’s Ask Mama, I am flipping the switch and yo’ Mama is asking the Q’s.  I recently had the privilege of interviewing my pal, sister, girlfriend, and compatriot Kris Carr (who is also one of our speakers at Creation Course!) on Skype.

Kris Carr is a New York Times bestselling author, wellness activist, Sister Goddess, and cancer thriver. You can learn more about her inspiring story at

Tune in and listen to Kris brag and talk passionately about the relationship between women and food, her own journey to health, and her brand new amazing book. You’ll also hear her describe the fantasy dinner she would cook for me!



Just a quick little reminder…
I’m appearing on The Ricki Lake Show TODAY! (Check the “Where to Watch” section at the top right of Ricki’s website for showtimes in your area).

We’re having a little viewing party at The Palace this afternoon—I would love for you to join the celebration on Facebook and Twitter. Let me know your thoughts on the episode and be sure to use the hashtag #FriendsofRicki.

Stay tuned!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena



There’s someone—or rather, five someones—I’m dying to introduce to you.

You have a lot in common with these women. They were each naturally gifted with tremendous beauty, brilliance, originality, passion, and sass.  Full-blown goddesses from birth, basically.

And each of these women has used the technology of the Womanly Arts and tools to cultivate their natural talents and loft themselves to previously unimaginable heights.

It’s a little over the top, really. I’m talking motherhood that’s defined on your own terms and actually adds to your glow. Dancing through breast cancer with an army of sisters at your back. Shedding 20-30 pounds and seeing nothing but deliciousness in the mirror. Dropping the anger and going for what you want in your marriage. Waking up in the morning and looking forward to your job. Creating the kind of friendships that last a lifetime…

Want to hear from more of our graduates? Check out these butt-kicking Boot Camp brags.


It’s a funny thing about women.
Funny, wonderful, and frankly, perpetually irritating.
As successful as we are, as strong as we stand, as helpful and nurturing as we can be, we just don’t feel right unless we are really living in to the essential hot, molten core fire of being a woman.
If we ain’t flirting*, we ain’t living.
We limp along, glumly, victimized by every hap and mishap.
Pissed, hurt, disappointed, thinking “Is that all there is—really?’
Even if we go the distance and power through a sink full of dishes, run a fierce board meeting, or sit on the phone with a needy friend for an hour, we don’t feel proud and radiant like an Olympian who’s won the race.  Rather, we feel fried, toasted, and wasted, ready to reach for the glass of wine and the jumbo sized Kit Kat bar.  Not flush with renewed life and a sense of deep accomplishment.

When we don’t stand in our radiance, we feel like a cell phone that has run out of batteries—the casing is there, but nothing inside is working.
We can push every key, and throw the little device smack up against a wall—but if there is no juice, there is no juice, and that is the end of the story.
A woman is no different.
Unless she is a woman who knows her way around the Womanly Arts. These are a secret set of lost arts, finessed by the greatest women in history…


Stand back, sister.
Yo’ Mama is sounding the alarm and coming at you with guns blazing.

We are living in a state of GLOBAL IGNORANCE that has gone on waaaaay too long.  Women are not taught how to get what we want. Yup.  Not taught.  Dontcha just feel, sometimes, like you are swinging at the Piñata of Life with a feather, rather than a razor sharp machete, which is designed to pop open all the goodies that you long for that are just out of reach?
I want you to have new tools, new science, and outstanding support to push you to the next level to make more money, to get more honest with your man (or find a good man in the first place), or lose those extra pounds you want to lose.

I know you want these things.  And tickling them with a feather, rather than getting down with the machete you have been searching for, will never get you there. READ MORE…

Yes!!!  It’s happening today!!!!

The School of Womanly Arts is about to launch our Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, and in honor of cutting a woman loose from whatever limits her genius, and celebrating the potential in every single one of us who has ever had a desire for MORE, I am launching this free video series, which will take place over the next month.

I designed this series to give you the specific technology that allows a woman to take any dream or desire, no matter how seemingly impossible, and turn it into a reality. In this first video, I’ll show you exactly how I did just that. You’ll see my “before” and “after” and learn how I went from waitressing tables with a newborn baby at 41 years old to turning on thousands of women as the “Queen of Pleasure” and living a life beyond my wildest imagination. I’m about to connect you with an even deeper experience of your life force and show you the vista from which anything is possible…



You just clicked this open, didn’t you?
And when you are finished reading, you might get up, walk away from your desk and head to your next meeting, grab a cup of tea, or whatever.
About like that?
For most of us. Yes.
But for 6 million people in this country, it just ain’t so.
And it is on behalf of those people that I am writing to you.

About five years ago, my friend’s son, Janne Kouri, was injured in a diving accident.
Janne has been confined to a wheelchair since that time.  But he had an opportunity that most people who have similar injuries never get a chance to have.
He has had the ability to work out, daily, with a trained team on specially-designed equipment, which has led to incredible results.

A Rare Peek Inside My World


I have been getting calls from my girlfriends, here and there, hither and yon, near and far, with the same complaint:
I want to bring my girlfriend to the Intro this Thursday.  But I can’t find the words to tell them who and what this is?
There is nothing like this on earth.

So how do I explain to someone what a Pleasure Revolution is?
Or who YOU are?
Or what Mastery is for?
Or what sisterhood is all about?
I simply cannot find the words.
Not to mention how scared they all get of the boas’ pink feathers.
Frightening stuff, that.
So–for you, for me, and most of all, for them–I made this video of the School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program. READ MORE…