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“Women are the greatest untapped natural resource in the world.”

Creation Course

The Creation Course is our advanced training program, designed exclusively for Mastery Graduates who wish to delve deeper into the work. The curriculum is radical, profound, and intimate. The community is unparalleled and transformative. And the results are astounding.

Creation Course is currently Sold Out.

If you’d like to get on the wait list, or have questions, send an email to or call 212.787.2411 X 1.

Building upon the Mastery curriculum, the Creation Course empowers a woman to live the unimaginable greatness that is her birthright, as the Heroine of her storyline.

We live in a patriarchal society which tells us to resist, judge, and eliminate the most powerful aspects of our womanhood. This is what we’ve been taught since we were little girls . . . to put our emotions aside to achieve the goal, to go it alone, to push away anyone and anything in the way of what we think we want. We know how to disconnect from our bodies, our feelings, our divinity and our sensuality, and put our nose to the grindstone, as if ‘getting there’ is more important than enjoying the gift of life.

This approach just does not make sense for who and what a woman is.

As the Creatrixes of life itself, we must chart our own pathway, and create a unique roadmap designed to support the truth of who we are. We need a new cultural norm which understands, honors, and celebrates the spiritual and emotional cycles of Woman. Creation is an immersive education in this journey, a profound reclamation.

sil and jeyan

It’s time to live your legend.

In Creation, you’ll become the woman you were always destined to be. A woman who:

  • Has integrated turn on into every aspect of her life, recognizing that it is her power source and her connection to divinity. She is an expert in sustaining and nurturing this connection, even when (especially when), she might otherwise isolate from Sisterhood or resist the tools.
  • Knows her worth unconditionally, from deep inside, independent of external measures of success — and from that place achieves incredible results in all areas of her life.
  • Understands that seduction is a way of life, where beauty is seduced from the mundane, and her erotic nature shines through anything and everything she does.
  • Navigates the depths of any external circumstance with grace and power, turning the dark passages of her storyline into the rich, deep mulch that fertilize the soil of her next becoming.
  • Doesn’t look to blame or fall into victim mode, but rather takes full ownership for her experience, as the Creatrix of her life.
  • Asks for what she wants, trusts her decisions and gracefully receives and surrenders to everything that comes her way.
  • Takes her rightful seat as a leader, and a generator of the paradigm of the feminine, for herself and the world at large.

How does Creation differ from Mastery?

This work is like learning a new language. In this vein, Mastery is akin to earning a degree in French, and Creation is like living in France for a year.

This kind of immersion is what allows a language to inhabit your cells, and create a fluency where you not only know the language, but you find yourself thinking in this new language. It becomes as instinctual as your native tongue.

In Mastery, you discover a new paradigm for your life, locating your power source and your turn on. Mastery is a game-changer and a reclamation. By the time you graduate from Mastery, your lens on the world has changed, and you find yourself living inside of a “new normal”.

In Creation, this new normal becomes our starting place; what was once the ceiling becomes the floor, and we rise from there.

Because Creation is less than one third the size of Mastery, and more than twice as long – every aspect of the experience is taken to a deeper level. The Sisterhood you experienced inside of the Mastery classroom will expand, deepen and intensify. You’ll have the space and resources to integrate everything you learned in Mastery, while simultaneously acquiring an advanced toolbox you can apply to any area of your life.

sade cheryl ninna

Creation Course is for those Mastery Graduates who feel the call to go deeper.

This desire looks different for every woman . . .

  • Perhaps you have a sense that you have just merely scratched the surface of your limitless potential, and you want to follow this path wherever it’s leading you. You’ve tasted what’s possible, and you’re hungry for more.
  • Perhaps you have already experienced so much positive change through this work, things are going great – and you are ready to spiral your life higher than you can even imagine. You’re ready to go from good, to great, and better.
  • Perhaps Mastery blew your mind, with so much new information, resources, and practices. Maybe you’re even judging yourself for not doing enough of the homework, or really taking it all in. You’re ready to give yourself the time and space to fully integrate, digest, and expand this curriculum — you desire to extend the sacred container of Sisterhood, and savor every morsel of wisdom.
  • Perhaps you crave even more intimacy of Sisterhood, and you know that planting yourself inside a more intimate community, for a longer period of time, will be transformative.

Whatever it looks like, if you feel the pull, explore it. Take some time to review the course structure and graduate stories, below. Then, we’d love to connect with you to talk through it and feel into the best decision for you and your life right now.

Creation Course is currently Sold Out.

If you’d like to get on the wait list, or have questions, send an email to or call 212.787.2411 X 1.

The Program

The Creation Course is a highly experiential course, designed to be an incubator and a laboratory for your greatness. Combining the best of in-person and at-home experiences, Creation offers an intensely personal support system for your desires.

ninnaI enrolled because I knew I had just scratched the surface and I wanted to know what else was there. I wanted to go there, where I was a little afraid to go. I was scared, but what I realized is in the community, Regena creates a sacred place to support that. I know I’m gonna be loved and supported, regardless. I’ve never felt that in other places. Other programs don’t do that. That safety helped me go to the tough places emotionally. It feels like I’m home. Makes me cry to think about it. — Ninna Amora

In addition to our live intensives together, Creation Course provides robust support throughout the entire program, with weekly calls and ongoing resources. Take some time to review the details and graduate stories below.

If you have questions, or would like to Enroll in Creation, call us at 212.787.2411 X 1 to speak with our Enrollment Team!

Warm Up Curriculum

To build momentum towards our first live intensive together, we’ll begin setting the stage for your Creation journey during August and September. You’ll be invited to three live calls with Regena, to introduce the course and prepare to kick off an incredible journey together. Your private Online Community will also launch on August 1st, so that you can sink into community right away. Finally, you’ll receive homework and inspiration in the weeks leading up to class, with tips for expansion to help you prepare for the first Intensive in October.

In-Person Intensives

Live in-person intensives are the cornerstone of the Creation experience and we’ll come together four times during this course. We’ll sink into intimate community, and cover advanced tools of the Womanly Arts, not taught in any other program.

We call these events Intensives for a reason, and because Creation is a smaller group, with only Mastery graduates, for a longer duration, we go very deep, very quickly. You can expect to feel seen, heard, and met in a profoundly impactful way.

We kick off with in South Beach Miami, followed by two intensives in NYC, and the course culminates in a magical adventure in Paris, France.

Intensive #1: October 28th – 31st, South Beach, Miami
Intensive #2: December 9th – 11th, New York City
Intensive #3: February 24th – 26th, New York City
Intensive #4: May 26th – 29th, Paris France


The Live Intensives were just unbelievable. So much energy being built in that room. And to be steeped in it; to be able to touch, smell, see, and witness the community in all of our expansive movement first hand is glorious. To be in the room with Regena in that kind of intimate environment is beyond awesome. — Fran Buchanan

Weekly Calls

Between Intensives, you’ll be supported with a multitude of resources to support and enhance your journey. Almost every week over the course of Creation, you’ll be able to join a call to plug in to the community and curriculum.

In the week following each Intensive, you’ll gather with your sisters and the Palace Staff for a Frames, Gratitudes, and Integration Call. These create the space to fully digest and savor your experience, which is so essential!

You’ll also have the opportunity to give and receive profound support within your community, during Group Mastermind Calls, offered twice each month. These will be structured tele-gatherings for you and your sisters, where you can deepen, practice, witness, and take each other higher, in small groups.

Roughly twice a month, you’ll also have Q & A Laser Coaching Calls with Regena. In these calls, you’ll experience direct coaching and guidance, and witness powerful transformations within the community. These are no holds barred chances to come together and dive deep into whatever is coming up. These calls are also an opportunity to expand, deepen and enhance everything you will learn and experience inside the Creation Course classroom.

Homework, Practices and Tools

During and following each Intensive, you’ll receive suggested homework, practices and activities to take what you’ve learned inside the room out into your daily life. Creation Course provides a robust toolbox of advanced rituals, exercises, and tools that you will incorporate and return to for the rest of your life.

Visiting Teachers

We love introducing our Creationistas to leading edge teachers and thought leaders. Every year we bring together incredible speakers for powerful conversations. Some guest teachers will be invited to lead powerful sessions during our Intensives, others will join us for a Live Tele-Conference. Past teachers have included Christiane Northrup, Nicole Daedone, David Deida, Kris Carr, Steve Chandler, and more.

Community Events

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.14.58 PM

The community you will create in this course is life changing, and it will live on long after your course. To help you deepen in community throughout Creation, you’ll have the opportunity to host and participate in community-led events between, before, and after Intensives.
Whether it’s by phone, or in person, these gatherings create a way to practice together or simply enjoy being together. As part of your program, we’ll help you organize your calendar with time devoted to sisterhood, and lots of wonderful suggestions for how to get the most out of it.

This sisterhood and community and being with women who are on the same path, who are committed to evolving, is more important than anything in my life. – SG L.E.

Online Forums

There will be 24/7 access to Creation boards. As you know from Mastery, this will be your life line when you’re in Rupture, your place to share and brag when you’re flying, your place to connect and inspire and get support. Creation boards tend to be the most active, intense, and engaged forums at the school, and they will provide an important aspect of your experience.

It was in this community where I could find my voice and stand for me and my family when no one else could. – Melinda Cohan

Creation Course is currently Sold Out.

If you’d like to get on the wait list, or have questions, send an email to or call 212.787.2411 X 1.

This course is not for everyone.

Completing Mastery is a prerequisite for enrolling in Creation. However, Creation is not for every graduate. While this course offers an incredible value – new experiences, travel adventures, lifelong friends, a powerful toolbox – it asks for a lot, too.

Creation asks you to play full out. It asks for you to truly bring your whole divine self – good, bad, ugly, beautiful, scared, all of it.  You are asked to bring every face of your womanhood, no matter what. Creation calls on you to show up, to be in action, to play big, and to be in motion. It requires you to receive support when you’re stuck, to speak up when you’re confronted, and to reach out for help when its overwhelming.

It is no accident that Creation is more than twice as long as Mastery, and is one third the class size.

Creation works if you’re busy, it works if you’re in crisis, and it works if things are great and you want them better. However, it doesn’t work if you hide or judge from the sidelines. This is a robust course, with intense support structures designed to care for you along your year’s journey. Everything you need for a magical transformation is at your fingertips, and it will be your job to claim it.

In Creation, the Edge is our starting point; the Infinite is our goal. If you feel the pull to say yes to yourself in this way, we welcome you and can’t wait to support your unfolding journey.

Questions? Call us at 212.787.2411 X 1 to speak with our Enrollment Team.

The best people to help you decide if Creation is right for you, are our graduates.

Watch, listen to, and read their stories below, and imagine what’s possible for you if you choose to join us.








anneBefore Creation, life was good. But since Creation, life is really good. I signed up because I wanted to get there. I had already had so much great experience at the SWA, but I wanted to take it to the next level.

Since Creation Course, one of the fabulous benefits is that I lost 15 pounds, in 3 months. And it was easy. That was a desire that I had for 20 years, and I finally fulfilled it through Creation. I think a lot of that is simply because I was able to believe in myself. But that’s only one example. Also, there is so much love and juice and sensuality in my marriage, and that was one of the things I was really looking for.

What has happened in Creation is that for the first time in my life, I really feel my full power. That same power that I knew I had as a little girl. Walking down the street in New York City now is so different than it was before Creation – I feel my whole body playing.

If you want to go to the next level, go to Creation. That’s where you’ll find yourself.

— Anne Nicolas
NBC Executive, NYC


I’d known about the School of Womanly Arts for several years before taking Mastery but I never thought I’d actually get to study here, much less to the extent I have. Not only because I live in Seattle, but because of being separated from my husband and always being afraid to ask for what I wanted. Fortunately a SG’s insistence was stronger than my fear.

Mastery is incredible; it opens the door. But with Creation, it’s like walking through the door. It’s more intimate; you’re really seen and known in a deeper way. And the content is deeper. The material takes us inside our divinity, way down deep inside.

— Fran Buchanan

One of my desires for Creation Course was to experience divine love. I had met a man in December but in the past had been so closed to receiving love from men. I was like, “I’m independent, I can take care of myself.” I just wasn’t gonna give it up to them…to the point where the first time my guy said “I love you” I didn’t even remember it. Because of this course and all of the tools and community, things have dramatically changed. I am different. I am a different person and am in a completely different relationship now. Right now I’m able to receive, I’m able to give, and I can finally take in his support. I never allowed a man to love me more and I’ve never had a man love me as much as this man.

— SG F.B.

I was raised that it’s better to give than to receive so that was the way I lived my life. In Creation, I learned to love, appreciate and give to myself. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I just really fell in love with myself, wherever I was, for exactly the spot I am in at any moment. So my self love wasn’t hanging on anything external — nothing I had to do, be, or have. I really got alright being with myself. And here’s the other part…when you fall in love with yourself, there’s something else that happens in the world. Things that you feel are totally “not for you” start to happen.

At 67 years old, I had told myself I was never going to date. Regena said to me that she would love to see someone love me the way I loved others. That was touching, but I didn’t believe that could ever happen.

Fast forward to now, I am currently dating the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Yes, it’s that good. I am treated like the Queen I always was, but didn’t know I was. I am showered with diamonds (literally, he’s a jewelry designer) and made to feel I am better than sliced bread, dripping with warm honey. By the way, my first foray into dating again was with a sister goddess as my wing woman. She went along to show me the ropes and make me feel comfortable. Now, I am sharing my experience on how to date with goddesses. It’s unbelievable!

Yes, you can have it all too. Yes, there’s life after not dating for more than 20 years. Your sisters and Regena will show you how. Through Creation, you can have what you didn’t even know you wanted.

– Ayodele Moore, Age 67

clare2I’m the president of an association of 50 consultants. The president! And I’m the youngest one. Never in a million years would that have happened before Creation. When I started my business the question was “How the hell do I get clients”? What I’ve been able to do because of Creation is take much more courageous decisions. I haven’t had to market myself. I just had to make some phone calls that were courageous. It wasn’t hard at all, it was just brave. Braver than I would have been without Creation. I have so much more courage to do the things I need to do to be successful. So far this year, I’ve more than tripled my income from last year, and it’s only May.

How I see myself in the world because of the women in creation is night and day. Having my genius reflected back to me is absolutely incredible. That is a cell changer right there. Seeing myself as other women see me, I’m completely different in the world.

I’m no longer constantly doubting if what I’m feeling is okay and right. Now, I always know that whatever is going on and whatever is coming up, it’s perfect for me, it’s my journey.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. But you’ve gotta be up for it. Mastery you can sit in back of room and get head knocked off (in a good way). Creation requires that all of you is in it. You really have to play. It’s even more powerful than Mastery but you’ve got to be ready to jump in. It’s your time to step up.

— Clare Stevenson Monteua, Age 41
Independent Business Consultant

ElanMcallister_ 006Before Creation, I had just shifted from one career path into another, and was stepping into a leadership role that terrified me. Enrolling in Creation was sort of a survival instinct – I knew I was about to go down this course, and I knew I needed support.

Being engaged with women who are as committed to this work as I am, who have really stepped up to play at this level is incredibly inspiring.

I went in with a desire to step into this leadership role gracefully, and with pleasure and ease. And I’ve really inhabited that beautifully. I’ve even surprised myself. And things are just flying at me. I’ve put these desires out that seemed really big and impossible to achieve, and they’re coming! They’re coming.

I’m creating my leadership style in a way that I’ve never seen modeled before, but that feels just right for me. Letting go of what I always thought a leader looks like, and trusting that I actually am a leader, and whatever I do is just right.

I would recommend the Creation Course to any woman who truly believes that she can do anything, and be anything, and who is ready and willing and fearless enough to stand completely for herself. It’s really fun, but it also can be really scary. You’ve gotta be really wanting, chomping, to be a bigger version of yourself. Any woman who is ready for that, ready to be completely turned on by herself and what’s possible in her life, needs to come to The Creation Course.

— Elan McAllister
Retired Broadway Producer
Executive Director & Founder of Nonprofit Choices in Childbirth


Since Creation my life has opened up. I’ve had a lot more opportunities come to me. I feel things on a much deeper level. I’m pried open to live life more fully.

— Carmel Dean
Broadway Music Director

DarlineWhat compelled me to enroll in Creation was wanting more. Our culture is obsessed with “keeping up with the Joneses” everyone doing just like everyone else. There is an annoying compulsion to fit in and I never fit it. It was maddening.

When I think of how I was before Creation, I spent my time driving myself crazy trying to do and be what I was “supposed to be”. But who I am just never fit well in “supposed to be”. I’m a researcher, a data head and an advocate in my career, but I’m naturally very outspoken and rebellious about life. In a nutshell, I stir things up! Being in Creation, I realized that my eye for “BS” is spot on and my only “cultural flaw” is that I’m not willing to look away and act as if everything is okay, or to “yes” something that is crap!

Life isn’t always organized. It’s not always about things going sequentially. It’s typically not pretty. You simply have to take life as it comes. You can’t always plan (the hardest lesson for me!!) and it’s still okay.

It wasn’t easy. I live in Texas, have 2 young children and was in the midst of a messy divorce when I first enrolled in Creation. The cost of flying back and forth, organizing childcare….But now I have trusted confidants, the entire SG Community’s support and fantastic tools that help me navigate the tough spots. Despite all the difficulty and brouhaha surrounding getting to New York, It’s been the best thing I could have done for myself .

— Darline Turner, Age 48
Researcher in Women’s Health and Public Health

I think in the past I would have been considered the world’s top giver. I did four postgraduate studies and taught in eight universities for free because I had been taught that it was better to work hard than to enjoy. And because I though it made me look good. Between Mastery and Creation I realized I wanted to do something with art. Art was always a desire, but I hadn’t considered it could also be a job. During Creation, I opened my own art gallery. I started receiving so much from my work because it was in my pleasure. Now I have the only Contemporary Art Gallery in NYC that specializes in Latin American Art. I found my perfect niche, and it was there, waiting for me to make it mine.

What made the big shift was the fact that, in Creation, I learned to connect with what I really wanted. From there, things started to come into place.

It all takes time and in Creation you work for it, and you get trained in tools to grab your life in your hands and take responsibility for it. And ENJOY IT.

-SG “V.”, Age 33

Being a part of the school will forever change me and all of my decisions and what I can attract and conjure in my life. I don’t know how you can put a price on all of the things that will find it’s way to you through this work. I don’t know how you can put a price on investment in Self. People spend thousands on clothing, plastic surgery, the car. That’s nice but does that satisfy you in the long run? Creation teaches you life tools. If you use them, they work.

— Ninna Amora, Age 36
Account Executive and Entrepreneur


Creation Course is currently Sold Out.

If you’d like to get on the wait list, or have questions, send an email to or call 212.787.2411 X 1.