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Do you kill your own dreams?

Hey Sisters,

It is just before 10AM on Saturday, as I write this. In one week, at 10AM on Saturday, I am going to be launching the brand new session of the 2012 School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program.
It will be a really big day for me since this is going to be our largest Mastery class yet, with 250 women in the room. This means so much to me for so many reasons—each woman in that room will have been placed there by one of my beloved Mastery grads. There is a legacy of love and friendship and passion that I will step into, and I am overwhelmingly grateful, not to mention beyond excited, to get my hands on all these amazing, powerful women, and blow the lids off the legends they were born to become.

All of us have really big days in our lives, when things that we have longed for finally happen. Maybe we meet our legendary love, or we get the raise we have wanted, or we create a new business or a new book that we have been working so hard for. Perhaps we have a longed for new baby, or we have an opportunity that we could not have ever dreamed of come and land in our laps. Many women walk through the doors of the School of Womanly Arts after having desired it for years…

Most of us have been taught to do a good job of working hard towards creating a dream.
But how many of us have been taught how to HAVE a dream come true?
And how we greet the majesty of a dream come true has so much to do with its outcome.
How do you handle that oh-so-delicate moment of getting exactly what you want?
Do you just kinda ignore it and go about your business and wonder why you feel sort of flat and uninspired, even though your dream just came true?
Do you feel incredibly guilty for landing in a pot of gold while so many of your sisters are suffering?
Do you try to hide the goodness, afraid it will be taken away from you?
Do you feel off-balance and unworthy, and maybe even try to crush or diminish your own dream, the moment it arrives?
Do you sadly hang out and wait for a parade that never comes?

There is an art to having a dream come true.
A Womanly Art.
And no one ever teaches us.
So, I want to teach you, right here, right now, so you can be ready when those dreams and desires start hurling themselves into your lap, as you practice the Womanly Arts.
Every single person has something that I like to call your capacity to have goodness.
And when we reach this capacity–we are done.
Overdone, really.
You know this feeling.
It is the way you feel when you are at a Thanksgiving table and you took that one heaping portion too much.
You move away from the table and groan–feeling kinda bloated, queasy and regretful.

Well, guess what? When your dreams come true you can have that same overfull feeling, which can make you feel a bit cranky and sleepy and overstuffed.
It is not at all what you anticipated feeling, as you imagined that dream coming true, now, is it?
You thought you would feel blissed out and joyous, forever.
Instead, you are downright cranky.
When you notice that happening, there are tools to use and steps to take, my darlings.

As this Mastery Program started to fill, earlier and earlier in the season, and my team began to feel an awesome new velocity coming at us–we started to get serious about expanding our capacity to have goodness. Every morning, my team would meet. We would light a pink candle, and say ‘Thank you, Goddess!” as every new member of Mastery rolled in. We would write their names on a piece of paper, to lay at the base of the candle, and make an intention for each of them to receive every drop of their desires, and then some. We would have dance breaks, and celebrate and praise every moment of each other’s brilliance. We created dress up themes, for every day–we had Rock Star day, Marilyn Monroe Day, Lingerie Day, Bad Ass Day, etc. My whole team of 10 was included, and every minute, every hour was another chance for gratitude and celebration.

Can you see a few themes coming forward here?
Let me break it out in a few easy steps.
The next time you are noticing that a dream is dangerously close to coming true, try this recipe:

The Ancient Sister Goddess Capacity Expander to Ensure Your Dreams Come True
1. Celebrate yourself, and others, every single step of the way, as you head towards your dreams.
2. Say, “Thank you, Goddess” as often as possible.
3. Write or communicate your gratitude, every day.
4. Take time and thought necessary to expand your fun.
5. And brag brag brag about your accomplishments…make everyone jealous of how fabulous you are. It is so good to see our sisters not just succeed, but hit it out of the ballpark.

Please comment below if you have ever had this feeling before, and tell me what you have done about it!! And let me know what you think of The Ancient Sister Goddess Capacity Expander to Ensure Your Dreams Come True!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena


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  • Barbara March 28, 2014, 2:06 pm

    I loved reading this, thank you SO much for breaking it down and showing us how it’s done. I love your cheeky themed days at the Palace, celebrating each moment and setting clear intentions as naturally as breathing.

  • Bea March 27, 2012, 9:39 pm

    Even though my life is running a different course than I ever saw coming down the road at me. I always find myself looking forward to Mama Gena’s Daily emails. Through them I find myself getting inspired! I know when I come to this site that I can find joy and be proud that I am female. Not to bury it what I did and keep hiding myself away. It may take the world a lot longer to notice, but I will get there!

  • Ana March 27, 2012, 2:50 pm

    I needed to be reminded of “Take time and thought necessary to expand your fun” today. Gracias!

  • Mary Bacon March 19, 2012, 3:36 pm

    I do this.What’s especially tough fro me is that my jobs always end – they are all finite – I am an actress. I am especially guilty of not acknowledging accomplishments, because I am always looking for the next gig. Well, right now, I am waiting very impatiently, desperately, fearfully for a perfect gig – and for some reason – Mama Gena, you talked about insanity yesterday? This is my insane thought – FEELS SO GOOD to say how crazy it is – that those feelings are proof and I need to discount everything I’ve achieved thus far, as if I am starting over.
    I have to start bragging, acknowledging, stop diminishing, devaluing, pissing on my achievements – now, at this time of waiting, where i want to stay in shape, and connect with my value. For starters.
    That is why I making mastery. Because I just need to feel that value. AT ALL TIMES. And I base it on the job. The current one. Or, today, lack of one!!!!
    SG B

  • felecia March 18, 2012, 3:59 pm

    hi mama gena i have a story about this email.march 16 2012 i went with my bellydance class to out teachers dinner and a show .we have the opportunityto dance thier if we like to prep for professional dance.during the show our teacher pulled us up to free dance with her. it was scary.the owners saw my dance and told teacher i could dance in april.ive been dancing for 3 years and our class is in a most of the girls use it as exercize. ive dug deeper.the dance has humbled me. im a gemini and an only child…get teacher signed me up already,and was trying to butter me up about dancing thier. i started to flounder of course but said yes!that night i dreamed of the akashic records on my dance,and today i read this blog. i wrote of dancing pro in my diary in the future,lo and behold the future was friday night!

  • Regina, Queen of the Desert March 16, 2012, 2:04 pm

    Hello, Ladies!
    I just bought a motorcycle 4 months ago. I have put 6,000 miles on her! I’m leaving the house of a man I realized will never adore or worship me. I’m scared but exhilarated. Today, in spite of fear and the temptation to shrink, I am saddling up to ride the 20 miles into town to my Bikram Yoga practice.
    I feel that being stupendously astonishing in the face of doubt works.
    Love Y’all so much!
    Regina Grande

  • Kellie Beverly March 16, 2012, 1:38 am

    Hi Mama Gena,
    Something techy first – the submit button on the blog page went crazy when I tried to use it, so I don’t think you have my submission. Will this message suffice?
    I’ve been following you for a little while now, at the suggestion of the lovely Baeth Davis Hand Analyst. I just love what you are bringing to the world. I must admit I see your messages every day and when I’m cranky I go “oh yeah, whatever”, and hit delete, but when I’m not, I save every one of them as my inspiration. I hope you don’t mind me sharing them with my Goddess Gathering gals! I am about to give birth to my new business Free2ShineGoddess. It’s being launched on 30th March at the Goddess On Purpose event on the Gold Coast, Australia. It’s funny you know, I can really relate to this feeling. It’s so exciting, it’s inspiring and I feel more energetic than I have for years, but the anxiety I have felt since I decided to GO FOR IT has escalated. I clearly have had low expectations, and the challenge has been to step into what I am now giving myself permission to do. I sometimes find myself seeking permission from my husband, but lately as I have spent more and more time and energy on doing what I love, he seems to be stepping up and honoring me as my goregous goddessness is emerging. It’s quite amazing. The past 6 months have been more devastatingly difficult in our relationship than ever before and I know it’s because I am coming out of the cave and willing to shine as a goddess. I can’t wait to share my website with you when it’s done. I’d love to come to one of your events in the future, but meanwhile I’m off to check out some of the books the other goddesses have mentioned. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING MAMA GENA – Hope to meet you one day soon!!!

  • SG Ti, Sugarbitch March 14, 2012, 11:03 am

    I’ve been having all sorts of adorably cranky resistance to dragging my lovely ass from the West to the East coast for Mastery. I finally used the tool of Spring Cleaning, several times, to clean out my head and realized that Mastery is the first thing I’ve ever done for myself that I haven’t justified as serving the people around me. All the workshops and pleasures in which I’ve participated in the past have had an element of “if it makes me happy, I’ll be happier in my relationships”. Which is true and good, but this time, as an experiment, I’m going into Mastery with an attitude of, “I don’t care if anyone but me is served.” Whew! The only way I’m stepping into that new habit of putting my pleasure first is by noticing how much good I have in my life, realizing that I really do have everything I want: an amazing relationship, a good job where I can be my quirky spiritual self, a great apartment in an area I love, good friends, and regular creative practices. It is good, Goddess! Thank you and please, MORE!

  • Theresa S. Valenzuela March 14, 2012, 10:45 am

    Thank you Mama Gena! I think this is my problem right now and why I feel like an overworked, dried up leaf sometimes. About to launch a huge project and I need to have more fun!

  • regena March 14, 2012, 6:44 am

    marika- here is to breaking down lies!! yeah!!
    laurie- you are so wise to see how infinite the universe is.
    sister spiritgoddess- i look forward to having you in mastery.
    ayo- i am blessed to have you (and your baby) in this community.
    veronica- it is always wise to take a step towards your dreams.
    jane- it is so good to make a union out of differences.
    theresa- what a dream come true- for you and your girls- to have you in class.
    tara- more to come!
    deborah- you are a powerhouse of transformation.
    catherine- what a huge accomplishment- thanks for sharing it.
    hey suze- so glad to reach up to the berkshires for a little sister love.
    bunnie- fasten your seatbelt…..we are about to blast off with mastery this weekend!

  • SG Bunnie March 13, 2012, 9:15 pm

    I have had a rash of not so good things in my life in the last couple of years. It is hard to find goodness sometimes. But I definitely have dreams and get very excited when I think or talk about these. I have been working on manifesting the dreams but somehow “things” still seem to get in the way of my dreams coming to fruition. Then I get discouraged all over again. I wonder how I might be getting in my own way of these dreams becoming real. All I know right now is that I am soooo grateful that I have been led to Mama Gena and have the privilege of participating in Mastery 2012. How can being around hundreds of beautiful, supportive, strong, goddesses be anything but good.

  • Suzi Banks Baum March 13, 2012, 6:26 pm

    Dearest Mama and The Palace Staff,

    Dance break in your honor for a magnificently timed post, designed just for moi.
    I need to read this today, as I have been bumping my gorgeous noggin on the ceiling of my havingness and sheesh, my agony has been agonizing. So, today, I am reminded by this post to say “Thank you Goddess, I will take more”
    1. I am grateful for all I did to create and produce a standing room only event for the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers.
    2. I am grateful for all the women and men who have stood with me and celebrated as I have found my authentic voice as a Turned On Woman! Go team!
    3. I am grateful for healthy children and an amazing, fun, challenging family life that fuels my creative spirit every single day.
    4. I am grateful for the amazing women posting on the genius blog series I have running on my website honoring mothering and creativity.
    5. I am just so plum grateful to be alive and well and healthy and me today.

    I would never have come to any of this had I not entered the pink plumed portal of Mastery and Inner Circle.
    I celebrate being me today. I celebrate not knowing just what is next for me or my writing or my work. I celebrate the School of the Womanly Arts and this next Mastery class.
    What an fabulous adventure we are on!
    Love, Suzi

  • Catherine March 13, 2012, 4:46 pm

    I had my dream come true when I offered my first Nia Jam and the house was packed with 50 dancing goddesses! I went home tired, cranky and found that I was holding my breath. I received congratulations to which I responded, “ok, let’s just see if I can keep it up.” I didn’t celebrate it, I didn’t keep it up (mmm, self-fulfilling prophecy??). I tend not to celebrate any of my accomplishments until I returned from my Black Belt intensive. I find that I’m falling back, though. I’ve gone back to school and I’m doing extremely well (climbing out from under non-medicated ADHD and undiagnosed Asperger’s) – WOW! I’ve done that. And I’ve got a huge Nia class and another one growing! Yay ME!!!! Thank you, Family, Nia, directors, local Nia Community and thank you Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions!

  • Deborah March 13, 2012, 4:22 pm

    Wow, I love this article! It has come at a time when I have been starting to doubt my desires. I also just watched your TEDx talk, and BRAVO! I cannot wait to meet you someday. What a gorgeous delicious energy you have!
    In 2008 I read two of your books (“Mama Gena’s Owner’s and Operator’s Guide to Men” and “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts”), and it jump started me on this extraordinary journey: I started to realize I was in a bone-dry, profoundly unsatisfying marriage of seven years, and in a career that did not honor me…flash forward to now and I danced through a divorce and a major move, found a man who adores every molecule of me and married him…and am now six months pregnant with our first child (a girl)! It is now more important to me than ever that I take your Mastery classes when I am able: what better way to bring up a daughter than having a mother who KNOWS how to relish herself? Thank you for YOU! I love you, you bright-force-of-nature-fireball-of-a-woman!

  • Tara Dixon March 13, 2012, 3:50 pm

    wow. Wow. WOW!!!!!!
    Once again your blog topic is right on the mark. And because so many of my dreams HAVE come true since being a student of yours (and while experimenting with living and breathing the tools in the last year and a half that I have not been enrolled as a student) I HAD to come back this Spring to dance in delight with this community that you have gathered this time around. I CAN NOT WAIT to witness and partake in the magic and miracles of goodness unfolding.
    much love-

  • Sister Goddess Theresa March 13, 2012, 3:30 pm

    Oh my Gosh I am so excited, I know this is life changing for me.. When I read that you said my name and put it at the base of the candle I feel so privledged to be part of that ritual. I am so ready to reach highter than I have ever reached before. I feel inspired and uplifted. thank you, thank you,. Hey Sister Goddesses see you all next weekend. Theresa

  • Jane March 13, 2012, 3:21 pm

    oh i love it, i do. i do. i know the full feeling. I am full now. But I am working it to expand. Bless you Mama for giving us these tools. I love womanfest…I just LOVE that. Yes, I have been using the ASGCE all morning and it brought me already a beautiful conversation with my husband over something that has been hurting has both. Together again we go forward! LOVE XO Thank you Goddess!

  • Veronica March 13, 2012, 2:59 pm

    Oh god Yes!!! I’ve felt that way!!! I have this burning desire to take Mastery! I tried this year but with other things that have happened I chose not too, however I called the Palace and spoke to one of the Sister Goddesses there and praised and celebrated myself for calling and getting more information and for getting clear that I definitely am taking the course next spring and now I make sure that I look fabulous when I leave my house!!!! Thank you Goddess!!!!!

  • ayodele moore March 13, 2012, 2:51 pm

    oh mama gena,
    this is heaven! and this is the bread and the water for our womanly soul. i can’t wait to behold this largest mastery ever. (i see my baby there!!!) thank you for this and thanks to the GPS for elevating us all to this new time and place. it is really an opening, i can see it and feel the presence of this awesome power. Praise to you and praise to this exquisite community. love ayo

  • Sister SpiritGoddess March 13, 2012, 2:23 pm

    First, Congratulations are in order, Mama and Palace staff, for increasing enrollment by around 25%! Loving the rituals you embrace to honor this milestone.
    I have a lot to learn in this arena as frequently I have worked so hard that when I manifest/womanfest what I have longed for, I am exhausted and played out. Fatigue can then overshadow gratitude. So thank you, thank you for the wonderful reminder and steps for gratitude and celebration. Looking forward to deep play, serious inner stretching, cleansing tears, and hooting/hollering/and having fun in mastery.

  • regena March 13, 2012, 2:09 pm

    Cathleen- wallowing is where it’s at!!!
    Nathalie- you are so right- getting physical helps!
    Can’t wait to meet you at Mastery, SG Injoy! congrats on the ticket!
    Denva- I stand in such celebration of your accomplishments.
    Janie-we are going to rock Mastery together!
    Freya- we are here for you, Sister- don’t cry!!
    Elli- I love your name.
    Sensuous Shea- I will look for you in the front row!

  • laurie March 13, 2012, 2:02 pm

    i brag i love these posts. thankyou Mama Gena and beautiful staff for creating the space for us in this mastery. so beautiful and so much love…. I love how gratitude changes everything, in all ways…how it is powerful… to create.. it is so amazing how being told thank you from someone literally changes the energy for me, and then i desire to give even more away. I love Mama Genas idea of how infinite our univese really is… something I desire to continue to open into even more and to receive in the sheer fun of gratitude and life…sheer exuberence…I am so grateful for this mastery now… and for all the sister Goddess who are in it… i brag this is it….. the adventure of my life… wheeee…. i love the Goddess capicity expander…. just imagining my dreams are true now…in my life now….fun….

  • Marika Whitaker March 13, 2012, 1:57 pm

    Yes yes yes- how hard it is to RECEIVE! And I love how bragging/grat/desire(aka asking for more!) makes the gifts we are given a revolving door. This makes so much sense, ESP right now as I’m breaking down my internal structures that uphold my belief in lack rather than abundance- We don’t need to hoard, to store up for famine, to hang on with clenched fists to our desires and what we receive! We continually clear space for our expanding capacity for dreams to come to fruition. We thank the goddess, share the incredible blessing, “use” the gift and make space for more. The journey is joyously ongoing. We continually cycle through the desire/grat/brag cycle, each time breaking down another lie that has become a structure in our lives. Here’s to freedom and ever increasing capacity to have your dreams come true. Thank you for this divinely timed message. Muah!!!!

  • SG Sensuous Shea March 13, 2012, 1:48 pm

    I LOVE this so much that I’m printing it out and putting it on my wall here at work!
    I can’t believe the level of resistance that shows up when good things happen to me… I actually shut down and isolate…thinking if I make any sudden movements it will all come crashing down. I have not learned to celebrate and look for more good, but what you say and what you teach resonates to my core and makes me sit up straight!
    I can’t WAIT for mastery and to embrace your teachings more fully.
    Look for me, I’ll be the one crying juicy tears of gratitude in the front row 🙂

  • SG Elli of the Eternal Orgasm March 13, 2012, 1:44 pm

    Thank you so much for this reminder. My desires have been manifesting at such a delicious rate these days. Gratitude has helped me digest it all. Each night when I lay down to bed, I go over my list of things I am grateful for. In the morning, when I wake up, I celebrate those things and others again. Ahhhh, life is so absolutely delicious!! Thank you Goddess, I’ll take more please!!!

  • freya March 13, 2012, 1:11 pm

    I need SWA again so very very much. Ooooo it’s hurtin, I’m cryin a bit. I neeed it:)

  • Janie March 13, 2012, 12:26 pm

    Thanks, Mama! I’m so glad that I’m going to be part of Mastery this year! Yes, I’ve had some of the feelings that you describe, and I’m ready to dial up gratitude and let go of fear! I like the idea of saying “Thank you Goddess!” many times during the day. I’m going to start right now.

  • S.G. Denva March 13, 2012, 12:22 pm

    Oh. This is so beautiful. I believe that these intentions are so powerful. When I received my degree, a few weeks ago I was just like, “oh, everyone receives one of those.” But then, I texted a few friends about my accomplishment, then one of them made a really big deal and took me out to get ice cream.

    I will tell you this and I learned it from the school. Unacknowledged good turns to shit. Once you celebrate your success on a cellular level (and I am not even sure that I did) that is when you begin to acknowledge your greatness. This is when you begin to believe in the rightness of who you are.

  • SG InJoy Anastasia March 13, 2012, 11:58 am

    I know your Ancient Sister Goddess Capacity Expander to Ensure My Dreams do come TRUE!!
    I did say thank you for making my dream possible and I knew She was coming through for me in PERFECT TIMING!! And better, My Sox would be blown off.
    I told everyone around me and I was exciting and pampered myself by getting all dolled up while I waited for this MIRACLE to happen!! I know I only needed to be grateful and go about my business of curling my hair and looked for to the pleasure of the moment and shoe shopping I had planned.
    Actually, for me Goddess worked a Miracle in 75 minutes after the asking; Manifested a TICKET in a completely SOLD OUT Show, AND not only did the ticket MANIFEST but this ticket was in top seating $210 ticket vs. $21 and was completely complimentary!!
    I brag, brag, and brag about how fabulous I am and Goddess and brag, brag and brag about Mama Gena’s and her tools (I am aware of) from the School of Womanly Arts.
    Just attending Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery 2012, is another Miracle that happened to me as well!!
    Thank you Goddess and Thank you Mama Gena and Thank you MG Staff and Thank you Sister goddess’

  • Nathalie Lussier March 13, 2012, 11:55 am

    Yes! I’ve been slowly increasing my capacity for good, but this looks like it’s a much faster path to being comfortable with all that goodness. Thanks for breaking it down. 🙂

    In the past I’ve practiced being uncomfortable with the new goodness in my life… and just getting comfortable with the newness of it. It also really helps when I get physical, so working out, hot yoga, and being present.

  • SG Cathleen March 13, 2012, 11:45 am

    I am so touched by your intention and focus on your upcoming mastery class. I have much to learn about wallowing in the realization of my desires!