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Every Mama Needs to Watch This


I am back with ROUND TWO of my Ask Mama Q&A video series!

Last week’s video caused quite a stir–I couldn’t wait to tackle more of your questions on living A Life Unbound…

This week’s Q speaks to the heart of the challenge every modern woman faces: how to prioritize her pleasure despite her laundry list of obligations.

We, as women, are so accustomed to putting the needs and wants of others before our own. It’s particularly challenging for us mamas–we become so involved in taking care of our families that we forget to save even five minutes just for ourselves. But when a woman reverses the order and begins to pay attention to what lights her up, making sure that each choice feels absolutely right and gratifying to her, she’s going to make choices that enhance her life and the lives of everyone around her.

Watch this video for tips on how to stage a pleasure revolution at home…

What tips do YOU have for staging a pleasure revolution with your family? Post them in the comments below! And for even more tips on going unbound in every area of your life, join us at the Worldwide Sister Goddess Reunion!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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  • Deborah Smith October 16, 2012, 12:19 am

    Hey Mama Gena,
    SG Deb here. I was doing some Mother brags with SG BlissNAloha tonight and she suggested you might want to know (if you don’t already) about a book I found that worked magic between my daughter and I when she started to get angry at me in order to individuate. The book is called Mother Daughter Revolution, published by Random House, written by Elizabeth Debold. Think you can find it on Amazon. My daughter was really angry. I read the book cover to cover and then went to my daughter and shared what I had learned. That was it. She got it. We have been the best of buds ever since (She is now my BSG and coming to Miami with me!!!). I am SO grateful to this book!
    The other book that I an super grateful for and that carried me through years of parenting both my son and daughter was Louise Kaplan’s Oneness and Separateness. Kaplan wrote this for child development from ages 0-3, but I found the basic idea of a child’s need to orbit us useful to me far beyond the age of 3. This is also at Amazon.
    On a different note, listening to your extended Q&A on the Rapture call, I heard you say that the higher we get the bigger the Thud. I know that fear of this has held me back, so after you said that I started thinking about it. For me, I need to-and think it is highly probable-believe that as we go higher we can bring the floor up with us. I am pretty sure that is what I am seeing in my other life work, which is Al Anon. Over time both myself and my sponsees seem to go neither as low nor for as long.
    Thanks for reading this. I hope you get it. Think I will copy this and send another copy via the Palace staff. See you in Miami!!!
    Thank you again for all of your passion and hard work. You are helping me transform my life into ever higher planes of consciousness and, I hope, action.
    SG Deb

  • Michelle Medina November 7, 2011, 2:54 am

    I’ve gotta say, I really really love this!!! The sound bites *child laughing* the what sounds like a bit of a drum role when you announce mMiami, plus of course the tips themselves, are awesome!!!

  • Rose November 5, 2011, 11:54 am

    Dress hot! Love that! It really does help. And family dance breaks make a huge difference. I’ve been doing that one for years now and sometimes my son will suggest it. I also taught him how to YES! which he loves to do.

    Thank you, Mama Gena, for being such an inspiration on so many fronts. XO

  • Kelli November 4, 2011, 9:32 pm

    Mama! Thank you for answering my question! Gives me some ideas to put into play, and as I have three kids, that will end up being a lot of pampering for me! Had to laugh though at what my teen aged daughter’s reaction will be to me taking a dance break, but I know someday she will use my example and not become so bound herself. I so want nothing more than to teach her the joy of being a woman through living my own pleasure. Thanks for all of your inspiration, you are my pleasure guru!

  • Suzi Banks Baum November 3, 2011, 4:02 pm

    What a great post and I love Princess in the corner there, looking so well cared for and fluffed!

    I brag my kids know that one day a week, one whole day, i am not available.
    I brag I get to be in my studio, while my husband and teens manage their commitments, meals and problems without my intervention or presence. Okay. When there is a dramatic need, like a sick kid and conflicts, I step in, but almost never does this happen- hardly never on Thursdays.
    I brag they know to knock before entering my studio, they take messages for phone calls that come in and answer the door to say “My Mom is working. She will call you later.”
    I am so grateful for all the tools I learned in Mastery to become a Pleasure Revolutionary while being a Full Time Mom.
    I am so grateful for the independence and beauty I witness in my kids every single day.
    I am beyond grateful for the collaboration I have with my man as we love, parent and make our lives together.
    I desire to do it more. Thank you Goddess, I will take more!
    I desire to have a wonderful, easy, graceful journey to Miami.
    I desire to take myself, as a woman of value, higher by playing in the waves with Sister Goddesses, dancing as much as possible and sharing with my Sisters for 3 days in Miami.

    Uhhuh. South Beach. Here I come.
    xoxox Hugs, SG S

  • Cooky November 3, 2011, 3:15 pm

    Oh Mama this is Genius! Even for those of us who are child-free at the moment. These are great tips and tools for anyone and any moment in our lives. I’m loving Mama Gena TV!

    Can’t wait to witness the massive Un-Binding that’s about to happen in Miami!