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Our Favorite Frames from 2014! (Then, your turn.)

Ok, ok, ok.
Enough already with the resolutions and goals and intentions and desires.
I, personally, have no urge to improve or change, or upgrade myself.
I just want to take a moment and celebrate.
And YOU.
Seriously – this won’t take long and then we can head right back and join all our friends who are busy making resolutions.

At the School, we do this thing called Favorite Frames.
Whenever we get together, either live or on the phone, we take a few minutes at the end to digest the experience of being together. What happened? Who shone brightly? Who contributed? What magic did we make? Where were we touched? Moved? Opened?

Here’s the thing: as I like to say, undigested goodness turns to shit.
Taking the time to savor your own brilliance, your own accomplishment, your own experience of the world you have created — this actually allows you to create even more beautifully and powerfully, and attract even more into your life.
Take a moment to soak in everything you’ve accomplished, discovered, experienced, become, and survived over the past year.

Here are a few favorite frames from us, the gang here at SWA, of 2014:

1. The Experience 2014 – the event was show-stopping, heart-throbbing, jaw-dropping. Women flew from all over the world to NYC, in the heart of winter, and we floated into spring on a cloud of sisterhood. The 2-day event was so much fun and so incredibly powerful, deep, and raw. One of the best feelings on earth is having given your all, with every drop of your womanity fully spent – and my whole team was deliciously wrung out, like we had just won gold for ‘sisterhood’ in the celestial olympics.


2. Spontaneous makeshift Hora (or was it a Bat Mitzvah? Or a wedding?) at the first weekend of Mastery. I know, it sounds weird. You had to be there. It was magical. Our ancestors danced with us. You can feel them in this photo…


3. Paris in May, with my Creation Course students. My favorite moment was nearly capsizing our rowboat and laughing ’til I peed a little, as all of us rowed wildly to shore (or not) in the Grand Canal at Versailles during an unexpected downpour. Watching a rowboat full of women holding up umbrellas while rowing was just so Madame Du Barry….


4. Staff boat trip in July. We work hard and we party hard. And we enjoy the heck out of each other. Special thanks to our hosts, Ruth Barron and Jeff Ommundsen, for being the most incredible support to the SWA, inside and outside the classroom.


5. This past summer, I had the joy of writing my brand new book proposal, riding my horse, going to the beach, and taking the summer off – wow, it was good to take time to rest and restore and create.


6. The Immersion in Miami was a dream come true in so many ways. It was our biggest, best Miami, ever, and I got to ride in on a white charger with blue eyes! Who says that fairy tales don’t come true?

white horse

7. My team at the SWA is my favorite frame of all. I feel so blessed-overjoyed-grateful-inspired to have such an incredible staff. Celebrating with many of them at our holiday party was one of the most fun, moving, and joyful nights of the year. Everything we do comes from the huge love and commitment we share with one another.


Now, in the comments below – I wanna hear – what are your fave frames of yourself from the year? What magic did you make? How did you triumph? What obstacles did you overcome? How hot were you? Pick at least 3 favorite frames of yourself and post them in the comments below. Remember, the more you digest, the more you open yourself to the goodness that wants to come your way!

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  • SG Beth March 2, 2015, 12:31 pm

    I’m coming late to the discussion, but for my own self, I wanted to record all my good from 2014 and create the space for more and better in 2015.

    In 2014 I took virtual pleasure bootcamp – truly a game changer in upping the fun and pleasure in my life.

    Transferred my daughter from one middle school to another, where she is now happy and thriving.

    Upped my salary.

    Redid my bedroom and created an outdoor, ocean inspired sanctuary in my backyard.

    Produced a pilot that was shot and is now picked up to series.

    Had a wonderful, loving, fun, sexy relationship with a great guy who helped heal me in so many ways – and showed me how a man can be emotionally available and supportive.

    My desire is to attend Mastery with my mother in 2016 – I’ve started a Mastery ’16 account so I can treat her!

  • Desirée, the rare flower January 24, 2015, 4:15 am

    My 2014
    First the bad news: I’m still unemployed after all my efforts and being invited to interviews. Also, celebrating friends’/colleagues’ successes gets harder and harder as I try and fight the feeling that there is something wrong with me and that I’ve reached a limit in what I can achieve and should just give up on my dreams.
    But on the plus side: my friend introduced me to Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, I learnt to pay attention to my desires and forced me to think deeper about what I really wanted out of life and not be ashamed about it, I took someone to court who had ripped me off over a housing contract and won compensation, I got a first-hand contract on an apartment, caught up a friend in Germany I’ve not seen for ages, I studied on a course that would greatly increase my job prospects and passed, enjoyed a great Christmas and catching up with another long-time friend.

    And now my desires are burning so hot inside me that I’m ready to BURST.
    2015 will be MY year!

  • maureen January 9, 2015, 11:31 am

    I finally moved into my newly bought and renovated apartment. It has been a long time in the making but it finally happened and it is exactly as I pictured.
    I joined my sisters family down at Universal Studios and took my year and a half old niece around the Dr. Seus carousel three times in a row because she was so excited. Amazing to be a part of that unbridled happiness.
    After years of hemming and hawing, I joined a sailing club and learned to sail and party with these amazing new friends. Best time of my life.
    A wonderful romantic summer evening in Bryant Park where I began dating a truly amazing man. Its was shiny and bright and everything was right with the world. It gave me the chance to be vulnerable again, for which I am truly grateful.
    Hiking up in the Catskills with great friends without a clue where we were going. Exhilarating.
    After years away, I started skiing again, and once again, found myself surrounded by incredible people to share the experience with.
    New Years Eve….ringing in the new year with the amazing friendships I have cultivated this year….and went to the opera in my fancy dress!!!

  • Deb Castellano January 8, 2015, 11:20 am

    I wish I had time to read ALL of these fabulous frames!! Here are three of mine:

    1. Doing 6 performances of my solo theatrical show at the New York International Fringe Festival–including one on my birthday. 🙂

    2. Releasing a relationship with a man that was not good for me; committing to dating myself for a while and focusing on creating a fulfilling life, with or without a partner. An ongoing project!

    3. Finding peace and acceptance during my visit with my parents this Christmas; seeing the love they have for me in the ways they are capable of expressing it; being of service to them in fun ways. This one is HUGE!!

    SG Meow Meow

  • Omena aka The WaterBleww_Goddess January 4, 2015, 12:47 pm

    2014 Indeed was a DIVINE year for me. From the top of the Year I celebrated the New Year with some truly Dear Souls. These beings have been in my life for about 11-17 years. Next I attended The Mama Gens Women Work shop with my Sistahs from another Dynamic woman’s group called ‘Fastgirls’.
    I created and participated in a 21 day detox which actually lasted for about 30+ days.
    I traveled to 7 states, Egypt, and 3 Caribbean Islands.
    I forged some deeply new and powerful friendships.
    I developed curriculum and interactive Nutrition activities for The National Urban League Project Ready S.T.E.M initiative. I even met and chatted with the President of the organization Mr. Marc Morial.
    This whole year I celebrated Friends and Family Birthdays in a fun and intimate way. Makes me appreciate the beings in my life and the empire we are building.
    Spiritually, I have grown and awaken to the next level on the the ascension ladder. And Lastly, to close out the year, on Christmas day I finally linked with my friends cousin for a movie. We ended up spending the whole weekend together and celebrated New Years Day. This is a SWEET love connection. I’m thankful that I remained open and said Ok (Which happen to be our initials of the first name)

  • Deborah Smith aka SG Divine Love January 3, 2015, 5:36 pm

    Favorite Framing the year with my new man for New Year’s Eve. Thenk moving on to Gratitudes and Desires.

    Bring two lions back from their assumed deaths to happy and (elderly) healthy: Thank you Maureen Adams, d.V.M.

    Helping my son buy his first home.

    There is so much love and gratitude in my heart for all you. Thank you Regena. Thank you Staff.

  • Leann January 3, 2015, 11:31 am

    Some favorite frames from 2014:
    -doing a headstand against a wall a few days ago in yoga. My body love is paying off!
    -going to England and Wales to research my desires — seeing Petersham Nurseries
    -sailing the greek islands with my sister and parents — what an adventure!
    -getting a 3 week paid leave of absence to take great care of me!
    – creating a true friendship in my relationship with my man. Going from a negative, messy relationship to creating something great!
    -going to the pink party with my sister, mom and 4 of her girlfriends — getting my hair and makeup done before the party, and letting go and dancing on top of a stereo in front of them!

  • Michelle Saltz January 1, 2015, 3:50 pm

    FFs for 2014!

    Being in Creation Course and through it:

    Immersion in the most supportive, loving, feminine energy and community I have ever encountered. EVER.

    Making new friends and sisters and understanding the role I have in my creation of these magical relationships.

    Understanding that I create my world and how key GRATITUDE is in my perception of everything.

    Experiencing the power of THE WALL exercise in creation. Pushing everything I am and have into a solid object or through another human and fully feeling myself.

    Bringing the SWA tools home and using them with my husband and two daughters. We all gained so much sharing trinities, favorite frames and spring cleaning, formally and informally!!!!!!

    Deciding to make my 22 year old relationship with my husband NEW. Attending the ORGASMIC ENLIGHTENMENT retreat with Kim Anami and seeing each other, sex and intimacy in a whole new light. Realizing that we have a lifetime ahead of ourselves and that we are the creators of our reality. It is never too late. Understanding that in order to do this OUR RELATIONSHIP needs to be a priority and that we need to take action everyday to make it so.

    Moments with SGs when we made MAGIC. Creationists and Mastery Grads of 2013-14, You know who you are. From Paris, to New York, to Philly, We were OUTRAGEOUS and truly, magnificently ourselves. Pushing edges, experiencing JOY and SHARING deeply of ourselves to make each other EVEN BETTER. Goddesses, I LOVE YOU ALL!

    With so much gratitude,
    SG Karmic Kitty

    PS…hope to see you all in Mastery 2015!!!!! xoxooxoxoxoxo

  • SG Sultry Moon Goddess Samantha January 1, 2015, 12:12 pm

    I have so many FFs! Thank you for this opportunity to share them Mama Gena!

    Went on an amazing hot air balloon ride!

    So many wonderfully fun times with friends like my birthday limo wine tour, beautiful brunches, concerts and celebrations!

    Becoming a red head just for the fun of it!

    Great travel with T and friends!

    My number 1 FF is feeling more alive than I ever have! This was made possible because I followed my heart and joined this wonderful Mama Gena’s group of amazing SGs! First through VPBC and then the Miami experience blew me wide open…the kind of life changing awesomeness that’s hard for me to put into words! So many FF just from Miami. I have met so many amazing women and signed up for Mastery 2015!

    I’ve been sharing Mama Gena’s with my friends and I’m bringing 3 of them to the NYC experience in January! 🙂

    I’m so grateful for 2014 and excited for the best year yet! Bring on 2015!

  • SG Purring Delight December 31, 2014, 6:20 pm

    What a brilliant Idea to FF 2014

    Thank you for this opportunity Mama G

    My best autumn session ever as an English teacher, had more students than I have ever had ( and I have been doing this for 20 years) have more fun teaching than I have ever had too !!!

    Raised my prices by 5 $ and hour ( thanks to my marvelous son for encouraging me) and not a one student blink an eyelid at it. Well I do ROCK as a teacher !!

    Found me not one but TWO amazing cleaning ladies… that is the most delightful thing not to have to worry about any cleaning shores self-care in the extreme for me !

    Got my free copies of Mama Gina’s book cause I got it to be published in French YAY! so I could share it with friends who don’t speak english.

    Did great research in defensive dating and had some men treating me to nice restaurants
    ( so good not to fight and think that I have to pay for everything myself…one of them even asked me permission : could he have the privilege of paying for me…sweet)

    In April had a wonderful 1 week seminar in Mexico on Happiness ; great people and beautiful setting and the pleasure of traveling with my best friend.

    Organized a 75th birthday party for my mom with my sister in a jiffy…cause we left it too late….so we came up with the idea of hiring a «At Home Chef» best Idea ever… delicious 5 courses meal and we didn’t have to do a thing and my mom was delighted beyond words.. and we did offer my mom a session of wardrobe make over with a fantastic lady…(.that I had found first for myself following VPBC.) She liked it so much we offered her a follow up shopping spree for x-mas with the same wonderful clothes magician !

    and best of all my son and his fiancé received the whole family over for Christmas… I had not a thing to do….Christmas was truly a holiday for me this year and I am so blessed !!

    Those are FF….but there is sooo much more goodies in my year than you GPS!!

    May 2015 be the most Godessly year for each and everyone of you SGs with all the sparkles, laughter and love that your pussy desires.

  • SG Sue December 31, 2014, 5:14 pm

    My Fave Frames for 2014

    1. Dancing on the stage at Mastery with Alex. It’s amazing what a shift that created in my life. I’m fully participating again, rather than sitting on the sidelines.

    2. Making new friends and connections and finding support I didn’t know existed.

    3. Gaining much deserved recognition at work and accepting it with grace and gratitude.

    4. Using the abundance I gained from our childhood home and turning it into cleaning up any outstanding debts and some amazing travel opportunities. I’ve also gained control of my savings and investments.

    5. Making a point and following through on more movement in my life. I signed up at a gym and have been going regularly. I actually find it enjoyable. Who woulda thought?

    6. Looking back at 2014 and realizing what a truly incredible year it has been. I’m so excited for 2015!

  • Ruby Red December 31, 2014, 4:57 pm

    God, I love reading these! Could we do this more often?

    My top frame is marrying the love of my life this year, my first and last marriage, (*and I’m 55.) She makes me divinely happy every day.

    We traveled together; spent our first year of living together; grew together; danced together; and so much more! Every day is a precious jewel.

    Plus, I had my 1st solo art show in many years; and I’m running a successful business for the 15th year! I love my life.

    Tonight I”m going out with her and some friends for my first glitzy New Year’s Eve ever: dancing and romancing.

    Happy new year and new beginnings, dear SGs!

  • SG Greedy Katherine December 31, 2014, 3:39 pm

    It has been an absolutely amazing year that began with (FF1) The Experience 2014 culminating in joining Mastery 2014 and this amazing community of sisters. (FF2) Acknowledging and embracing the greediness inside me that drives an incredible hunger for life. This greedy nature has shifted me from a small existence to an expansive, abundant life. The more I am grateful the more I am able to open and receive. I love the paradox. (FF3) Signing up for Mastery 2015 (my second run) AND enrolling in an executive coaching certification program located in California. I thought I would have to do one and give up the other. Instead, I decided to be greedy. This is truly living! See you in 2015, I’m looking forward to celebrating my SWA anniversary in NYC. Here I come The Experience 2015, I can’t wait to do it again. Happy New Year to you all!

  • Evie Edman Robison December 31, 2014, 2:44 pm

    I celebrate this year coming into my own with love, gusto, and commitment to me. I have grown into my Sister Goddess community with such joy, and a feeling of warmth, and graciousness. It’s from all of you glowing the love right back at me that has warmed my life to bubble over with confidence independence and inner growth. I walk the runway through my everyday life with a lift in my heals from my daily SC, self care, Brag, Gratitude, and delicious desires that have come to be and are on their way to me. I have grown to love myself and look in the mirror many times a day to adore and receive my self love. I dance naked during my swamps and dance naked through my ceremony of gratitudes dipping my fingers and pussy deep into the liquids of life that lubricate my soul. My Gratitude gushes over to Regena and, the deep, rich Sister Goddess community from my heart to all of yours Thank you!

  • SG Karla December 31, 2014, 12:46 pm

    My Favorite Frames for 2014:

    – The privilege and opportunity to attend Mastery with compliments of the SWA, to visit one of my favorite places, NYC for four months in a row, and to be surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous women (a few of whom have become dear friends and have supported me in up-leveling my fun and pleasure experiences and using the tools), and to be in the presence of source (Mama Gena) was incredible and life-altering! So incredibly grateful!
    – To be able to manifest and to be living my biggest desire after Mastery, which was to find a job that had all the elements that I desired, and in particular where I could work-live in LA and SF. So incredibly energized!
    – To have participated in so many luxury mystery shopping experiences. To have had the chance to shop for, try on and purchase/return and to be gifted branded luxury items that I never would have experienced otherwise. It was so much fun! And it shifted my own sense of style and acceptance. So incredibly inspired!
    – To be able to start really capturing and enjoying the essence of one of the most important element that I desire to always have in my life…the feeling of personal and financial freedom! So incredibly blessed!

    Thank you Mama for always reminding us and instilling this wonderful practice of digestion and favorite frames! Love you tons! Wishing each and everyone an incredibly glorious and pussified 2015!

  • Estela December 31, 2014, 12:34 pm

    Dear SG,

    My best frames where:
    1. The first week in Mastery
    2. The amount of acknowledgement, hugs and expressions of love from all of you
    3. Receiving my diploma as a hypnotherapist
    4. Getting my divorce
    5. Moving on creating a new life for myself and for those that I impact
    6. Following your lives unfolding, your fears, your pain, your desires
    7. Being healthy and active
    8. Loving even more the world as it is and being very grateful for the experience.

  • SG Jacqueline December 31, 2014, 11:00 am

    Dearest SG’s,
    What a year, where do I start..?
    Spending time in the Bahamas, on Andros Island with my Husband for his work.
    Returning to Grand Bahamas in May to get married and then having a Mini-Moon in Brazil (as my Husband was there for his work). I love it that I am able to travel with him and just enjoy these amazing out of the way places they are filming in.
    Moving to a lovely new Cozy Home in June and putting our stamp on it. The swimming pool makes keeping fit that much easier but not in the winter months..!
    Late June we took ownership of a Beautiful Black Labrador who had been at a Rescue Centre for ten months waiting for his Forever Family and he is the (2nd) Light of my Life..!
    We have had two gorgeous trips to Las Vegas for R and R, great food and awesome shows.
    Joining the VPBC and rocking it was the Autumn challenge and apart from a few Hiccups all is going well since. Getting to know all you Fab Ladies at Immersion in Miami was another Ongoing Life Change amd FF. (Including the Naked Massage on the Beach for SG Dancing Divine Debbie) Joining the Mastery Team Journey for 2015 was a Big thing and knowing that the finances will be there takes Daily work..!
    This Christmas and New Year, one of my Best friends has flown out from London to stay with me and I have loved being a Tourist in Los Angeles with her.
    Xmas Day was amazing as after my Husband had given me fantastic presents including a “Betty Dodson” black and white print of a Lady self pleasuring..! He then proceeded to cook all the Christmas Meal and I spent the day relaxing with my friend.
    2014 has been a Roller Coaster of a year and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for me..!
    Thank you to Mama Gena and all the Ladies at the Pussy Palace for helping me to find myself again.
    SG Jacqueline xxx

  • Kyra Saulnier December 31, 2014, 9:48 am

    Here is one of those moments of 2014 I want to share:
    Spoiler Alert…some may find this morbid but it is truly a highlight of my year as I am warmed to my core of the close relationship with my Mom and other family.

    Losing my Mom, Barbara Sharav Saulnier, has not been easy, but in the wee hours of the morning, holding Mumu’s hand, I whispered: “It’s ok to go. We’re ok. Go be with your Markie now. You can leave the planet; go have more fun. Say hi to Dad for me. Give my love to Uncle Charlie and oh gosh, everyone. It’s ok. It’s all ok. It’s all good.” Yes: IT’S ALL GOOD. I am so grateful to have had my loving, devoted, lenient, saucy, generous, priceless Mom.

  • SG Tracy December 31, 2014, 9:19 am

    2014 was a year with some big challenges and some incredible blessings.
    Thank you, Mama Gena. Your New York Experience came right after a profoundly difficult challenge for me- the last of a series of several unsuccessful IVF procedures. I met some wonderful SG’s who I’ve stayed in touch with and learned some tools that I’ve been using throughout the year to harness my creative energies.
    This year I’ve been blessed to: take incredible trips to Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Italy, Greece, and Miami. Each trip involved spending time with family or friends. Miami was special because I was able to introduce my mom to the School of Womanly Arts.
    This year I also “pushed my edges” by taking my first ever surfing and scuba lessons.
    I never thought I’d be on a surfboard , but was tired at just being the cheerleader at the shore for my husband while he took his surfing lessons. Some beginner friendly waves helped, but I gotta say, I did great! I was able to stand up and ride some waves with the iconic Diamond Head volcano in the backdrop.
    This week-( yesterday!) I became a SCUBA diver in a pool in my NYC neighborhood. That was a big kick-ass accomplishment for me. My first lesson, lesson last week, was difficult. My instructor got frustrated with me for not being immediately comfortable breathing underwater through a regulator and he actually gave up on me for the night!! I had to go back the next day and ask to set up a lesson with another instructor. The Scuba school owner, was trying to be friendly and said, “let’s expect the worst and hope for the best” in reference to my next lesson. I said, “Thanks, but no way! I’m going to expect the best and hope for the best!!” So last night, with a patient new instructor, I really learned to SCUBA dive. I spent 4 hours in the pool and Mastered 8 hours worth of skills in one night. I finished all my “closed water” skills and am now ready for the Open Water!! I was elated and warm inside as I left the pool last night walked home, even with damp hair and cold air around me. Thank you, again, Mama Gena and all the SG’s I’ve met, for helping me turn a year in which I faced some really tough challenges into one that’s ending with such a terrific feeling of victory and power.
    I don’t know what’s around the corner for me as the next year approaches, but I know that I’ll be ready for anything, and will continue to “expect the best and hope for the best”!

  • Brit December 31, 2014, 7:31 am

    FF 2014, not so easy but I will find three.
    1. Being able to travel to London and California.
    2. Meeting people that helped me.
    3. Having a few but very good friends.
    4. Knowing that 2015 will be much better.


  • SG Mirella Love December 31, 2014, 3:10 am

    * Jumping in the pool, dressed in my pink party out fit and red boa, with SG Jessy for our ‘Miami video’.
    * Learning how to springclean and doing it weekly with 4 sister Goddesses who I love dearly. SG-es Candy Dancing Queen, Joyful Lily, Gigi and Panajoita.
    * Ecstatic dancing at Miami Immersion, all of the Immersion. Meeting my SG-es from Bootcamp and many others. Being so inspired by the Creationista’s.
    * Creating my amazing Goddess Space
    * Got myself a boa and a Tiara I love naked naked with Boa.
    * Learning that I am a gorgeous beautiful hot woman, who flirts and attracts man to her.
    * Photo-shoot at the Raleigh hotel with SG Candy and she made incredible pictures of me. I’m an amazing model.
    * Signing up for Mastery 2015

    What an incredible year. I finally feel alive again, maybe more then I ever been.
    Looking forward to 2015!

    Thank you so much Mama Gena and the Palace gang!
    SG Mirella Love

  • SG Sacheen December 30, 2014, 8:22 pm

    I almost didn’t write this but I am inspired to remember the good even as I have faced the hard. My FF’s from 2014:

    Getting into VPBC and getting to meet the divine SG Sonia and so many others on the journey!

    Having my mother move in with me to care for my son. I am so grateful for her.

    Learning that it is okay that I am ready for the divorce even if it won’t be easy.

    Connecting at a deeper level with my younger sister.

    Reading so many great signs all telling me that the time is now and not to wait. Specifically, finding SWA, the works of Dr. Christiane Northrup, shamanic astrology, the works of Roger James Hamilton and my own works.

    Celebrating the second year of life with my son. He is the moon, sun, stars and plantes to me and my inspiration to make 2015 the best year yet for both of us.

    I look forward to staying in this community and seeing how fan-fucking- tastic 2015 will be for us all!

  • SG Jill is MAGIC December 30, 2014, 8:12 pm

    Favorite Frames of 2014

    Being in Creation Course, visiting NYC in Winter, staying at the Dream Downtown, renting a guitar and serenading our class at the end of a Saturday, on the roof in the freezing cold and seeing my sisters dancing all around me as I played and sang

    and of course Paris with the Creationistas. So many magic moments there. Saw my first ballet and it was a premiere at the Opera Bastille and I was in the 2nd row – I wept with joy at the end!

    I had my first real gig opening for a band in SB and played 9 songs – 2 originals!

    I recorded my first song and shot video for it while I was in Paris

    I shared some magical time with my 3 ‘nieces’ – we did photo shoots, made videos, played guitar and ukelele, learned how to play and sing Brave and harmonize together

    I dove deep into some old depression and I learned how to love myself in the places where I feel less than fabulous

    I had an amazing Halloween birthday that included a spontaneous photo shoot with SGs and my gay BFF dressed as a vampire in drag (the Glampire) – it was magical and reconnected me to my creativity – what a great bday present!

    I leaned into my discomfort around saying No and disappointing others, especially my mom….A LOT

    I had an amazing Miami. Too many frames but here are a few:
    a woman came up to me and remembered me from last year when I was wearing gold stars on my nipples…and she said she signed up for Mastery because of me!!! and then she pulled down her blouse and she had on red metallic stars on hers – you never know who you are going to inspire just by being your freest self 🙂

    I experienced a 4 hour brunch at the Setai that was completely langorous and divine. It may have been the first and only time that I have eaten that mindfully and goddessly, really being in my body and enjoying ALL of my senses

    and lastly, i was walking down the street from the Convention Center and a goddess said to me “you have a desire on your foot”. I looked down and indeed I had a post-it from the room on my foot. It said “I desire to know my own Magic” – which was very cool since my SG name is Jill is Magic. I put it in my notebook – where I had made my 1st desire list 4 years ago. A few days later, I am sharing this list with a friend and the post-it falls out and i tell her the story….and she looks at me and says “that’s my writing – I wrote that ” and it was so randomly syncronistic and well, Magical – it just took me to a whole new level of faith in the unseen forces at work on our behalf

    Regena, my gratitude love and appreciation for you every day – thank you for digesting your year with us XOXO

    • Michelle Saltz January 1, 2015, 3:51 pm

      Kisses and love to you, darling SG. Remembering your song on the roof and so many moments in Paris and NY. xoxoxoxox SG Karmic Kitty

  • SG Angel-on-Fire December 30, 2014, 7:28 pm

    Favorite Frames for 2014:

    Passed the leadership torch for the Orgasmic Meditation community I started in Seattle into loving and capable hands so I could move back home to California.

    Took a magical 3-week train trip across Canada and back on 5 days notice!

    Made strengthening my body a priority by taking rehab gym, water exercise, and yoga classes and being part of a 6-month study on MS & hypnotherapy.

    Lovingly transitioned a relationship that was not nourishing me into a caring friendship so I have space for my perfect partner to come into my life.

    Led many people into greater connection, intimacy, comfort with their sexuality, and confidence in themselves through weekly TurnON events, coaching, and OM Trainings and classes.

    Said Yes! over and over and over again and watched my world expand in ways I didn’t expect and couldn’t even have asked for before 2014.


  • Jane Wyker December 30, 2014, 5:45 pm

    So many Favorite Frames

    Holding my spirit high and my pleasure a priority in a year filled with several medical challenges.

    Just about completing the first draft of my first book! Feeling like I am fulfilling a decades old deep desire.

    Enjoying the intimacy of my husband’s editorial input, who tells me he loves me more and more as he gets to know me deeper and deeper.

    Coming to peace with my mother as I see her as woman who had her own journey beyond being my mother.
    Writing blogs for the SWA – Owning and Operating Men. Also for working which had 2000 hits.

    Creating a gorgeous home, filled with the richness of my life travels, tastes and sensibilities, and love of beauty

    Daily appreciation of the quality of my life: my love, my marriage, children, writing, teachers, health professionals, spiritual leaders, and for Regena and the SWA that changed my life 7 years ago and continues to each day!

    Thank you Sisters

  • Tania Morris December 30, 2014, 4:57 pm

    Running three businesses from my home to be with my daughter and son. Being a top seller in my au pair company and earning a trip to Mexico and London. Jumping into being a publisher and learning things I didn’t know I could do! Here is to 2015 being even better!!!

  • SG Blessed December 30, 2014, 4:13 pm

    It’s been a great year, and I’m so thankful for Mama Gena! I was blessed by being able to attend the January conference, and to be challenged to write (and then speak aloud) five desires. Over the subsequent months, 2 have manifested. The others? Works in progress.

    But mainly, Mama G., you helped me reframe my self-view, and see my own worth and sensuality – and begin to accept both. Thank you!

    As I drive my Miata (desire #1) and play with my gentleman friend (desire #3), I can’t wait to continue believing and manifesting.
    With gratitude, I am

    • sg love and acceptance lisa January 1, 2015, 2:10 pm

      My favorite frames of 2014:
      There are so many to share so I will try to minize them to the most impact they had in my life.
      1. My sister Diane being my biggest cheerleader and having faith in me when I wanted to give up. She introduced, encouraged me, and made time out of her busy schedule to make sure I went to mama gena’s intro weekend.
      2.For going to the weekend feeling like I didn’t belong and because of sg Erika Powell’s belief encouragement and love signing up for mastery.
      3. Each weekend I went having an amazing breakthrough in my life like healing my cancer.
      4. Meeting some of the most wonderful women in my life who now mean the world to me.
      5. My son’s wedding. I now have a beautiful daughter in law who I hope will become a sister Goddess.
      6. The sister godgoddess like maurya Sullivan and Celeste lemieux who helped me prepare for my divorce and to let go of all the pain around that. I got everything I desired.
      7. For the new business opportunity that has come into my life that will enable me to live like a goddess and to retire without having to worry about where the money will come from. I know I am going to have to face and overcome some fears that I have been unwilling to look at but I can do it.

  • SG Tahera December 30, 2014, 3:28 pm

    I’ve left the country for the first time this year. I’ve been to Jamaica and had the time of my life. I also spent a day in Paris, London and Belgium. 4 different countries in 1 year. How amazing!!!!
    My experience in Miami immersion was the tip I of the iceberg, such a fabulous traveling year.

  • Detox Diva Donna December 30, 2014, 3:22 pm

    My Favorite Frames Of 2014 are:

    Starting a book club to read The School Womanly Arts and attracting more Goddesses on the path!

    The miracle of a completely gutted out brand new kitchen that my boyfriend fronted the money for and guided, secured the process! The bugs are gone!

    Giving Creation Course to myself and to experience transformative realizations and support.

    My boyfriend and I have gone further and longer this year. My ability to man train.

    My biz, Gravity East Village has a new Infra Red Sauna, the addition of Massage therapy, EFT, and Sound healing therapies.

    My taking QRA course and seeing clients for muscle testing and feeling my turn-on to share this new technique and Premier Labs Nutritionals with clients and friends.

    Birdwatching with my man in Costa Rica. Sharing the beauty and passion.

    Exploring making my own kombucha, water kefir, seed cheese, coconut yogurt.

    Making friendships stronger in Miami this year. SG Adina, Julia, Erika, Patricia, Sava, Jennifer and Christine.

    Opening to the new and letting go of what doesn’t fit or work.

    Surviving my mother’s passing and allowing for the process of grief and loss.

    Put it out there each day to take the best care of myself.

    My beautiful staff and the wonderful energy at Gravity with treasured clients.

    Spring Cleaning. Thank you for holding space.

    Getting to the gym.

    Being a kick ass great Colon Hydro-therapist! LOL

    Give myself a big hug for a job well done!

  • SG Divine Dancin' Debbie December 30, 2014, 2:33 pm

    So many favorite frames for 2014 – and that itself is a favorite frame!

    After managing my husband’s clinic for over 20 years, a fabulous personal coach challenged me to step up to my dreams and become a weightless coach, so I took a year-long class to become a certified health coach, and delegated 80% of my old job to others. I now work there one day / week instead of five! Cheers!

    I continued to invest in my personal development this year by also enrolling in the Virtual Boot Camp, which was transformative at a deeply feminine level. It culminated with the trip to Miami where I met so many wonderful Sister Goddesses.

    And I was the SG who had the indescribable pleasure of having a naked massage on South Beach – also a transformative experience! I owe it all to Mama Gena (for stalking me until I owned up to that outrageous desire), to SG Jacqueline (who generously performed the massage, sans top!) and to SG Judy (without whose tenacity I would have retreated back into my small self and skipped the massage). This experience is by far my Favorite Frame for 2014.

    And with that courage I’m on to Mastery and to starting my weight loss coaching practice this spring! Thank you Mama Gena and all the amazing, courageous Sister Goddesses I now have the privilege of sharing my life and journey with. I love you all.

  • Genevieve aka Jen December 30, 2014, 2:11 pm

    Hello Goddesses! At the beginning of this year I followed my pussy and heart to LA. Visited a love who I needed to see again, despite being in a relationship and his knowing where I was going. This was an exciting fling but also resolved that this man in Cali is not for me. Returned to my relationship with renewed energy,, the joy and fire is there! This is all before discovering Mama Gena!
    Worked in an executive corporate job for almost two years. In August I left it, trusting my artist self and will find my way even better than I ever have! It’s a challenge to grow much work but I’m so grateful I left the job this year. Taking art classes. Exploring my self more deeply via pleasure in many ways; food and happy digestion, dancing, lovemaking are examples. Creating new imagery for restarting modeling work also, definitely feels hot being that I’m 42. Was introduced to Mama Gena and finally read the book, and decided to give Miami a go! Thanks Sister Goddess Detox Diva!
    Was a blast!!

  • SG Jennifer December 30, 2014, 2:10 pm

    I have spent the year taking care of my mother and doing the best I could for her, while also realizing that I am, nor have never been, “just a fuck-up kid” that I have considered myself for most of my life.

    Yesterday, I started my mother in hospice, in the knowledge that this is what is best for us.

    I have raised three wonderful children while doing all of this simultaneously.

    On my birthday on Saturday, I have committed myself to this being the year that I start taking real care of myself. I have started an Ayurvedic practice in the mornings, started to practice ballet – because it gives me pleasure. None of this is about weight. I will not let it be about weight. This is about taking care of what I have and taking pleasure in what I have.

    • Brenda December 30, 2014, 4:08 pm

      SG Jennifer, you are a light in this world – may you see it and live it!

  • Meg December 30, 2014, 2:07 pm

    Ah 2014 … my lover just made a little speech to me over the phone about how much he loves me, misses me (I have been away for 10 days in the UK), and how much better 2015 will be for us than 2014. While I agree that 2015 will be a fantastic year, I know that can’t — and won’t — happen until I frame 2014. A few of the many many wonderful frames from the year included attending the Womanly Arts Experience and taking Mastery (my third!). Some other FFs:

    In Jan. I spoke (and crushed it!) on a panel on content marketing and SEO for law firms — the first of a number of speaking engagements that materialized over the course of the year. It seemed suddenly that once I saw myself as the expert that I am and can comfortably speak to a gathering, many more opportunities to write and speak came my way. AND my BF came to hear me speak (as a surprise).
    In Feb. we attended the annual conference we attend every year in Palm Beach. Five sunny days at the Breakers and the Boca Beach club in the middle of winter is ALWAYS a great thing. And I get to do it every year.
    In March, my mom came to visit from Boston for a week and celebrated my 50th birthday with me, with a dinner party that she and my BF co-hosted for me and my kids the night before my birthday (Okay, they fought over who was going to pay for the party, and he won, and she was mad, but I like to call it co-hosting.) This was a spectacular reframing of an afternoon that went completely awry, with car trouble, running late and not being able to make our reservation at the restaurant I really wanted to go to. We ended up at a local Italian place that was far from the kind of place that I wanted, and made a party of it. My BF gave me a beautiful pair of black diamond earrings that he picked out on a shopping trip with my daughter.

    The very next day — on my birthday, April 1, my BF and I flew to Las Vegas for another annual conference where we celebrated my birthday twice more with friends there. April also included my oldest daughter turning 18. April also included meeting Pres. Bill Clinton in person, as a reward for some fundraising that we did for a candidate for US Congress in PA.

    May started the whirlwind of the end of the school year — hosting my twins’ pre-soph hop gathering (for 50 kids and parents!) singing and orchestra concerts at which I got to watch my kids perform, and an uncharacteristically terrible mother’s day dinner ever (in terms of good), lovingly orchestrated by my BF and my kids at one of my favorite restaurants. At the end of the month, I took my first Argentine Tango workshop!

    In June, my oldest daughter graduated from high school (yay C!) and my twins turned 16. E and I also traveled to yet another conference, this time in Nashville — another of my favorite fun towns — where we both spoke on panels, and made our yearly trip to the Grand Ole Opry. Also Mastery Grad weekend — I brought my daughter and some of her friends to NYC for the weekend.

    In July, I took the kids and Eric to the beach in Delaware, while my son was in a program in nearby Virginia. I found a house right on the beach (right over the dune!) where the dogs could play all day. It was quaint, it had wi fi and a TV — and one bathroom, and NO dishwasher or washer/dryer. OOPS! We used paper plates, found the local laundromat, took morning walks and played endless games of frisbee with the dogs (and discovered that our dogs LOVE the beach but react badly to drinking that much salt water!) and had a great time.

    In August, when the kids were away with their dad, E. and I went to Colorado for — you guessed it – another conference, where I spoke, and stayed for an extra 5 days in Denver on vacation. Highlights included a Rockies Game, Bill Maher in concert, renting a Jeep and driving through Rocky Mountain State Park (some of it with my eyes closed — those mountain roads are crazy!) and debating endlessly whether we should buy some (legal) marijuana. At the end of August, my oldest went off to college at NYU (sniff!!)

    September was a whirlwind of school starting (11th grade for J and L, 7th grade for I) and getting back to work after the summer, including my annaul trip to LA for a client and seeing my BFF in all the world, who lives there. I lost a big client, and immediately replaced it with a two other clients — a small one and an even bigger one. I also started the first of many talks with an old friend who may end up being my partner in business in the new year. AND attended the first Creation weekend.

    October was supposed to include a trip to Bermuda for a conference that didn’t happen — because of a hurricane. But the lack of a trip was actually good, because I had more work than I could handle from new clients, as well as new workers to hire, and trips to NYC to take for work and fun.

    November brought Miami — and my youngest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah — BOTH on the same weekend. AND I made both! I flew into Miami for the Creation Course part of the week and ROCKED it with my SG sisters, then flew home Friday for the Bat Mitzvah weekend with family and friends. My daughter did a great job and I threw a great party for her!

    And now, at the close of the 2014, I’m sitting in Edinburgh Scotland, after 7 days in London and 3 here with my older two daughters at the end of a great trip that we have been planning for most of the last 6 months. My youngest (who also turned 13 this month) and her brother are with their dad in Hawaii. Tomorrow, on the last day of this year, we fly home, and I will celebrate the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 with E.

    I know that this post has many, many more than three of four FFs. But, Regena is right, as usual. Digesting all the good in 2014 has had a profound effect on me this afternoon. I am deeply grateful for everything that happened over the last year — the fun, the triumphs, the challenges, the laughter, the tears, the yelling and screaming, quiet contemplation — and most of all for the people who shared it with me — my family, my friends and this SG community. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2015!

  • SG Jophiel December 30, 2014, 1:52 pm

    Favorite Frames, 2014.

    My favorite frames are becoming fed up with the patterns I could not seem to get out of…. taking an extended cleanse and owning myself a little bit more. During this time, I focused just on me, my happiness, making my own self happy. I made strides in this arena. Also, I feel I began to learn to let things go – to appreciate the little (or really Lot) I have – to appreciate it just like it is – the good of it. To see the good.

    Then or along side I was in VPBC which was an incredible support to this, VPBC was my navigational guide, really. I LOVED it. And because of VPBC I went to Miami with Sister Goddess friends I had just met, and we reveled in sisterhood. So fun! I think being topless on the beach and a flirtation that ensued were such a turn on!

    Having some improvement in my relationship with my significant other has been very meaningful to me. As I practice upping my pleasure diet – which is a discipline!! but I feel that I saw this as a key to happiness in a relationship. I have not mastered it, but I got to see that it can be really powerful. Honestly perhaps my favorite frame is practicing dance breaks, singing my heart/ soul out, really trying to move the energy and not be a victim anymore. These are my favorite frames in a nut shell. Much Love and Thanks!!! SG Jophiel….

  • SG Princess Tammie Awakened Pussy December 30, 2014, 12:24 pm

    I turned 50
    Got my 1st tatoo… my blue eye liner – everyone loves it
    I Lost 50 pounds (47.5 until i celebrated the Holidays but hoping 2.5 by the 31st)
    I booked a vacation to Hawaii to take with ladies who all turned 50
    Ended a relationship with grace and hoping I found a keeper as of late
    Embraced my Sister Goddess friends and community
    Openly love the kinky sex craved woman I am and no longer hide her
    Share Mama Gena with my 15 year old daughter and wait for her 18th birthday to enroll her in the womanly art together with me

    Cheers to Mama Gena & The Princesses in the castle with her who make this all possible for enabeling us all to be better women and to remember who we are inside

    May God’s Blessings Spill all over each and every one of you in 2015
    Sister Goddess Princess Tammie Awakened Pussy

  • SG Lola December 30, 2014, 11:49 am

    My FF’s of 2014:

    1-Meeting my fellow BootCampers in Miami this past November. It is was treat I keep thinking about.

    2-Making a decision to take a Psychology course and open up to another career path that is more authentic to me.

    3-Making a donation to a dear friend’s 2015 theater project. She continues to inspire me with her creativity, vision and determination.

    4-Making the choice to leave a dating situation that wasn’t working for me and realizing the negative dating patterns I have been actively participating in and responsible for. There is a sense of personal responsibility and freedom that comes from that level of knowing and I am not sure I could have gotten there without being engaged with Pussy due to the SWA. We always have a choice.


  • Simone Butler December 30, 2014, 11:43 am

    I’ve been thinking of 2014 as the Year From Hell, since my partners pulled out of our online magazine and it went belly-up, after which I suffered a stroke, and my boyfriend moved back to Houston and we broke up. But you’ve given me the opportunity to reframe things:

    I produced three fabulous and well-received issues of The Tantric Woman magazine.

    I was extremely lucky that the stroke did not kill me or leave me disabled, and I’ve worked very hard to get well.

    I opened my heart more than ever before and was received in love, and we created a precious bond that will endure as a friendship.

    Most of all, I am much more clear about what’s right for me and what isn’t. I’ve recommitted to my astrology practice and invested in a business coach. In the New Year, I’ll be working with an Ayurvedic doctor to help with my healing process. And I’ll begin taking steps toward manifesting my long-held dream of living with my mate in an earthen home surrounded by nature and like-minded people.

    Here’s to 2015!

    Cheers, Simone

    • SG Princess Tammie Awakened Pussy December 30, 2014, 12:26 pm

      You are fabulous…. You are vivacous…. You are creative…. You are Woman… You are Blessed…. I cant wait to see what God does with you next…. He has cleared your path for better and bigger things

    • SG Greedy Katherine December 31, 2014, 3:17 pm

      Well Framed!

    • Yael January 1, 2015, 9:45 am

      What a beautiful frame of a challenging year! Thank you for showing me how to do it. Sending you love and miracles for this coming year!! XO

  • laurie December 30, 2014, 11:09 am

    i created a beautiful production of christmas carol
    booked a ticket to iceland
    kissed the man of my heart

  • Priyanka December 30, 2014, 11:09 am

    I attracted my husband and my fairytale wedding with zero effort and tons of magnetism!!

    We went on a beautiful cruise to Bahamas and had lots of fun and romantic moments!

    My favorite aunt and grandma came to US for the first time and I met them after 6 years! !

    My friends gave me an awesome Bachelorette party that I will always remember! !

    My husband gave me a beautiful diamond ring at our engagement! !

    Being a part of food trade show at San Francisco and enjoying every moment! !

    Working part time at a boutique and loving it!!

    Getting my MBA degree!!

    Walking with my husband on Santana Row and lunch at Straits!

    Our adventurous road trip from California to Georgia, along with its scary moments! !

    Dancing with my husband at our reception!

    All the yummy dinners at nice restaurants! !
    Getting a new job in Georgia!

    Christmas party at work and delicious lunch from Carabas!

    All the fun movie nights!

    Playing cards at Thanksgiving party!

    I am deeply grateful for a fabulous year!!

  • Yasmine M. December 30, 2014, 11:01 am

    I actually only read your book sometime in August, and my life basically became fantastic in every possible way after… I ran around with feathers in my hair, cleaned everything that wasn’t either sparkly or lacy out of my wardrobe, flirted with the cashier at a take-out place (who was also a high school student) to the point of his dropping, not two, but seven, fortune cookies into my bag, took up Aerial dance, went to see a friend’s play in full 1920’s garb… Ooh, this is a difficult choice!
    My three favorites…
    My having taught a gym class full of somewhat my rowdy but enthusiastic fellow high school sophomores to bellydance is definitely pretty impressive… My gym teacher and I had been flirting with the concept of my teaching a class for some time, so after getting her permission, I walked right out there in my purple burnout velvet hipscarf and taught the lot of them Egyptian style ghawazi. It was glorious. And the most remarkable thing is that the best dancers in the class were the most stereotypically sporty guys in the grade!
    While I am not seeing anybody right now, the relationships that I’ve had in the past few months have been fantastic. While before I generally just allowed my dates to bewilderedly walk me around various college towns, the past few times I have permitted no such thing. The best date I’ve been on since becoming an SG involved exuberant big-band jazz music and baking an apple cake. We wound up absolutely covered in flour and dried cranberries. It was amazing.
    Next up, at halloween I threw an absolutely ridiculous party. I had managed to conjure the most beautiful silver tea set (two pots, a samovar, a sugar bowl, and a pitcher!) for five dollars at a yard sale, and since I am an avid collector of tea pots to begin with, I filled all eight of them up with different varieties of tea. I made a plate of the most fantastic sushi utterly from scratch. And then I put on some balkan music, painted my fingernails, and waited for my guests to arrive. I had the most fantastic time as did everybody else. I even got a guy friend of mine to dance with me to my favorite Egyptian belady song.
    2015 will be even grander! I cannot wait to see what sort of mischief I get up to in the coming year!

    • Yasmine M. December 30, 2014, 11:08 am

      Oh dear, I forgot to mention how much fun a close friend of mine and I had swing dancing outside a suburban Starbucks at eleven pm! Our avid execution of the charleston was very well received by the coffee shop patrons, who applauded us enthusiastically as they exited with their drinks.

  • Tara December 30, 2014, 10:53 am

    First of all I want to thank you for so many things…instilling the notion of “favorite frames” is one of them.

    My Favorite Frames for 2014:

    1) Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Miami–our cherished and sacred land! Getting to ring in the New Year with Sister Goddess Betsy Blankenbaker and my love Bob Votruba at Soho House. Taking an early morning walk on the beach in front of The Raleigh and running into Efain “the henna tattoo guy” who reminded me to write my desires for the New Year in the sand!!

    2) Giving my first Gratitude Workshop for adults at Virayoga. It was a full circle moment as Elena Brower, yoga luminary, had posted my gratitude painting on Instagram.

    3) Returning to Blue Spirit in Costa Rica for the second time to attend Sister Goddess Rochelle Schieck’s Qoya retreat. I shocked myself by signing up for teacher training and have been teaching Qoya classes at Sister Goddess Dara Cole’s yoga studio, Sacred, in Brooklyn.

    4) Celebrating my son, Miles’ sixteenth birthday…feeling blessed on a daily basis. Realizing how far I have come as a woman and a mother.

    5) Consciously releasing my marriage. June 30th our divorce became official.

    6) The Miami Immersion. Surprising myself and attending. I would be returning to Miami 10 days later for 10 days.

    7) Showing my work during ART BASEL at the satellite fair, SELECT. I started each day with a sunrise hour beach walk, followed by a swim in the ocean then pool and meditation soaking up the sun rays. 75,000 collectors from all over the world descends upon Miami for this week. I brag I rocked it because I used the tools every moment and chose pleasure at every turn.

    And I would love to share one of my favorite toasts. Feel free to use it at midnight on Wednesday!

    “Here’s to living, not merely existing!”

    Happy 2015!!!

    with love and gratitude-

  • Sister Goddess Dazzling Debra December 30, 2014, 10:50 am

    My 5 year free and clear mammogram

    My daughter asking if I would help her transfer back from university in Cali because she realized being so far from me was not where she wanted to be.

    Finding that having the brother of my dreams doesn’t have to be a blood brother

    Having a friend and lover from MANY years ago tell me the numerous ways I changed his life for the better.

    Having MANY friends tell me how much I contribute to their lives

    Traveling more in a year than the rest of my life put together and realizing that there is no place like home.

    FInding and losing the apt of my dreams and knowing THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER…

    Being in an incredible community of women and knowing that I can pick and choose who I want in my life. I don’t have to eat the entire banquet, and I am happy with my divine never ending meal.

    Speaking up for myself when I feel I have been misjudged and feeling clear strong and powerful.

    Not allowing abusive people into my life. Walking away from them when they appear and recognizing them for what they are and not taking it personally.

    • Ruby Red December 31, 2014, 4:47 pm

      Debra, everything you wrote speaks to me. You rock!!

    • SG Christine December 31, 2014, 11:32 pm

      Debra, you truly do dazzle…what a wonderful FFs post. Congratulations, well bragged and keep it up, my dear goddess friend.

  • SG Mona December 30, 2014, 10:49 am

    In addition to my Real Estate license and General Contractors license I optained a Life and Health license this year and now work for the most amazing financial company in my dream career with a mentor who is one of the most successful in the nation…Thank you Rudy!

    I rented my home and moved into one of my boyfriends houses….. with housekeeping service twice a week. Thank you, Babe, you are the best and I love you!

    I went to a holiday party two nights ago wearing a persimmon colored leather sheath dress with high heeled booties and received so many compliments from friends and strangers on how gorgeous, hot, sexy, and beautiful I looked. I will be 59 next month. Thank you Mama Gena and the school of womanly arts for showing me how and teaching me that a woman can be fabulous at any age!!!!!
    SG Snowcat

  • Kristen Maurer December 30, 2014, 10:46 am

    There have been so many amazing things that have happened to me this year. Here are a few:

    My nonprofit organization took off. When I say took off I mean it! We rescued, reunited, rehomed and saved over 75 working dogs.

    I spent the entire summer traveling around the nation reuniting military dogs and the handlers that deployed with them.

    In July, I spoke on Capitol Hill on behalf of the military working dog.

    On July fourth I spent the weekend with my family, and we laughed until we cried. I have the most incredible family, and every time we get together it is amazing!

    In October my organization brought back twenty working dogs from Afghanistan and Kuwait. We found amazing homes for them all and traveled the country delivering them.

    In December, I completed my second to last semester of graduate school.

    It has been an incredible year, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings! I am ready for excitement and passion!

    • Debra December 30, 2014, 4:47 pm

      Beautiful work you do and I thank you for your love and action helping these living beings.

    • Deb Castellano January 8, 2015, 11:05 am

      I love that you are working to save (working) dogs!!! What a goddess!!

    • Amy M. Burks January 10, 2015, 5:41 pm

      thank you for your K9 love, Sister God-doggess!!

  • laura December 30, 2014, 10:29 am

    I took my son to Colorado to visit his cousin. It was his first real vacation in 10 years and I loved giving it to him.
    I met up with my best friend from 25 years ago and refound true soul love connection.
    I reconected with the part of myself that is cleaning up my financial life.
    I got the most fabulous tweed jacket last week on sale for $62.00

  • Sister Goddess Raw Julia December 30, 2014, 10:27 am

    My favorite frames from 2014 are:

    Passionately kissing the new man in my life for 6 hours and opening to the beauty of tongue play!

    Being in Miami with hundreds of Goddesses and staying in luxury at the Setai. Our suite was exactly my style – white, silver, modern, clean, luxurious, with a view of the ocean. My pussy loved the luxury of the bidet in my master suite and how often I used it everyday : )) I dressed everyday like the true Luxury Tropical Goddess that I am!

    I loved getting a foot rub by an handsome gentleman one evening on the Ocean Blvd. in Miami while walking from the pink party. Also, a few blocks after that, my flip flop broke, and a man swooped down, caught my fall, repaired my flip flop while holding me up, and then presented it to my foot Cinderella style.

    I got the best haircut of my life in Miami by a very handsome Russell Brand like Italian guy! It was a fabulously luxurious experience that turned me on!!!!