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Have you forgotten how to flirt?

As women, we are born knowing how to flirt. Flirting gives you energy. It has lift. It’s in our DNA. We flirt with babies, with poodles, with our girlfriends, with our guy friends. But many of us in this culture have a case of flirtational amnesia—we have simply forgotten how.

Flirtation doesn’t have to do with size, shape, color or age. You will learn how to flirt just for the fun of it—not as a means to an end, but as a way to express yourself fully, to ask for just what you want—and as a way to enjoy yourself in your glorious essence. And the pleasurable effect flirtation has on others? Well, so much the better!

Flirtation is a woman’s access to the life force. It is a simple, fun way to be at your most powerful, to have your way with people, and to achieve the most fulfilling, enjoyable, spontaneous life possible. A woman who flirts can turn any no into a yes. A woman in the act of flirtation can beguile the entire world with her enthusiasm.

She is in a state of her highest glory. She looks beautiful, she is always having fun. She feels powerful. She senses what is right for herself and others, she trusts her instincts. She needs no man, no one and she can enjoy everyone around her. She demands the best from herself and others, knowing that gratification is not only possible, it is her birthright.

Are you not humble before your own talents? It’s not just Helen of Troy who could launch a thousand ships. Baby, it’s you. Doubt is a big enemy of flirtation. And most women, I’ve found, live more or less constantly in a state of doubt.

Flirting Is a Whole-Body Experience

A woman flirts from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, and everywhere in between. She feels good, and everyone around her does, too. Think Mae West, think Julia Roberts’ smile.

Each woman flirts in her own, inimitable way. She shows her approval of herself and others in a way that suits her. Some women tilt the head; some have more direct, eye-to-eye contact; some glance away—none of the how matters.

You will locate your own wonderful style. It is a matter of loving yourself, enjoying the world around you, and picking someone and letting them have it, full blast.

You can’t flirt from the neck up. If you do fake it, you look a bit like the queen greeting her subjects. Pay attention to the person you are talking to, and take the attention off yourself. If you pay attention to the other person, you can mesmerize them. This is integral to the fulfillment of your desires. If you can see where someone is at, you can bring them into your vision.

Flirting for Fun

Most women were taught to flirt when they want something from someone. But flirting is not currency. Flirting is an activity that is done for the sheer pleasure of it, not necessarily with any goal in mind. Flirtation with a goal in mind isn’t flirtation, it’s work. Will wonderful things happen to you if you flirt? Absolutely. Will you get many great offers? Absolutely. But that is not the reason to flirt. It is done for the sheer pleasure of it all.

What you need to know is that the fun is in you, darlings. You can bring it out with…practice, practice, practice! In the spirit of the task that is before you, Mama has created some inspirational exercises to get you all hot and bothered with your fine self.

Exercise: Flirting Tips from the Pros

Rent the film I’m No Angel with Mae West. Watch how she uses her feminine appeal (despite her size, her age) to get the guy she wants! What do you suppose she’s thinking about when she’s flirting with all these men?

Rent the film Basic Instinct and watch Sharon Stone. Then go out and practice. Try turning on the guy behind the deli counter at the supermarket. Notice how this makes you feel (not him, you!). Use your basic instincts.

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