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Having Fun No Matter What

This one is self-explanatory: you light up, and everyone else around you follows. Simple. This is the extraordinary power of a lit-up woman!

Fun Is Not Frivolous

Having fun is not something that just happens to you. It is a teachable, trainable skill. Being joyous, thrilled with the moment and celebrating unabashedly each day is your birthright—and we can teach you how!

You think fun is frivolous? Well, yes! But it is also quite serious—we are talking about the flavor of your every day, the texture of your very life. You start, and the doors fling open wide. When you are having a blast, the world is made suddenly magnificent now that you are fully in it!

Now that we have established the fabulous importance of your appetites, it is time to create fertile ground in which to nurture them. Desires are encouraged by glee and reckless abandon. Any activity done with sheer exuberance increases your appetite for happiness.

My job, as a sister and a Goddess, is to interfere with your doldrums. I want to help you put large obstacles in your boring day so you trip over them and remember the saucy gal you truly are. I want you to insert pleasure and mayhem into your routine just to see what shakes loose.

Mama’s gonna show you how to take out the good china and serve yourself on a silver platter, whether you’re at work or at home. Make a little mischief with me. I promise, it won’t hurt. And it’s for a really good cause.

Have You Forgotten How to Have Fun?

If you are reading all of this and thinking that you’ve completely forgotten how to have fun, or are hard pressed to think of more than one thing in life that brings you pleasure, don’t worry. Most of my Sister Goddesses™ are kind of hungry, or really starving, for fun when they cross Mama’s threshold.

My purpose in the time we spend together is to stuff my gals with fun—to force them (against their will, sometimes) to have way more pleasure than they thought possible, to indulge in way more fun than they think they deserve.

I know most of you gals out there have been subsisting on a diet of stale bread and water (in the fun/pleasure department) too, and are wondering why you feel a little wan, a little listless, a little less than ecstatic. Nothing like a little malnutrition to take the rosy glow out of an S.G.’s cheek. What happens when my gals start to indulge (which actually is no indulgence at all—it is a minimum daily requirement) is that they get something I call “glow.”

They begin to look, well…better. Dewy, somehow. You know the look I mean—when you have just had an amazing sensual encounter and you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt and no makeup and maybe your hair isn’t even combed, but you look gorgeous and feel fantastic and everyone can tell.

My S.G.’s get glow. You will get glow. But only if you pay attention to your joy. Pleasure and fun (and I use those words interchangeably) are the secret to a gratified life, but using them is an art, one that we have been taught to ignore. We have been conditioned to believe that if we look good and work hard, we will find fun and pleasure. Ha!

You want glow—you gotta have fun. That’s the simple equation, my beauties. While working hard is great, hard work without fun is empty and meaningless. And fun is not all “Ha-ha, whee!” It is whatever experience entertains and grabs you.

Exercise: Make a Moment That Is Normally Not Fun into Fun for You

Scan your life and look for little moments that you dread or loathe. Think about what you could do to make this unfun activity more fun.

We have had Sister Goddesses wear an evening gown while they do the laundry, have their boyfriends take over the cooking or cleaning, or leave the house forty minutes early so they can walk to work instead of taking the subway.

Sister Goddess Katie had a two-hour commute to her office in New Jersey. We had her pack snacks, books on tape, erotica, a cell phone, a sketch pad, a Game Boy, CD’s and thermos of tea for her trip. Funny—as soon as she began to really enjoy her ride, she got a job offer in the city. Oh, the creative power of fun is not to be underestimated!

Emergency fun transfusion needed? The Womanly Arts Mastery Program is here!