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How I make magic happen


Like every single one of us, I work hard.
I especially work hard when I launch a new program. Last weekend’s Mastery launch was not only the highlight of my teaching career with the largest, most expressive, most brilliant Mastery class ever, but my incredible team was absolutely spot on, glorious, gorgeous, generous and flawless.
I wanted to take you behind the scenes a bit, to give you a peek into my personal pleasure practices. How do I make sure the magic happens? I want to show you how I make sure I have filled up with enough fun, pleasure and joy, so I can give give give, and then some.

How do we find her? How to seduce her? How to include her and invite her perfumed presence into our daily lives? What does she want? What does she like? Why does it seem like she is here today, and then abruptly vanishes?
What is the trick to having her stick around and stay a while?

Pleasure has been much maligned, much misunderstood, and much overlooked. Hard work is cheered and praised. Pleasure has been the stepchild. And yet, with the support of all of you, the Pleasure Revolution is working her way into our culture. Have you noticed? After working herself to the point of total exhaustion, Arianna Huffington woke up and turned the pleasure page. Her new book, Thrive (which I have just begun reading, and love), has nearly a whole chapter on arranging for proper sleep! In pink silk PJs. Fantastic. I slept better last night, after reading her words.
Last week, the New York Times reported that, recently, some of the biggest banks on Wall Street have gone against the 24/7-nose-to-the-grindstone corporate culture that has been in place for decades, and are insisting that their junior bankers to do what was once unthinkable: take an entire single weekend day off. Four times a month!

Pleasure is seeping in, Sisters. (Click to tweet!)

I have been studying the discipline of pleasure for years, and I want to give you the inside track on the bones, the architecture, the structure of pleasure, so you can actually design a life that will allow you to experience pleasure any time you wish, ongoingly.
Sound good?
Pleasure is deliberate, not casual.
Surprising, right? We think fun is just, well, fun.
And that is should be easy. After all, it’s just pleasure.
She requires planning, she does not happen by default.
Well, actually, she may happen by default, but only after careful planning.

For example, remember when you were in high school? And there was a Senior Prom? And even if you chose not to participate, there were a bunch of kids who served on the Prom committee. Those kids got together every week, and planned the Prom. They picked the theme, chose the decorations, hired the band, found the venue. They planned the menu, picked the flavor of punch (remember the mountain of sherbet, floating in ginger ale?) ordered the invitations, and sent them out. It took weeks for them to make all these decisions. The planning of the pleasure of the Prom was a kind of pleasure.

Then there was the anticipation, where everyone decided if they were going to go, or not. And were you going alone? Or with a date? Who was going with who? And then, the inevitable: what to wear? Where to shop? What shoes? Hair up, or down? Shall we all chip in and hire a limo? Or get Dad to drive? And on and on and on.
The anticipation of all that pleasure was a pleasure.
Then the big night arrives, and everyone shows up, tuxes rented, corsages in place, and the pleasure of the party begins. There is dancing, drinking, laughing, crying, exclusion, inclusion, the whole spectrum of magnificent teenage glory.
Can you begin to see the structure, here?

The ingredients of every pleasurable experience are always the same:

1. Planning
2. Invitation
3. Anticipation
4. The Big Event

Bonus: If you have hit all your marks, and have done 1-4 really well, default pleasure will land in your lap.

And these 4 phases are true, no matter what kind of pleasure we are talking about.
When someone invites you on a date, the architecture is the same. One or both of you is planning, inviting, anticipating, and then, experiencing. When you decide to have a massage, same deal — whether you are going to a spa, or having a friend massage you.

MEOLA-134So, as Mastery was approaching, I had to really place a serious stake in the ground to begin to create time and space for pleasure. It would have been super easy to get sucked into all the details of preparing for the event, the worry, the what-ifs. But I have a great team, who know what they are doing, so it was time for me to plan a different use of my time. I decided to take the week before and not start anything new, but rather to simply invite myself to dwell in the splendor of Weekend 1 of Mastery. I got a stack of my favorite inspirational books, I listened to the recordings of how I taught in previous years, I went through a file I keep of material that I am beginning to cultivate as I continually redesign the program. I created a series of sensual encounters — meeting with a lover, going to my favorite Greek restaurant with a date, and an evening of popcorn and a movie while cuddling with my daughter. Sensuality, in all forms, fuels me. This time I pressed my edge further than I ever pressed it — I hired a car and driver so I could have him drive me to the barn, the day before Mastery, to see my horse, bury my face in her neck, and fill myself up on horse magic.
This is where default pleasure kicked in.

Default pleasure is the sweetest kind.
Its pleasure you cannot predict, you cannot imagine, you can’t organize on your own. It is where the Divine swoops in and hands you something so wonderful that it just decks you, overwhelms you with its beauty and magic.
When I got to the barn, there was a Master Trainer, Torleif, visiting from Germany. I rode my normally cantankerous horse for him and she was behaving worse than ever. Everything I asked of her resulted in her trying to buck me off. The trainer watched me for a while, coached me, studied us, and then asked to ride her himself. I jumped off, and watched, transfixed, as this man, who was more skilled than any rider I have ever seen, brought my wild girl under his gentle spell. He listened. Felt.
Collected her. And explained to me that she was in pain — she had a sharp tooth, digging into her gum, she needed a dentist right away, and her bit was way too harsh. I welled up with relief and gratitude, and told him I had been trying to decode her behavior for years and never could figure out what she was trying to tell me. He told me I was not a good enough rider yet to have understood. Humbling, but true.

If I had not gone that extra mile, for myself, in standing for my pleasure, I never would have had a lesson with the Master Trainer, as he was only in town for a few days. And if I had not had that lesson, I would never have been able to decode what my horse has been trying to tell me for years. And all I have wanted, all this time, was to be able to hear her, allow her to relax, and ride her well.
To have Torleif model for me, the gentle way to listen through pain, feel resistance without judgment, and decode apparent hostility and aggression was a legend I required before entering the Mastery room. Every woman I was about to encounter is not so different from my horse — a gorgeous creature with longstanding, long overlooked pain. His loving patience and deep listening with me spilled like radiance into the every corner of the storyline of the weekend, and allowed me to listen better than I could have imagined.
Enlightenment is the gift, the fruit, and the legacy of deeply seated pleasure. (Click to tweet!)
And no one tells us.
But, now you know.

In the comments below, please share with me the pleasures you are planning for yourself this week, or pleasures you have accomplished already, and how you will architect all four stages. I also love to hear tales of default pleasure that have come your way! Your taking the time to comment will elevate and inspire everyone. It is through you that we all go higher.

Also, stay tuned for next week’s blog — I am going to reveal the fifth and most important step of creating and guaranteeing a pleasurable experience.

With so much love and pleasure,


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  • Elizabeth September 23, 2016, 12:33 pm

    Recently I had a big epiphany about how pleasurable little bursts of exercise can be. I was on the beach and ran for just about 3 minutes and it was so enjoyable. I realized that I often think of exercise in terms of one hour blocks which feels oppressive. So I’m now giving myself the gift of 3 minutes here and three minutes there. So doable! It also ties into a fun practice I’ve created for myself where I have made a decision that every time I need or want something from a different level of my house (a three story condo) I have to dash up or down the stairs immediately (with all the enthusiasm of a child!) I completely turned around a habit of dreading and avoiding (and making piles on the stairs of things to go up or down.)

  • Lyrri June 22, 2016, 6:07 pm

    I love the sharing of pleasure inspiration – thank you all!
    I recently travelled to the UK. As part of the planning, I purchased GBPounds to take with me. To my absolute delight, I was given brand new bank notes, perfectly creased. The weight and starchiness of them was stunning. The crackly sound they made as I unfolded them and slipped them into my wallet was delicous, like a drum-roll leading to all the fun I would have on my trip. In fact, the feeling, the sound, even the smell of those crisp clean notes, was so wonderful that I never spent them – they are still in my wallet now that I have returned, still bringing me pleasure. I couldn’t care less about their monetary value, I am stunned by all the sensory delights they have to offer right now, in their current form. What joy 🙂

  • The Cosmic Creatrix May 3, 2014, 6:58 pm

    Haha! Human-mind AND human-kind! ;0)

  • The Cosmic Creatrix May 3, 2014, 6:56 pm

    Hmmmmmm….Mama Mama Mama, how delicious you are. Loving witnessing you and your horse magic (so fitting w 2014 being the Year of the Horse!). Thank you for sharing your elixir for magic! You are absolutely STUNNING in the way you show up simultaneously tender and fierce for yourself, your sisters, and all of human-mind.

  • Melanie Crum April 10, 2014, 7:51 pm

    Hi Mama!

    I discovered your website only a few weeks ago and I LOVE your philosophy. Many of the tips and ideas you share help us experience more pleasure are things that I was doing instinctively already; I thought I was just weird; imagine my relief when I learned that there are other gals like me out there. After hearing one of your lessons on “pussyifying your office,” I re-pussyified mine. You were right! It freshened the atmosphere with new sense of pleasure. I am a true belle, I love being a girl and feeling pretty. At this point in my life (I’m 55) I realize the importance of experiencing pleasure, it’s vital, it is life giving to a woman. You mentioned that you love glitter lip gloss – me too; what brand do you enjoy in particular? I’m always looking for a good one. Thanks for everything you do, I look forward to more emails. Melanie

  • Estela April 9, 2014, 7:06 pm

    Mama Gena suggested today to write a poem, song or dance our beauty, well this is my poem
    My Beauty
    Estela Sasson
    I saw myself on the mirror
    I did not look well
    I should change the mirror
    Or go somewhere else

    I decided to have a manicure
    A pedicure and a blood test
    I decided to dye my hair
    Put color on my lips
    And paint my toenails

    I felt very angry this morning
    Life has not been fair
    After having a sunny day and enjoying
    I know I have been walking on air

    • Debra aka Nile Flowing River April 10, 2014, 11:11 am

      Darling Darling Estela
      Still waters run so so deep. I feel your joy and your pain
      SG Debra aka Nile Flowing River

  • Sister Goddess of Miraculous Joy April 9, 2014, 5:54 pm

    What a lovely story – powerful & touching! Good visuals from your shared story! Thank you!
    I rescheduled my monthly “Gathering of the Tea Goddesses” to a Saturday, so I’d have more time to enjoy being with friends. Suddenly got a “message” to call a newly-met Italian woman and invite her – she was thrilled, and attended; then we went to another event together later on, and en route home I followed my “pussy” and stopped at a local consignment store, thinking maybe I’d find something to wear to our SG grad night, and voila, found what I thought was a skirt, but it’s a fuschia-colored strapless dress (which, by the way, I’d never normally wear, due to showing so much skin!), and then wondered around and came upon an adorable little, furry top to go with it! WOW. Then took 2 days off to go skiing in Tahoe! Woo hoo. Brag, brag. Love my life – and stretching to more pleasure.

  • jeyan April 9, 2014, 3:00 pm

    The inspiration to go visit your horse…. magnificent

    How did you know that it would be perfect timing…..
    Have you gone back yet to be there with her as she recovers with relief…..
    I rode for years but never to the level of feeling the resistance that might come from some pain …. amazing I didn’t know that men were also able to feel that sensitivity

    Are you going to follow this Master for further coaching … he’s brilliant

  • I am taking ANOTHER weekend away just for me to go scrapbooking and have time for me to sleep in – have food served to me – stay uo late if I want – have a massgae when evert I want to schedule one – just sit and chat with friends – work when I want –

    Sadly my lover has left – I thought we were to marry – and now I go back to the drawing board to find what God has in store for me that is even better and greater.

    I have lost 27 pounds – I bought new jeans with rhine stones and look smoking hot in them. I have had 4 surgeries to get healthy again this year and taking charge of my life.

    I have losed a bunch of business deals to eliminate stress. I am planning to settle the biggest deal this year.

    Thank you mama gena for reminding us to take care of us. to pamper us. that when one door closes its not the end but a better beginning. To flirt – to dance – to stay in the light – to smile at other women – to lift others – be there for all the SG as well as those not – to teach our daughters

    xoxo to you mama gena
    SG Princess Tammie Awakened Pussy

  • Debra aka Nile Flowing River April 9, 2014, 8:47 am

    What a lovely gift to receive this morning.
    It flipped my perspective.
    There are two things I have imbibed over the years that lead to a life of “being in the light”
    The first is remembering who I am and the second is discipline.
    I have always looked to the east for the spiritual perspective and, quite frankly, I always felt there was something imperative missing.
    After being immersed in this community for a few months, I understand it is pleasure, in all of it’s wild and wonderful forms.
    What your generous post did for me this morning was first remind me of the infinite possibilities that are awaiting me and second, was the discipline of creating something glorious and miraculous rather than expecting the universe to read my mind.
    After years of wandering in the desert for decades searching for a deep and nourishing well, I am learning to drink the nectar of pleasure.
    I also know that like any exercise, I must practice until my mind becomes strong enough to resist the flabbiness of negativity and self deprivation.
    I love each and every beautiful sister goddess on this path. Together we will make this world hospitable for Maggie, my darling Ana-Louise and every other young woman to follow us.
    Thank you Mama Gena for lighting the scented candles that guide us out of darkness.

  • Michaela April 9, 2014, 8:41 am

    Thank you for the reminder that pleasure takes planning. I def see this when I invest & continually fill myself up, or not. I see that I’m on the edge of a “or not” period. BUT I’m also so pleased that there are many things in play due to Mastery.

    My truth is also facing me for what is NOT pleasurable, & that is making less & less sense to participate w. Have been scared to let go, but if pleasure is always the goal – it gives me the sense of stepping from one magical lily pad to the next & having life unfold in perfect & divine timing. Eek! xoxo

  • SG Abisola April 9, 2014, 2:08 am

    Wow! Pleasure is a whole new world, let me be honest….galaxy for me. Thank You for leading the way with this Pleasure Revolution. . .I must admit and confess that I am a baby beginner and am willing to start where I am! You awe me with your commitment and have already taken me higher thru my pain and mis-education.

  • Maree - another Goddess from Oz April 8, 2014, 11:12 pm

    I always love reading your posts MG and how inspiring it is! I am actually taking my husband for a surprise anniversary outing tonight. I have booked tickets to see the new Baz Luhrmann stageshow production of ‘Strictly Ballroom’ at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre tonight and whisking him off to dinner beforehand as well. Both kids are out of the house so a full night of pleasure is anticipated and in store… planning done months ago, invitation despatched, anticipation mounting… 5 hours to go! Let the pleasure begin!
    Wish I was closer to be able to join you for Mastery – 25 hours by plane is a bit much for a weekend! Enjoy all…

  • Goddess from Oz April 8, 2014, 7:27 pm

    Wow, how truly inspirational all your posts have been! I am bristling with pleasure just reading them, thank you. SG Tahera, loved your post about going on your holiday alone and having the time of your life, just goes to show choosing pleasure is a choice and should not be relied upon others to give go girl. Also thanks to SG Denise who has still chosen pleasure and happiness despite a painful break up and who filled my head with beautiful colorful thoughts and images of wild salsa dancing, what a way to spend your week….
    Get on board the pleasure train ladies…pleasure waits for no one

  • Sister Goddess Janet April 8, 2014, 6:37 pm

    a man i dated 7 years ago is coming to town this weekend. he has an apt. in one of my favorite hotels and comes to new york for the theater and the symphony. i contacted him last weekend after all these years and he was so delighted to hear from me that he ended a relationship he had been in for a long time at the prospect of seeing me again. we planned to meet friday and he asked me to leave my time free for the entire week he is here. i offered to look into opera but he likes to plan everything and, if he’s anything like he used to be, every restaurant, every concert, etc. is the best–he knows how to take a woman out beautifully. Yestersay he emailed me to please send him the # of my land line(he knows I hate talking on my cell phone.) I was resting yesterday and did not see his message until late this afternoon. I wrote him back right away (minutes ago) and gave him my landline #. I had already sent it to him repeatedly in the emails we’d exchanged. Should I call him to make sure he sees my message and isn’t in distress? He had said, “I miss you. What happened?” I have a phobia about bad timing. No point doing anything when you feel annoyed. And I can’t understand why, when my # is listed, anyone cannot find it. There are search engines…to get private #s and mine isn’t private. It makes me wonder when someone can’t hang onto a land line. of course he probably deletes every email right after reading it. i save everything. I guess it’s sort of sweet when people don’t think like me. CALL OR WAIT?

  • sg kalyani April 8, 2014, 2:40 pm

    Thank you, Mama Gena for outlining the prereqs to pleasure! In the past, I have relied on pleasure by default. Becoming more aware of planning, invitation, and anticipation, really blows pleasure wide open into the great power of owning the process of my own pleasure.

  • Denise Caiazzo April 8, 2014, 1:21 pm

    Yes the Pleasure Revolution!!! I’m all in! My pleasure often comes from feeling and moving my body…salsa dancing, tango, yoga…moving in sync with my spirit and in connection with others. How magnificent! If I don’t plan, I don’t always get there (and sometimes I have to push myself out the door, but it’s always worth it). So yoga last night, salsa tonight with a new potential performance partner, more salsa on Thursday, bachata dancing date on Friday with a new man in my life, and playing with my awesome dogs a bit every day.

    I ended my relationship with the love of my life two months ago (it was devastating but so important for me to be true to myself). While he’s sorting out his thinking, I’m now exploring fun and joy with others. Looking for things to feel good about every day has kept with strong, finding my joy again (regardless of whether he and I can work it out eventually). No need to delay my pleasure in any way because of his limitations!!!

    I also get much peace and pleasure from guided meditation. And staying in my sumptuously nurturing and sensuous bed a little longer in the morning (not rushing to get up). Plus I’m hosting a Sacred Women’s Circle gathering at my home this Saturday. So many ways to find and share pleasure every day!!!

    Love & light to you all my soul sisters. 🙂

  • BSG dragonfly April 8, 2014, 12:54 pm

    This was beyond moving and educational. I just learned something I needed to learn to go higher. MAGIC!

  • Alay'nya April 8, 2014, 12:42 pm

    Oh. God. How absolutely incredible!

    I particularly am in love with: “Every woman I was about to encounter is not so different from my horse — a gorgeous creature with longstanding, long overlooked pain.”

    I’m going through a very challenging transition, very focused, very short-term – and really need to stay on the game here. But today, started to outline my goals (desires) for the next stage – and your blog is so timely, so beautiful, so absolutely awesome – it does indeed GREATLY help me refocus for the next stage!

    much love – Alay’nya

  • SG Laura V. April 8, 2014, 12:33 pm

    Mmmmm…. Thank you thank you thank you Mama.

    This Spring brings with it the potential awakening of a deep-seated and dormant source of pleasure. I am SO ready, and SO very grateful for your words, your example, your leadership and your gentle coaxing.

    Big love, LV

  • SG Catherine April 8, 2014, 12:21 pm

    All I can say is that I really relate to your horse.

    • SG Princess Butterfuck April 9, 2014, 1:54 pm

      So let’s find you a Master to listen to your pain and gently heal you!

  • Ruby Red April 8, 2014, 12:19 pm

    I love this!!
    I’m taking nearly *a month off* around my wedding time this summer: almost 2 weeks before, and 2 weeks honeymoon after. Until last year, I have never taken 2 consecutive weeks off in my entire adult life, about 30 years!
    I want to savor every minute of one of the most joyful events of my life.
    Hmmm, maybe after reading this post I’ll take even MORE time off around then… 😉

  • Cristina April 8, 2014, 11:37 am

    Amazing post MamaGena, I love i!!! I am planning for pleasure by
    1) Saving up my frequent flier miles for something really special
    2) Getting my partner a card in his name so that his spending could count towad my points too
    3) Deciding to use them for this year’s Creation Course trip to Paris
    4) Realizing that I have enough for business or first class, and as I am expecting a baby in September i a) desire the most pleasurable transatlantic travel experience possible, with plenty of room, comfort, pampering and to actually sleep during the overnight and b) I feel 100% comfortable using all of these points for more pleasurably travel on my “babymoon” because who knows when I’ll get to Europe again.
    5) Planning to come back at the end of a week rather than at the last minute, so I have plenty of time to reintegrate back into my life, rest, digest and get organized before going back to life, rather than my pre-pleasure revolution try to cram everything in and get the most bang for my buck, at the expense of pleasure and relaxation and digesting time.

    I am feeling SO good about this, SO looking forward to it, and SO proud of myself for planning in this way!

  • SG Polly - firefly goddess April 8, 2014, 11:06 am

    What a perfect pleasure story, Mama. I love the intertwining of challenge, collaboration and pleasurable resolution. Like in your story, my greatest pleasures include an element of self discovery & revelation. I have accepted a challenge to go deeper into understanding the core of who I am and what I stand for. I notice that my huge and open heart (I brag) often leads me to a different perspective than that of other important people in my life. When I explore these differences in a nonjudgmental way and gain different perspectives, I am able to again validate my own soul – this is so affirming. I am learning to nurture myself. I brag I take responsibility for my own pleasure.

  • Caroline April 8, 2014, 10:49 am

    Beautiful lady, you awe me! To have reached my age and still have things to learn and to find teachers such as yourself is an incredible blessing. Your post puts to words what was already airborne from our first meeting back in february. In fact I made my first brag this morning hours before you posted this, about the party I gave last Friday night which I had planned a day before leaving for our 1st weekend. The 4 steps were immediately obvious. But let me say the one that got me (and my guests) entirely off the ground was the music. It was the element I would usually have sacrificed in my rush for decoration and food and party wear. I would have simply found a Pandora station. But instead, my insides still vibrating from mastery weekend 1, I “planned” a play list of songs I remembered from the weekend. Happy was the theme of the night, and my party lived up to the tune.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here Mama and hope you understand this and you won’t think you are dealing with an empty sister (I know you would not think that; it’s me resisting still, hanging on to the thought that allowing myself to be changed is a flaw), but as I was laughing and twirling and vibrating at m party, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I saw you looking back. I have drunk you in, Mama. You have already changed me.

    I am not an easy nut to crack. My own background, psychology, law, writing encourages me to sit back and watch and listen. Skeptically, no less. I can usually detect a drop of BS in a gallon of mountain water.

    I am one of the silent, have never said a word to you, asked a question or even had an intelligible sentence run through my mind in your presence. I have been drinking, drinking, drinking. Had someone passed a microphone to me, I would have said, uh, uhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

    A good friend of mine opined last weekend that I am the last person she would think needed Mama Gena. She wanted to know what I found in you. My answer was– relevance. In the sea of babble, you are Joan the Baptist. And as I tried to describe you to her, I realized I have never witnessed anyone get to the heart of the matter as quickly and deftly and gently as Mama.

    Listening deeply, you say. Once you hear the river beneath, nothing else satisfies, does it? Thank you Mama for your amazing gifts– hard work, courage, will, grit, clarity, love, and beauty and for bringing movement back into my life, getting me into my body and for occupying my mirror ever so briefly. And thank you for bringing fun out of the shadows, no longer a frivolous vapid step sister, but an essential element, no less than the air we breath.

    Sending love to all sentient beings in pain and hoping they find a Mama to touch the pain and begin the healing. Love to you, MG, SG.

    • Luxurious Laurie April 9, 2014, 9:28 am

      Wow. So awed by your insightful post. Yes, Regena is a gift.

  • Tahera April 8, 2014, 10:47 am

    I’m so excited that I followed my own pleasure and that all the planning invited my to be open enough to anticipate that I would be ready for this Big event and all the extra default pleasure that came with it. I did not take mastery this year but I am still your patient student still learning and growing each day to live the most fabulous life I can dream of and beyond…

    Thank you, Mama Gena. 🙂

  • tara April 8, 2014, 10:39 am

    I just got back from Blue Spirit, a retreat center in Costa Rica attending a Qoya Retreat and Teacher Training given by School of Womanly Arts graduate Rochelle Schieck. I had gone on this same trip three years ago and was waffling before the trip wondering if I should return. It didn’t help that the night before my son asked why I was going and remarked that I had already done it. But I listened to a tug that was calling me to return and leaned into pleasure. I had so many epiphanies during the week. One of the most profound had to do with this notion of exploring pleasure and being lead. There is a wonderful wrap around outdoor veranda and seating area there. I realized I had not explored it fully three years ago. Through a threshold, beyond the cafe there is another three seating areas and a wonderful wall of books that I had never seen during my first visit. This other world is where I would come each morning after making my tea and lay on the melon colored ultra suede banquette waiting to watch the sun come up over the mountain and bathe me in her warm golden glow. In that moment of discovering this other world I realized that I had returned to “round a corner.”

    In addition to this little anecdote I feel compelled to share one of my favorite quotes of yours:

    “Pursue pleasure as if your life depends upon it.”

    I know that it does!

    with love and in gratitude-

  • Lauren April 8, 2014, 10:27 am

    I love riding my bicycle around New York city. It is one of my daily joys. The weather here has been so bad here all winter that I’ve been chomping at the bit. Literally praying for and willing spring to come. Starting last week I started planning and plotting when I would be able to ride my steel stallion around the city. I checked the weather daily…looking for the first day when the temperature would sneak above 50 degrees. (I did this for about a week and the anticipation was delightful.) On the eve when I thought the conditions would be just right, I filled up my tires, oiled the chain told everyone that I would ride my bike the next day.

    Then this past Sunday evening for the first time in four months, I carried that heavy bike down the stairs and rode her at sunset around central park. I biked slowly, quickly, biked with no hands and savored the sky, the wind in my face, the people I passed and it was delicious and glorious.

    A small act of pleasure yes, but for me, getting outside and feeling the air as I whip by on my bike is one of those daily acts that brings me so much pleasure and getting myself excited in advance made it all the better.

    • Mary Lynne Johnson April 9, 2014, 12:18 pm

      Wonderful share. Thank you! I could almost feel the wind in my hair;)

  • Lisa April 8, 2014, 10:24 am

    inspiring thought…to be able to “listen through pain, feel resistance without judgment, and decode apparent hostility and aggression “…I really wish to be able to do this, with woman as well as with men, there is so much to learn from each other here…
    and dear Mama, I live in Germany and I have been dreaming of riding for 10 days now, and read your post…so…I would love to get to know Master Trainer Torleif, is there any chance to get the name of the place he is riding, maybe even his contact?
    much love and: thank you!!

  • Nathalie Lussier April 8, 2014, 10:13 am

    I am about to embark on a trip to Italy, where I’ll be leading my Daring Business Cultivator retreat with outstanding women business owners. We’ve been planning for months, and I know that we’ll find pleasure both on the way there and while we’re soaking in these experiences.

    Thank you Mama Gena for leading the way of the pleasure revolution for all of us!

  • Georgina Rambton April 8, 2014, 10:09 am

    Life has been challenging for so long and this has come just in time. I realise now that I do sacrifice not pleasure, and that reminds me of my Mum. Ive never given myself time to enjoy leading up to a great event, I just jump in there and splash around trying not to drown in my hasty desision. I used to take pleasure from painting and that turned into what other people required from me and not me painting for me. I always paint my best when I do it for me. I really hope this goes in….cant wait for part 2 of thiis blog. G x

  • SG LAIKA April 8, 2014, 10:09 am

    Thanks for this post!!!
    I’ve been so mad about working about 12hrs/3days per wk that I’ve failed to notice the vast empty canvas of having 4days off! Possibilities are limitless!
    Since 2014 started, I’ve been serving myself a whopping scoop of pleasure- meals with friends, spinning with friends, back to ballet/samba/Zumba and kizomba, walks, massages, acupuncture and chiropractic care; I’ve been back taking photography classes and just had my 1st exhibit in Dumbo last Thursday! I meditate more, do yoga, read more, and take care of all things that’s been stewing deep inside! I have dates with myself all the time…
    And before 2014 started, I threw away all old tshirts I used to sleep with and bought myself new pretty girly pjs, new body splash to make sure I go to bed always feeling and being my best! Everyday I make it a point to always present myself in the best light as possible. I also started wearing more of my red lipsticks…
    This Saturday one if my dear friends invited me to a party in Harlem! I’m going to get dressed and have a great time!!!
    Enjoying this delicious life…

  • Tahera April 8, 2014, 10:07 am

    I don’t know what happened to my computer but I have to finish. The first day I got there, I cased the place. I put my things away, took a shower and basked in all the beauty that I saw all around me. The prettiest blue waters, palm trees and all the delicious food I can eat. The day was beautiful. The next morning I came out to go to breakfast. I was walking by myself and started saying, Oh what a marvelous day it is. All of a sudden a lady turned around and said yes. I smiled and asked her where do we go for breakfast. She said she will show me, she is going that way. I then asked her how long has she been here, she said in her French accent, yesterday, I said me too. I told her that I came by myself and she said me too. We Immediately smiled and hugged one another and she said maybe we take breakfast together yes. I said absolutely. We were inseparable for the rest of the trip. We had a blast to say the least and I did so many Things I didn’t imagine I would do. We left the hotel a couple of times to go into town and met with locals and enjoyed a true taste of Jamaica in many forms… lol. I have made a new friend who lives in France and I will be going to stay with her in another month as she will take me to Paris, London and Belgium.

    • Mary Lynne Johnson April 9, 2014, 12:16 pm

      Marvelous! I love this story.

    • SG Princess Butterfuck April 9, 2014, 1:51 pm

      I LOVE THIS STORY! Your bravery and dedication to having pleasure allowed for so much to unfold!

  • Tahera April 8, 2014, 9:52 am

    Well, well, well, I just came back from paradise about 3 weeks ago. I planned a trip to Jamaica because last year unfortunately, I couldn’t make my trip to Aruba but I still had credit to take another flight. This would be the first time I would ever leave the USA. I asked numerous friends, male and female to accompany me but everyone got my hopes up high and at the last minute, either I didn’t hear from them or they had an excuse. So as scared as I was, I decided that I would go on and book the trip and go by myself. The fear was kind of intriguing but I still felt like I had to be very cautious when I get there so I may not have a great time because I will be limited in the things that I could do there. The first day I got there, I cas

  • SG Amy Musiker April 8, 2014, 9:34 am

    What a beautiful blog Mama Goddess! This was very deep. I loved your revelation of the Pleasure Architecture. I also loved how your going deeper into your pleasure created this Magical healing of your horse via your encounter with the spiritual trainer! What a metAphor and I Am so glad that your horse will be made right. Sounds like Mastery is even more awesome than ever! I love you and
    miss you!

  • SG Ti Sealstress April 8, 2014, 9:33 am

    I’ve been in bed with a cold for three days. Every day, I took a shower and meditated in the morning. Why? Because a clean pampered body and a mind that has been trained to focus attention are how I plan for great sex. My sweetheart was devoted to me as I sneezed and napped and read erotica. We flirted (anticipation + invitation) and are going on a date tonight even if it’s a couch date with hot tea and a new hankie. Mastery 2012 lessons are still working!

    • sg kalyani April 8, 2014, 2:43 pm

      Thank you, SG Ti Sealstress!
      Great reminders for having fun (creating pleasure) no matter what!

  • BSG Glitzy Cougar Karen April 8, 2014, 9:26 am

    Ah, my pleasure planning got a surprising bump up yesterday. I serve on a committee for a national organization that treats addicts and their families. Having coming from a family of addiction, this is a good fit! However, one would not think of pleasure here, would one?

    Well, my service is that I am on their Gala Committee, which is a sweet place to be. Yesterday, as I was contemplating why I’m there, they invited me to another gala in NYC. They had a table and had an extra seat, so I dressed myself up and met them at the St. Regis hotel in NYC, for a dinner of inspiration, entertainment, and filet mignon:).

    Then I got home to an invitation from a yummy sister goddess to attend a party at her gorgeous home this week. And I am going to tango tonight, and have pleasure scheduled in for tomorrow night. Before 2008 (my first Mastery), this would not have happened. Now, it does. A lot. Just sayin’…go for it sistas:)

  • Suzi Banks Baum April 8, 2014, 9:19 am

    Ohhhhlala….Your Timing if Perfect and Elegant…as ALWAYS! What a great gift that Friday at the barn was. Well bragged Sister! Well lived.
    I love this post.
    I have woken these past two mornings from dreams about an experience I so crave. I have written desire lists about it, envisioned it- I can taste it. And your post tells me there is more to do. I was about to jump past number one- Planning and let myself get all messy and out of order with an Invitation I am not quite ready to make.
    So today, to bring this Pleasurable Experience towards me, I will mindfully and with a flash of sass, spend time planning, encircling myself with material I have generated about this experience already (I love the image of you listening to past Mastery recordings knowing that so many voices of turned on women are there, cheering you on!) and make plans for my next steps.
    I look forward to next week’s post, but till then, I will be following your steps and thinking about Lacey’s mouth healing while trusting that Default Pleasure if on its way towards me. Now I know what to call it! xoxoox S

    • mama gena April 8, 2014, 3:41 pm

      you go, suze!

    • kfz abmeldung versicherung informieren November 3, 2016, 6:54 am

      Ja, snabba kilometrar med träningsvärk i benen är ingen hit. Var du glad att det inte var en halvmaratävling du skulle springa idag 😉 😉 😉 LÃ¥ngpass imon – härligt (och bra att skriva om det här pÃ¥ bloggen för dÃ¥ kan man ju inte "banga")!

    • http://www./ November 15, 2016, 2:39 am

      Someone Doing work with visits your blog post regularly and recommended it to me to discover too. The clear way of writing is fantastic along with the content is top-notch. Thanks for this insight you provide you with the readers!

    • Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are answered!

  • alia April 8, 2014, 9:19 am

    What a beautiful lesson your magic horse gave you! Xo

    • mama gena April 8, 2014, 3:35 pm

      yes, thank you so much, alia. this blog was inspired by my wonderful brilliant re-roganizer, sister goddess leah fisch.