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Inviting Abundance

As women, many of us have trouble accepting even a compliment without feeling that there are strings attached, let alone accepting the myriad other forms in which abundance is slathered upon us. We’re programmed to produce for ourselves, and that nothing is worthwhile if it isn’t earned through hard, long labor.

I can teach you to have abundance with ease, in every aspect of your life, from the fantastical to the financial. I want you to want for nothing—to conjure everything you desire and to begin to enjoy what you have.

Your Dreams Are Not Too Big for You

You would not have them if they were not just the right size and shape for the individual you are. They are blueprints of your future fulfillment. Everything you want, you can have. Don’t worry about the money—the price tag will get in your way only if you let it. If you could trust your dreams half as much as you doubt them, you would get everything you want.

Conjuring something requires the expectation of pure pleasure. You have to salivate the way you do when you are hungry for a lobster roll with shoestring fries, or devil’s food cake, or fried clams. You don’t worry too much about whether or not you get the clams or lobster roll or cake—you just enjoy the thought of them. When you savor a desire like that, and give it time to really come to life in your mind and imagination, you actually make things happen.

The beauty of conjuring is that you can bring anything your way. Yes, anything.

Attracting Abundance to Your Life

Another way to hone your ability to attract life’s abundance is to pleasure and treasure yourself. If you can’t give yourself flowers, it is going to be nearly impossible for you to receive flowers from anyone else. Treasure yourself in every area that you wish to be treasured, and you will increase your ability to have what you want and to enjoy your life.

Another great way to attract abundance is to give it to others. Begin by doing small anonymous acts of good. Elect yourself the good fairy. Clean up a public restroom for the next person. Pick up a Coke can that someone else left on the street and throw it in a trash pail. Send flowers anonymously to someone you know is having a rough day. Leave a box of chocolates on a co-worker’s desk.

You get the idea—small acts that make other people’s lives better will expand your ability to receive goodies from others and from the world. You end up feeling better about yourself. You feel more deserving because you made an investment in the greater good. So when the universe opens a door for you, you are ready to say “Yes!”

These little habits, when added to your routine, will increase your ability to conjure more and more, which releases you from your bondage to money. Money is simply the slave driver we all serve until we break free and allow ourselves to surrender to our pleasure.

Life is much more fulfilling and exciting when you surrender to your dreams rather than enslaving yourself to money. Our desires lead us to all the money we could ever require.

Exercise: Wallow in Your Desires

Enjoy the desires you have. Don’t edit them or say, “I love that dress, but I can’t afford it.” Just love what you love, want what you want.

Take yourself shopping to places where you can just relish the enjoyment of your desires. Try on a fur at a fur salon! If you begin to enjoy your desires, they expand. Maybe your desires head in a different direction. S.G. Stephanie came to New York because she loves theatre. She began by saying yes to any theatre job she was offered, just for the thrill of being backstage. Six months later, she had her first paying job as a stage manager because she allowed herself to wallow in what she loves.

A true Sister Goddess can expand her world by focusing on what she wants and appreciating what she has. The goal we work toward as Sister Goddesses is our ability to give the universe the opportunity to answer our desires, rather than limit ourselves with our own financial status. When you treat yourself like the queen you want to become, you cultivate a state of contentment in what you have, while being able to envision the possibility of attaining your goals. This is the way of the Sister Goddess.

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