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It’s time to think BIGS!

Did you ever notice this amazing thing about women?
Whenever we find something great–whether it is a fantastic movie, a heartbreakingly beautiful novel, or a designer sample sale–we want to share it with our Sisters.
Women are innately generous.
Especially when we are fulfilled, when we are getting “ours,” and when we know we can give a sister a leg up.

There is an incredible group of women that I want to celebrate. These women are
the Big Sisters of The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program this spring.

As graduates of Mastery, they are the leaders, the mentors and the personal pleasure revolutionaries for the newly enrolled students in Mastery.
When a woman begins her journey at the School of Womanly Arts, it is really important to have a Big Sister mentor to enhance her experience as a new student.
Her Big Sister acts as
cheerleader, role model, support and inspiration as she takes on the wild journey of expanding her pleasure.
I started the Big Sister Program at The School of Womanly Arts when I noticed that the more responsibility a woman took for another woman’s pleasure, the more her own pleasure expanded, exponentially.
The more a Big Sister gives, the more her Little Sisters benefit–and the more she gets in return.
It is a wonderful equation: her leadership–through pleasure–is returned to her, a thousandfold.
These Big Sisters are
huge love–personified.
They are each amazing, incredible, gorgeously powerful hot forces of nature.
They have so much to give.
And I am so grateful to have them standing on the front lines of the Pleasure Revolution, with me.
Want to meet a few of them?
Allow their stories to inspire you.
And who knows? Maybe one of them will be YOUR Big Sister, this spring!
Mastery kicks off in just 24 days.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena


Big Big Sister Goddess Jill
What SWA courses have you taken? Mastery 2007 Spring & Fall; Mastery 2008-Present, Big of the Bigs, Inner Circle 2009-Present
Are you single or married? Married
Why did you want to be the Big of the Bigs? For the Joy, the Fun, and the Pleasure of being a safe place for new women to enter into the Mastery Experience.
What’s the hottest thing about you? I am deep, wise and sexy.
Describe your last kiss… I was in the pool overlooking the ocean with my arms and legs wrapped around my Husband kissing him in total bliss.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? My Leadership
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? Motivating you to do more than you think you can do!


Big Sister Goddess Suzi
What SWA courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2007, Fall Mastery 2007 as BSG, BSG mentor 2008-10, BSG co-lead in Spring Mastery 2010, full year of Inner Circle 2008-09.
Are you single or married? Married for 17 years, together for over 20.
Why did you want to be a Big? I love the energy of new Mastery women and the Sisterhood I get to live as I model the life of a Turned-On Woman. I love leaning into women and listening to what they desire. I love to fan the flames of another’s desire. I love the camaraderie and high jinx of the Bigs. I love the fierce Stand we take as a group to live the Tools and Sisterhood. I Stand as a Courtesan and I absolutely love to prepare a space, hold and nurture that space for women to move into at their own pace. I love to be slow when they think it has to be fast. I particularly love Standing with women who are just not sure they have it within themselves to ignite. And I am totally in love with the HEAT that is generated by all those Women Inflamed with Pleasure and the utter joy of Aliveness that is ignited in Mastery. So hot.
What’s the hottest thing about you? Body part? My smile. My life? My life. My work? Fe-Mail, Rampant Sisterhood and Laundry Line Divine all rose out of my ignition in Mastery–so I’d say the hottest thing about me is my creativity. But then, there is my Mothering, which is legendary. Oh, wait–I overlooked my Marriage. Hmmm…is there a category for this spiral of joy, caring, communion and freedom to Love Full Out? I could also say that I am the Hottest, most Generous Flirt that walks the planet, with a particular fascination with members of the Taxi and Limousine Commissions in New York State and Miami-Dade County. It is so hard to choose just one thing. Blush.
Describe your last kiss… In the kitchen a few hours ago, JNB in his ski gear, leaning in before he sets off for an afternoon with our son in the copious snow…shaved cheek meets my lips, my nose nuzzles and I smell the warm scent of my man, accomplished in so many things, but especially in tenderness.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Since Mastery I recognize what it takes to keep me Happy. This is not a short story, but I will tell you that before Mastery, I was waiting for the world to wake up and serve me, but today? I know that my Living and my Love is up to me. The Great Pussy in the Sky, GPS, will guide me in the details step-by-driftwood-strewn-step.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? The Holy made Flesh.


Big Sister Goddess Sarah (aka Spawhore)
What SWA Courses have you taken? Mastery x4 and Inner Circle Fall 2010
Are you single or married? All of the above.
Why did you want to be a Big? The thrill of going for my pleasure while helping another woman to get hers never gets old.
What’s the hottest thing about you? My passion for playing outside of the box.
Describe your last kiss… He kissed me goodbye quickly and then left. I thought about how much I desired more. I felt my desire build. Suddenly the door opened and he came rushing in. He put his hand behind my head, drew me up from my seat and kissed me hard with the softest lips. He then sighed deeply while his mouth was still on mine. It was a moment when time stopped.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery I was a slave to my life and I had never had an orgasm. Since Mastery I am multi-orgasmic and I live a life that dreams are made of.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? In community we are much more powerful. Always knowing I have sisters there no matter what life throws at me is one of the greatest gifts of my life. Not to mention the fun we have is off the charts!


Big Sister Goddess Sarah June
What SWA courses have you taken? Mama 101 & BSG ten times for Mama 101, Spring Mastery 2010
Are you single or married? Single
Why did you want to be a Big? Because that is what I am called to be, I am a Big and I have so much to offer.
What’s the hottest thing about you? My humorous and flirtatious ways.
Describe your last kiss… Wet, and sweet and I just melted into it.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery I was very self-conscious of my voice…. Since Mastery, thanks to Mama, I know I have a beautiful, joyful voice.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? Knowing I am accepted no matter what, and I have a group of cheerleaders as close as my telephone.


Big Sister Goddess Kathleen
What SWA courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2006, Spring Mastery 2007, Fall Mastery 2008, Inner Circle 2010 & Spring 2011, and Spring Mastery 2011 BSG!
Are you single or married? I am currently single.
Why did you want to be a Big? I was pulled by desire! Any time I heard about the BSG program for this Mastery, I wanted to throw myself into it as though it was time to play in a big swimming pool!
What’s the hottest thing about you? (1) My dance. I love, love, love S Factor. It is my church, my center, the one thing in my life I can be certain makes total sense… (2) My brain. I am one smart cookie. (3) I brag I am a total superheroine…electrical professional engineer by day, S Factor pole dancer at night, Sister Goddess all the time!
Describe your last kiss… (I don’t want a last kiss… I desire many many many amazing kisses!) My most recent kiss was with SG Tatiana, saying farewell last night after an evening with sister goddesses and an amazing cooking class. It was an “I love you” kiss to my Sister, Tats.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery I was constantly searching for the answers, collecting a library of self-help books, wearing myself out to exhaustion in my quest for Everything, and all the while living someone else’s life, feeling the world was a scary place, and that above all I needed to protect myself and control as much of my world as I possibly could. At this point in my journey after several masteries and IC, I am surrendering to who I am as a woman. Trusting more, opening up more to others, and loving more about where I am… And listening so much more to my intuition. It’s an ongoing journey.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? Being witnessed by my SGs. Being accountable to my own journey through their eyes.


Big Sister Goddess Cyndy Sizzle
What SWA Courses have you taken? Mama 101 2001, Big Sis in Mama 101 2002, Spring Mastery 2009, Spring Mastery 2010, Inner Circle Fall 2010.
Are you single or married? Married for 10 years and still hot for each other.
Why did you want to be a Big? I wanted to be a Big because helping others forces me to play BIG, to help other gals through the process, and connect with other Bigs.
What’s the hottest thing about you? The hottest thing about me is that I live my life full-out – I take burlesque classes, kiss my husband like he is my boyfriend, dress up as a costume character in town parades, dance like a fool with my kids, and love my friends and family outrageously.
Describe your last kiss… Ooooh, this is hot and must share my last two kisses – This morning my lover/hubby said “I love this woman” as he gave me a goodbye peck on the lips. Last night as we went into the bedroom, he said, “Don’t even bother with those PJs,” and we kissed till I was dizzy – his breath on my lips, his tongue teasing me making me want more, his breath in my ear, back on my lips tasting his lemony juiciness, back to my ear whispering “I want to lick you.” Ahhhh. He is good!
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery, my soul was dying in the burbs. The women in my new town were giving me the mean-girl treatment. I felt I was too much for them. There were judgments along the lines of “you still enjoy having sex with your husband.” During and after Mastery I found my voice and my light. Now I’m organizing aphrodisiac dinner parties with lube packets as place cards. Now I’m sharing my burlesquapades with the ladies at the bus stop. I’m taking stand-up comedy classes, did an open mic night in NYC, and am performing at the DC Improv. Also, my marriage is amazing because I have man-training tools and have learned to love him right where he is. Now I’m playing BIG in real life. Now, I’m a courtesan.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? The most powerful thing about sisterhood is being supported for who I am, the good, the bad, the outrageous, the insecure, the bold, the small. Without it, I would be a dried up piece of grass on the suburban landscape. With my sister goddesses, I’m the tallest, most beautiful evergreen this city has seen.


Big Sister Goddess Internationally Renowned Hot Stuff
What SWA Courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2009
Are you single or married? Madly in love with myself…married to my soulmate, which would be me at the moment. 😉
Why did you want to be a Big? I can remember during my first Bigs/Littles luncheon in Spring Mastery 2009, I had this overwhelming desire to be a Big the next time I did Mastery. I have two sisters, three nieces, and I’ve had a lot of leadership roles in many of my jobs–so it just felt like the natural next step for my second Mastery.
Also, Mastery is SUCH a transformative time–I really wanted to be closer to the frontlines of the pleasure revolution and help to hold sacred space for women as they go through this incredible process. And I can’t wait to meet my Littles—I’ve already dreamed about them!!! Maybe one of you is reading this right now????
What’s the hottest thing about you? My belief in myself.
Describe your last kiss… Here is the last kiss I desire to share: my hero for the summer/fall swooped into my life after a difficult breakup–we had an amazing, sizzling summer of sexually charged fun and play. At some point, we did a powerful tantric ritual together where we both shared our deepest desire for our lives–mine was to “have money to do things like Mastery.” His…will stay a secret. 😉 Our last kiss happened before he moved across the country–his secret wish fulfilled. Later that day, coincidentally, I would speak with Sherie to sign up for Mastery–both our sacred desires having manifested on almost the same day. For our last kiss, as we gazed at each other, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the role he had played in my life that summer.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Everything. I am just fundamentally a different person, from the simple–trying a new hairstyle or trying out an S Factor class–to the profound–deep appreciation for what I have in my life, focusing on joy, fiercely embracing my authentic self and owning the badass, smokin’ hot, on-fire goddess that I am.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? There is nothing like having a team of powerful women, a.k.a. Sister Goddesses, so fiercely and firmly in your corner (whether that be virtual or in person), wildly cheering on your successes, encouraging you to go for it and waiting with open arms when you need to be held and supported. With an army of pleasure revolutionaries supporting me, I feel like I can do anything!!!!


Big Sister Goddess Oceana
What SWA courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2009
Are you single or married? Married
Why did you want to be a Big? To be immersed in the gorgeous Mastery energy again and take it so much higher (into orbit, as Mama would say!) as well as to mentor new, fabulous women joining the Pleasure Revolution.
What’s the hottest thing about you? …one of the hottest things about me, cuz there are oh so many, is that I am a sensual powerhouse of Aphrodite energy oozing everywhere. I go into spontaneous orgasm over the taste of food, the smell of the ocean, a fabulous brag…anything my pussy approves of.
Describe your last kiss… Well, about five minutes ago, he was lying in my arms with his cheek against my breast…looking up at me with those huge beautiful brown eyes…and he said “You are SOOOO beautiful and I just love you SOOOO much!” and then he kissed me on the nose and asked if he could have some ice cream. Of course, the wonderful guy is my ten-year-old elf!
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery I was a powerhouse of empowerment because I’d spent decades doing transformational work. The seven years preceding Mastery, I was specifically deep into women’s spiritual empowerment groups and very confident, but not in a way that could garner the support and alliance of men. Since Mastery, however, that power has softened in a way that is distinctly feminine…a vulnerable power that is infused with intoxicating joy, a power that emanates from surrender to total pleasure, and an experience of my true sacred impenetrable spot. Now I find myself adoring men completely. I know how to approve of myself wholeheartedly, I have amazing tools that are so much more fun that any tools I could have imagined, and I have a sisterhood that spans the globe!
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? The most powerful thing about Sisterhood is that with it, we can do anything, go anywhere, be whatever we desire, and change this world! On a larger scale, I can’t think of a more powerful act in our times than for women to embrace each other.


Big Sister Goddess Velvet Vixen
What SWA courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2009
Are you single or married? Extremely happily married. My guy rocks and our relationship is fantastic!
Why did you want to be a Big? Two reasons. One, I want to take myself higher in all ways and get the Mama Gena tools even deeper in my being so that my life is even juicier. Two, I knew that I wanted to be a Big before I ever went to Mastery the first time. I know that I have a lot to offer to the other sister goddesses and I want to be a loving, hot, fun BSG who will turn on the other women to loving themselves more, and accepting and adoring their bodies. I know I can inspire them to see what fantastic women they are and put criticism away, inspiring them to work and own the Mama Gena tools. I deeply desire to be part of a hot loving rockin’ Big Sister Goddess team that takes me, and all the BSGs and sister goddesses higher.
What’s the hottest thing about you? The way I take fantastic care of myself. I am madly in love with myself and life. And I have a great ass!
Describe your last kiss… Mmm…slow, warm, gentle, soft, long and luscious…a lover’s kiss. My pussy gets aroused just thinking about it.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Due to Mastery, I am more in touch than ever with my pleasure, sexiness and femininity, and I live a hot delicious life. My connection with the divine feminine has come out even more and I am so much sexier in my dress and appearance. I love that! I have always loved sex and had great sex, but since Mastery, OMGoddess…it’s off the charts delicious!
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? It is absolutely the way we can take each other higher. The way we hold the space for that to happen, encourage and inspire one another and believe in each others’ dreams and aspirations. We are a powerful force.


Big Sister Goddess Marissa
What SWA Courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2010, Inner Circle Fall 2010
Are you single or married? Blissfully married.
Why did you want to be a Big? I want to be a fierce wing-woman and get a hot group
of women hot for their desires!
What’s the hottest thing about you? I’m a kick-ass songwriter and a really creative technologist.
Describe your last kiss… This morning my husband cooked me a birthday breakfast and I wrapped my arms around him looked him in the eyes and gave him a big old smooch! It felt like happiness.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Since mastery, I lost my old job and got a new one that pays me three times as much. I also work less than I did. I got out of credit card debt and am starting to build wealth. I also recorded the best music I’ve ever made!
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? Having someone to be there for you no matter what. Knowing that you have to ask for the things you want and that no one (not even an SG) is a mind reader but if you ask, she’ll be there!


Big Sister Goddess Amy
What SWA courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2007, Fall Mastery 2007, Inner Circle July 2007-June 2008
Are you single or married? Single
Why did you want to be a Big? I was in Miami this past November, and realized I wanted to not just know the tools, but to live them more in my day-to-day life, and have more fun. And being a Big really puts you on the forefront of the pleasure revolution and will lead me to play even bigger!
What’s the hottest thing about you? That I wear hot dresses and heels to my stuffy corporate office – every day.
Describe your last best kiss… On a bridge over the Limmat river in Zurich, he stopped me and said, “I don’t know if this is our first kiss or our last kiss, but I have to kiss you here right now.” It was so hot!
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery my whole life was about work, and I was in a real martyr state – believing that if I just work harder, someone will notice, and recognize me and…
Since Mastery I am much happier. I take the time for my pleasure and rather than toil away unnoticed, I speak up for my recognition. Rather than blend in, I am proud of my uniqueness.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? When you have the support of community and sisterhood, you are inspired to reach beyond your wildest dreams – and you know someone will be there for you whether you reach them or not.


BSG Orgasmatron (alter ego Lauren)
What SWA courses have you taken? Fall Mastery 2007, BSG Spring 2007, BSG Spring 2008, and pretty much
all the Miami trips!
Are you single or married? Engaged plus one.
Why did you want to be a Big? Because it’s fun and I love watching my Littles go through the Mastery Process. Being a BSG satisfies my nurturing nature. I get to love on my Littles in a specific BSG cheerleading kind of way!
What’s the hottest thing about you? Besides the fact that I can orgasm endlessly and that I live the life of my dreams every day? I am HOT because I turned my creativity into a kick-ass thriving business adorning women with orgasmic jewelry and accessories handmade with love and passion in Portland Oregon. The seed of desire for this business was born in my first Mastery and I am living it fully now. I get to bring beauty to the world and dialogue with women about their deep feminine powers…one of which is to attract. And I did all of this backed by Regena’s genius and all of my dear, dear friends and sisters. How hot is that?
Describe your last kiss… This morning tangled in a pile of sheets with my lover after he made my pussy sing.
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery, I had a lot of fragmentation in my estimation of myself. I self-doubted habitually. After Mastery, the strongest previously “negative” parts of my person (i.e., my powerful sexuality and rebellious nature) became assets instead of ways I self-destructed. Now my powerful sexuality makes me radiant like the sun on a sunny day and my rebellious nature propels me to take risks and forge my own way in business.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? OMG, when a woman stands up and BRAGS, I feel the zing of desire and inspiration in my body. I know things are possible, that I never knew I wanted until that moment. My open relationship and my business were desires I discovered in my first Mastery by hearing other women speak about what they had going on. Support, Love, Powerful women going for what they want and encouraging you to do the same, a love network in your darkest days…these are just a fraction of what this sisterhood brings to your life.


Big Sister Goddess Glitzy Cougar Karen
What SWA courses have you taken? All Masteries since Fall 2008. This is my fourth one, then 4 ICs, because I couldn’t get enough. I feel like I am rewiring my whole system.
Are you single or married? Single…joyfully so!
Why did you want to be a Big? Omigoddess, I LOVE Mastery…I am a sucker for transformation, mine and everyone else’s. When I watch Regena and her genius with the women in the room, I am filled with awe and delight at their changes and mine. The energy could lift the roof. And I think I am a “lifer.” I love her work and the way she teaches it. And my adorable, hot daughter, SG Lauren, whom I brought in last year (and we know what a fabulous year she has had), saw a billboard after her first weekend of Mastery as she came out of the subway: “Rethink what a revolution looks like!” YES! And it is PINK!
What’s the hottest thing about you? Oh everything. 🙂 Hmmm. Well, I adore my body and the way I dance her…mmmm, yummy. And the way I dress her. I use her as my palette to playfully rebel. As a hot 58-year-old woman, I dress her more provocatively sometimes than society would dictate. And I do not like to be dictated to. 🙂 And the hottest thing? Under this centered, rather calm exterior, I am a rebel. I moved to NYC at 51.
I ask for and take the challenges. I ask Regena to push me. She does. And I leap off the cliff (sometimes tentatively). I challenge all my beliefs. I do. I push the envelope. And I wrote a comic solo show about it…with more to come! And then I spread the word to my kids so they can emerge as their own hot sexy selves, and step out of the Matrix too!!!
Describe your last kiss… Oooohhhh, I have had some good ones this year, first with my juicy lover last summer (after years of living in the no-man desert), and then with my current pleasure partner (who is about 38). I have been told over and over what a fabulous kisser I am, and they respond beautifully. The last one? We hadn’t seen each other in a month, and he kissed me quickly at first as he walked through the door, then as I wandered away from him for a moment, he saw my body, wrapped in nothing but a transparent black lace camisole with nothing underneath but black patent-leather heels. He took in a breath, told me I looked gorgeous and then wrapped his arms around me and started with his full lips, to fully feel mine, softly, but urgently, then both of us merging with it, his tongue intertwined with mine as the heat built up and he pulled my almost naked body to him, and started massaging my ass as I nestled his manhood between my legs and used it to pleasure me! (Hey, you asked, and I am getting into this erotica thing, since it is all TRUE! YES!)
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? I came into Mastery shut-dow and defended, after leaving a 25-year isolated, emotionally desolate marriage. Leaving the marriage was the best and most difficult and courageous thing I had ever done, and my life improved significantly just by that act—but I could not date. A therapist friend said I had PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) around men. Sounds a bit dramatic, but essentially, it was true. I did not trust them and I did not trust my choices and I just could not be with them as lovers or friends (unless they were gay or family). And yet, I missed them. I missed their touch. I had buried the longing I have had my whole life for the beloved. And I had read so many books about freeing sensuality, the divine feminine, seductresses, etc., but didn’t know where I would ever break out of my straightjacket. I had done therapy, twelve steps, tons of spiritual work, and actually said to the divine, “I want something fun to help me with this.”
And she answered. Three different women in two weeks talked to me about Mama Gena’s. I had been in NYC for 5 years and had never heard of her. But the Universe heard me and when she talks to me like that, I listen! I signed up, never having seen her nor read her books. But I saw a video of her online and I knew…this woman speaks the truth.
What’s happened since Mastery is almost beyond words. And my sensuality? Please…it is about to leap off the charts. I have gotten on I have dated. I had a hot one-night-stand my first Miami. I have since written and performed a fun, sensuous solo show about it and produced it successfully in NYC!
I had my first real lover last summer, in YEARS. It was so juicy. He desired me because I had learned how desirable I was. With Regena’s training, I flirted with him and invited him in (which I had not done in YEARS), and he leapt at the invitation. I turned him on because I was turned on, and for a month he pleasured me and honored my body the way I had been learning to honor her. He gave back to me in a month what I’d learned to bury in that 25-year marriage (and he was 10 years younger :-). And he has continued to serve me as a friend, even after I decided to step out. And now I have my younger pleasure partner to play with (less strings, which is good for now 🙂 and another one nudging me to play with him.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? I have a community of women whom I so love…who are as passionate about life as I am…and who so profoundly support each other on this journey to sensuality and pleasure. I tend to be a lone ranger, and yet these women have been reaching out to me since moment one, and I finally heard. We support each other, and I am learning about love…about opening my heart, since they keep opening to me and showing me how. And in doing that, I am opening to men…falling in love with them, appreciating them in ways I had not been taught to do. As Regena has told us: she teaches us, but it is the sisterhood that creates this strength, this beauty. She is an amazing woman who has attracted amazing women. And as my daughter said, “Rethink what a revolution looks like.” I can’t think of one that is more profound and FUN and I am beyond grateful.


Big Sister Goddess Queen E
What SWA courses have you taken? Fall Mastery 2008, Pleasure Bootcamp Fall/Winter 2010/2011
Are you single or married? Single
Why did you want to be a Big? I have so many desires around becoming a BIG. I desire to OWN my BIGNESS, shatter upper limits in full view and support of community, model my own becoming for all Littles, and model the tools and stand for all Littles and their own becoming.
What’s the hottest thing about you?
Where do I start? I’m a fucking genius, I’m tall, curvy and gorgeous, and I’m very kind. But the hottest thing about me is REALLY the way I can stand for a Sister like no other.
Describe your last kiss… He and I walked together to the train–where there were three different staircases going in different directions. I started up one staircase, only for him to tell me I was going in the wrong direction, and he pointed down. I was confused and thought he meant I should be on his staircase and I walked up a few steps to him, just below where he was standing.
He smiled down at me, and then looked into my eyes and said, “Can I kiss you, I think I should kiss you now.” And then he kissed me. A quick, soft, warm kiss. And then he said “And now a real one.” And I opened my mouth slightly. He kissed me. With a light tongue. It went straight to my pussy. Warm. Wet. Electric. Sensual. Loving. Wanting. Within 3 seconds, my body was molten and my panties were wet. It lasted only an instant…an instant where my body felt completely relaxed…like I was made of clouds, the floaty kind that you day dream upon.
And then we went our own separate ways….
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery, I hid. I hid my beauty. I hid my femininity. I hid my voice. I hid my power. I was afraid. I did not know how to explore life or research my desires. Mastery gave me permission, permission to live. Permission to explore. Permission to be me, fully and completely, and I am still learning and exploring and researching and exploding upper limits. Before Mastery I felt very alone, and felt surrounded by negative naysayers who thought I wanted too much. Since Mastery, I know that my desires are divine, and it is my birthright to own them, and learn how to research them, and learn to receive them. Fully. Since Mastery, I have been learning, day by day, to be more whole, full, and Me.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? Sisterhood is about LOVE–pure, simple, and powerful.


Big Sister Goddess Erin
What SWA courses have you taken? Spring Mastery 2009 and Inner Circle 2010
Are you single or married? Single
Why did you want to be a Big? I wanted to be a Big because I had an insatiable desire to go higher in every aspect of my life, specifically in my relationship with my hot and steamy man and my incredible and gifted work as an educator, teacher, coach, and insurance agent!
What’s the hottest thing about you? My desire to live life full-out in every aspect, and really relish the joy of living life as a woman!
Describe your last kiss… Oh, the touch of his lips, the taste of his breath, the sweetness of his love for me…all felt in a kiss…how divine!
What has changed the most for you since Mastery? Before Mastery I felt as though I was living my life tamed by the circumstances surrounding me. I had been in an unfulfilling marriage for 3 years and my business was literally killing all joy that I had for it when I started. I made no time for fun or myself and felt like I had been spiraling out of control for some time. Since Mastery, life has been COMPLETELY different in the most unbound, exhilarating, phenomenal way. I became a single woman with an effortless transition out of the marriage. We are still friends and there were no arguments – ever – not one! I have attracted the most incredible man in the world into my life – my hero – and we are creating a truly legendary love affair filled with adventure, passionate love, hot sex, and a connection that I’ve always longed for with a man. My business is soaring to new heights I couldn’t have even imagined. It is giving me the opportunity to unleash my potential and really do the work I was put on this planet to do. I am so grateful for the tools learned in Mastery that taught me how to truly live a life unbound as a woman. I often feel that I have fairy dust that I can sprinkle on the ground anywhere I go, and the world will deliver to me my deepest yearning desires. It’s truly AMAZING! My passion and purpose for living MY life, MY way is magical. Inner Circle just took everything I learned in Mastery to new heights and allowed me to sink into the woman I am and remove any ceiling I thought was there. The sisterhood of this community has been truly the magic for my unfolding and I’m so grateful for every Sister Goddess who has helped me grow into the woman that I am today.
In your opinion, what is the single most powerful thing about Sisterhood? The single most powerful thing about sisterhood is the feeling of absolute support amidst the journey of the most vulnerable parts of being a woman.

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  • mamagena February 9, 2011, 12:44 pm

    i am so excited and so turned on by this group of off the hook amazing women!!! yeah!!!!

  • Darline February 9, 2011, 1:42 pm

    I am signed up for Spring Mastery 2011 and have my first plane ticket to come to New York. I CAN’T WAIT TO START MASTERY!!!! My life has been such a jumble of frustration, disappointment and gloom. I’m looking forward to reclaiming myself and my life and forging forward with my dreams. Thank you to all the BSG’s who will help us “newbies” reclaim ourselves!

  • Brenda February 9, 2011, 4:22 pm

    OMG…reading this turns me ON!!! I am so excited to bring my life and joy to the next level…24 days!!! Sooo thrilled to come to Mama!!!

  • Dara Cole February 9, 2011, 4:26 pm

    Holy hotness. The littles this year are in for A RIDE! These bigs are fierce women living the arts. Makes me wish I was there. Catching a buzz just thinking about it. Dayum.

  • Maddy February 9, 2011, 6:48 pm

    Yeah, what Dara said. This is a freakin’ AMAZING group of BSG’s!!! Mastery 2011 is going to be wonderful/scary/transformational/hot&spicy/dark&murky/f-ingBRILLIANT! Have fun everyone XOX

  • Azul February 9, 2011, 8:01 pm

    You are all divine! Your “last” kisses turn me on and on and on… xoxoxo

  • BSG Suzi Banks Baum February 9, 2011, 9:47 pm

    MMmmmwaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you for the UPRIDES! Love and hotter kisses still, BSG S

  • IMPERATRIX MUNDI February 10, 2011, 12:11 am



  • Chani February 10, 2011, 9:51 am

    Wow, you are all so delicious!!!

  • Tats February 10, 2011, 11:22 am

    wow… what a juicy bunch! And I’m so honored to be mentioned here as a kisser! 😉 xoxo

  • Wildcherry February 10, 2011, 4:01 pm

    YYYYAAARRGGGHHH…can I be greedy and have all of them for my BIGS? Why settle for one when every one of them rocks my world. PPLLEEEZZEEE. I WANT ALL OF THEIR JUICE ALL OVER ME.

  • Palma February 14, 2011, 2:06 pm

    WOWOWOWOW!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE H-O-T ROCKING MASTERY!!!! woooohhhoooooyyy!!!!

  • Perla February 29, 2012, 10:09 pm

    I’m apprehensive and not feeling the love. I’m finding it hard to join in on the hype. I just got off the introductory phone call for the Mastery program that begins in March. I’m not in that elated state the Goddess Sisters on the call were in. I’m looking forward to the course and need help on how to prepare and get me in the right mood, feeling up. Help!

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