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Last Chance to Enroll in Mastery (+ Louboutin Brag)

This event already happened. Check out Mastery.


Just wanted to let you know that enrollment for Spring Mastery 2012 closes tomorrow, Friday March 9th, at 5PM.

Weekend One doesn’t kick off for another nine days, but women have already begun going crazy… (What do I mean by “crazy”? Check out Tuesday’s blog.)

These are two of my brand new students from the current Mastery class who have already lost their minds:

“You won’t believe this. A guy who didn’t even ask for my number–saw me in a coffee shop–said he wanted to see my gorgeous smile, took me to Saks, and bought me two pairs of $850 Christian Louboutins. I told him I had a boyfriend–he said he didn’t care, that the joy he got from buying those shoes and spending time with me was enough. I smiled and said thank you.”  –Sister Goddess Monica

Check out this “womantra” from Sister Goddess Megan:

“I am Fearless
I wear my silky skin with pride
I am Sassy
The creator of my own life
I am the boss
I feel what I feel, and that’s divine
Joy is my nectar for living
Sex is abundance
I am rich in experience, and pleasure is my guide.
Damn f****** right!
A-to-the-men, Hallelujah!
Worship me, boys.”

Now that’s what I call a quick study. When a woman decides that her pleasure and her desires are worth prioritizing, magic happens.

If one of the remaining spots in Spring Mastery 2012 is calling your name, you can reserve it or call The Palace at 212-787-2411 x1.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena


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  • Kelli C March 8, 2012, 11:35 am

    Awesome!!!!! Love it! Celebrating all you SG who are going for it! Mastery is on my desire list and I know I will manifest it at some point! In the mean time, I have brilliantly manifested all I need for Pleasure Bootcamp, by finding a savings bond from my deceased Grandmother that I didn’t even know existed. It floated right to the top when I was digging through an old file cabinet looking for a birth certificate. Thank you G ma! Thank You Goddess! And Thank You Mama Gena for giving us your amazing gifts!