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Would you like to hear from actual live live live Sister Goddess graduates of the School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program? Nothing inspires like a real woman’s story of overcoming her fears and making her dreams come true.

Ready for a little more? Settle in and get cozy with a cup of tea, and read on for more incredible Mastery experiences:

Sister Goddess B.M.

“My discovery of the School of Womanly Arts was initially through Mama Gena’s book, but I wanted more! Enrolling as a student in the School of Womanly Arts has been hands down the best gift I have ever given myself. I started off averaging about three dates a week with incredible men. I am now more successful in my career and love than ever before, and I take risks that I would not have done in the past. I gained clarity on what it is I really desire in a man and in a relationship. And that clarity attracted into my life a relationship that is quickly weaving its way towards marriage! Everywhere I go, people stop me and tell me that I radiate and glow! I have also become a part of an international network of Sister Goddesses who support, honor and love me! I never knew that life could be so sexy and fun! Hell, I never knew I could be so sexy and fun! Thank you Mama Gena and the Pleasure Palace!”

Sister Goddess J.P.

“I am more excited about my life today than I have been in years! This course has opened a creative part of me that was screaming to be released. I thought I needed to study one more book about God, but what I really needed was to immerse myself in Regena’s concept of pleasure and fun. I have realized the power of pleasure, power of conjuring, power of desires and most of all the power of bragging with courageous feminine power!”

Sister Goddess J.G.

“I am grateful for the Sister Goddess Community, and to be part of a group of women who rock the world. Thank you Goddess for now I know I am “WOMAN.” All you beautiful Sister Goddesses have elevated me to a self-love like I have never tasted before. Thank you, Goddesses.”

Sister Goddess A.M.

“On Communicating…I must brag that as we made love, I was able to speak about things that I hadn’t been able to speak about before, and it just came really naturally. It turned us both on so much and I felt like this veil had been lifted between us and our connection with one another had become even deeper as a result of me opening my mouth and expressing how I was feeling with him. It was truly magical!”

Sister Goddess A.V.T.

“I see now that everything in my life is perfect!. I have finally let go of a lot of my past and now I feel so free. I have been on the right path all along. I learned how my past hurts and humiliations were not that at all. They were perfect opportunities and road signs. I would not be the brilliant Perfect Goddess that I am today without them. I can now see how it has all served me. Regena is brilliant. I am so glad to have taken this course. Words just don’t express how I was just transformed. I love my life so much, my life is so perfect, and so am I. Amazing. Truly amazing!”

Sister Goddess K.L.

“A thought occurred to me while I was waiting for a taxi yesterday. My life is a huge canvas, and I hold the brushes to paint the picture I want. It almost feels insane for me to think this way since I have always been so buried by my obligations to others, and my generosity/duty to take care of everyone else. To think of this process in terms of painting a picture of what I want my life to look like—it’s a whole new ball game! I am like a little girl again, and am really excited about playing around with different ideas and adventures of where all of this will take me.”

Sister Goddess A.P.

“While I love sleeping with men, there is nothing more substantial than the friendships between women. Women are really rich human beings. The world seems brighter, and it’s not based upon validation or love or romance from a man, or a boss, or friends. The world around me is lit up by my own magnificence.”

Sister Goddess N.D.

“I have gained the exhilarating feeling of freedom that comes from knowing that the way I feel depends only on which thoughts I choose to think. Everything that I desire, whether it is a feeling or a relationship or a material object, can and will be obtained from the Source, which is inside ME! I already have it all! I am the genius creatrix of my own life-movie!! And I have received unimaginable friendship, support, love, laughter, fun times and so much more from the community of sister goddesses. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL!”

Sister Goddess T.W.

“I just had the most exquisite early morning session with my husband and I realized again that it’s the full engagement of all of me that’s created a different way for us to be together. My marriage of now 16 years IS my work of art. My heart is full of love and passion! My intense gratitude is to you for your intervention at year 15. Because I was very, very close to throwing it away out of sheer frustration and boredom.”

Sister Goddess A.P.

“This was a miracle–through the Womanly Arts and the basics of being a goddess, I was able to see my mother for the first time as a Woman, not just my mother, who I always thought had failed me. By getting into agreement and appreciation of the lineage of my mother and grandmother and all of the generations before me, I was able to begin to love myself as a woman.”

Sister Goddess N.D.

“I have gained the ability to feel and appreciate my own beauty, both physically and energetically. I have gained appreciation for my body and for sensual pleasure–and learned how to enjoy them both. I have gained confidence in my ability to create/conjure anything I desire and the ability to make peace with where I am and enjoy the present moment.”

Sister Goddess A.P.

“I learned how to be silly and outrageous and to be proud of my outrageousness. I was able to share the experience of being outrageous with other women. I bought and began wearing my first pair of high-heeled, sexy shoes–hot pink leopard!”

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