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A Whole New Kind of Abundance

Sheri Winston has got it going on. I took one of her workshops this spring, and I loved her so much that I’m bringing her in to be a guest speaker for the women in this round of Inner Circle. In the meantime, I want EVERY WOMAN who wants to expand her sensuality to take advantage of her upcoming class in NYC. She’s teaching a FULL DAY ORGASMIC ABUNDANCE CLASS on September 19th!!!

Sheri has become incredibly popular since her book, Woman’s Anatomy of Arousal, won THE 2010 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD FROM AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists)! This is the absolute top award given to sexual educators in the country!!!

Sheri’s understanding of our female body, stemming from her background as a midwife, doula, and childbirth educator, is unsurpassed and will blow your mind!!! In the words of our Divine Doctor of Sensuality, Christiane Northrup:

“Sheri Winston’s anatomical model of the female erogenous anatomy exceeds ANYTHING found in the Harvard Medical Library or standard medical anatomy texts. Talk about BURIED pleasure! Sheri Winston’s work is a major step in female sexual reclamation!”

Orgasmic Abundance for Women – Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Learn the skills to create arousal and experience orgasm in a safe and comfortable clothes-on, hands-off environment. Learn the truth about your anatomy and what to do with it, using skills of breath, movement, imagery, and sound that can expand arousal, intensify the ability to focus and become absorbed in sensation and to learn to surrender and relax into orgasm.

Date: Sunday, September 19th
Topic: Orgasmic Abundance for Women
Time: 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm with optional one-hour Q and A afterwards
Location: 300 East 85th Street, condo meeting space
Cost: $125/person until 9/15, $150 after
Pre-register at:


With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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  • SG Lupe September 11, 2010, 12:40 am

    I am so there.

  • Wildcherry September 4, 2010, 3:51 pm

    Mama, who can ever stand against you? We are convinced to stand with and beside you…I love it 😉
    You are the most brilliant converser I have read from…truly, you are awesomely talented in dealing with the most adorable of characters.
    I learn from you ALL THE TIME.
    Reading your man training manual has had me alternately laughing, crying, wiggling in my seat and roaring to ‘go git me sum’…all within a few pages of focused attention. Amazing.
    I am not able to attend Sheri’s class/es but I can still ‘haunt’ her site…and will do!

  • SG Brenda September 3, 2010, 11:54 am

    Mama Gena

    This class sounds Priceless!

    Thank you for offering us such valuable opportunties and the newest smokin hot information for our pleasure.

    I’ll be there and hope to bring a couple of my “future” Sister Goddess friends.

    In warm appreciation!
    SG Brenda

    • Mama Gena September 4, 2010, 1:12 pm

      @SG Brenda- MY PLEASURE Darlin’! Let me know how you liked the class!

      With so much love and pleasure,
      Mama Gena

  • Sarah June September 3, 2010, 10:15 am

    I am thrilled about Sheri’s book and teaching.

    The one thing that attracted me to here was the CLOTHES ON.

    I think a woman is 10 times more sexy with the right clothing, proper fitted, and a suttle effect.

    I CANNOT abide, women making a specticule of them selves going half naked. This is not sexie it just brings a vision of a woman down to a primal position. And causes men to lust for them which is not healthy. Destroys marriages causing heart break for children.

    Here in my home town I see women all the time properly dressed, maybe with a mini skirt, with tights underneath. A top with a modest neck length. Shoes with porper height for their individual taste. Jewelry is then the icing on the body.. She even turns my head. There is nothing more beautiful that a woman in style.

    I think Sheri teaching might can replace the courtesan (raunchy) teaching.
    ie mostly based on clothes on teaching.

    Women are naturally sexually highten they do not need anything encouragement to go after more, Which brings more SCARES that will have to be delt with.

    These are my thoughts, based on having taken the courtesan course (which I will never recommend to anyone) Being a Mama 101 student and big sister 10 times. Mama 101 is by far the best course you
    have designed. The fliriting course was sooooooooo much fun.

    If Mastery could redo weekend 3, and parts of 4 it think it would be more inticing to women of substance.

    The love story between Dr. Anne and Robert must be taken out. Horror story!!!!! I think Robert is rude and
    a disgrace to the Adamic race. The rest of weekend just throw it out. A woman who has any respect for herself would never dress like what they believe a courtesan is. A courtesan is a courtesan because this was the only way to make a living. Today women do not have to go half naked to get a job. I have my own business and know many others, and I can assure you we would never hire a woman dressed like this. A courtesan should never be placed in a position of admiration. Today we call them whores.

    Mama, you plainly said to come dressed as a courtesan as you presieve (sp) it. I did come dress this way, based on everything I have read. I have done extensive reading on a courtesan, and I think I know a little. Knowing the virtues of a courtesan and the compare to women of our time. The best example of a courtesan in our time was Jacquelene Kennedy. I have read all the books about her and she follows 90% of your teaching. Her style of dress……….well she changed the style of that time……

    If the courtesan have to be in the teaching…God help us if Susan Griffin……(I fell asleep) then i think we should use women of today and show how they with style and character, charm, perfect timing, cheek
    no exabition rose to power and influence.

    I appreciate the statement you made ****a married woman brings a disgrace on herself if she fools around****. I heard that statement and was so of you. I betsa 90% of the women did not hear this.

    I hope Sherri can teach us a better way of sensuality, keeping our clothes on.

    Mama, these are my thoughts, and the thoughts of many students……you would be suprised!! I am out in the field and am in a position (Thanks to you) to be able to take the pulse.

    Mama, know this I love you more than you will ever know. You are my second admired lady, my first is Jackie Kennedy. I desire to see everything you do prosper. Thank you for the pleasure bootcamp we are starting in Oct. You heard from the field, and reacted to the needs of your sisters.

    Yours in pleasure,
    SG Sarah June

    • Mama Gena September 4, 2010, 1:11 pm

      @SG Sarah June
      Lordisa, child, I simply love it when you jump up on your pulpit and allow your thoughts and feelings to flow, uncensored!!!
      You go, baby!
      That must have felt so good, to get that load off your chest.
      And what i love about you most of all?
      Despite your controversial feelings, you are the most loyal, faithful, and active student.
      How many years have we been together? 🙂
      Let’s just say we have been blessed to witness a lot of water under a lot of bridges with one another.
      And now both Davin and myself have the honor of having you in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, starting in October!
      I look forward to more intimacy, more controversy, and more sisterhood with you, Sarah June.
      And yes, you will love Sheri, too!!
      With so much love and pleasure,
      Mama Gena