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When your desire isn’t here yet – focus on this.

Driftwood. Heard of it?

At the School, driftwood is what we look for whenever a woman is in the process of conjuring or creating a desire, but the desire isn’t exactly here yet.
And – as far as I can tell – this is nearly all of the time.
Because there are always desires, and there are always different desires moving towards us.
As women, we are always on our way to some new and perfect desire.

This period of time, in relationship with a particular desire – when you haven’t gotten what you want yet – can be treacherous. Mama wants what she wants, and she wants it now. Right?

How do you keep your enthusiasm?
How do you keep your trust and your belief in yourself that the desire you’ve been longing for is indeed coming toward you?

Driftwood appears as little clues that what you seek is indeed seeking you.
I look for driftwood like a scent hound on the trail.
And then I name it, and celebrate it, and magnify it, and glorify it as proof that I’m on the right track.

True stories of Driftwood:

Theresa states her desire to be a world famous chef, and the very next day, she sees the host of her favorite cooking show biking in the West Village. Weird! It’s like a little wink from her future. Driftwood.

Denise desires a man that can celebrate her most unleashed sensual self AND is open to a conscious, heart-centered connection. Soon after getting clear, she goes on a date where she is treated like a Queen – it’s flirty, it’s hot, and the conversation is deep. This is a first! And for that night, she had exactly what she wanted. Things don’t pan out, the guy disappears. Ouch. Denise decides this date was a gift – driftwood – that gave her a taste what it’s gonna feel like when her guy shows up, while she grows her capacity to receive him.

Haley wants so badly to move out of the city and buy a sweet cabin in the woods. But her career is going gangbusters, and completely dependent on her showing up in midtown Manhattan. Ugh. She’s starting to brainstorm ideas to make it happen, but her desire seems a million miles away. Out of nowhere, her friend’s cousin invites them both to stay for free at his mansion on Lake Tahoe for a week. Haley lunges at this driftwood, while she keeps chipping away at creating the life she wants.

Driftwood is being so in love with your desire that you’re willing to celebrate each small or big thing as it comes towards you on your way to creating whatever it is that you want.

But, here’s the catch:
Driftwood is in the eye of the beholder. You have to pay attention, or you’ll miss it. And when you do see it, driftwood demands celebration.

You can either decide that what you have is not enough, or you can decide that everything you see is a sign of your greatness coming towards you.

And I recommend the latter, because you know what? It works.
Your greatness is just going to come rushing at you and bowl you over sooner than you think.

Let’s flood the comments section with driftwood – what’s your desire, and what are the signs that it’s on its way to you? Or, in the past, did you ever experience a synchronistic or profound encounter with driftwood, before you got what you really wanted?

p.s. I’m thrilled and overwhelmed to be featured in this month’s issue of Elle UK – I love this piece. It begins:

“From the screams of the 700 women in this New York theater, you’d have thought Mick Jagger had just stepped on the stage. And in a sense, he did, only he is a she, and the message from this strutting powerhouse of charisma is that if you can’t get no satisfaction, then you’d better find some fast, because it might just save your life.”

Yes!!! I have been called the female Mick Jagger!!! Dreams do come true . . . Thank you Stephanie Theobald! Click here to read the whole thing.

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  • Kristin January 20, 2016, 3:36 pm

    I had this article saved in my bookmarks and just read it again. I desire financial freedom: being in the positive with my cash flow, and doing what I love in my life. I feel really good about moving back to Utah. I’m thinking about going back to school at this place that I can go at a really discounted price. I was thinking I needed to be in the positive with my money before I could go back to school, but I could do this and pay it off as I go! I had a driftwood experience for all of these desires seeming to come together when I called to find out if I could stay in the regular student housing while going to this different school online. I had an amazing woman tell me exactly what to say and do to be able to stay in the student housing and to make it easiest and cheapest!!! This showed me I am on the right path. <3

  • Santha October 28, 2014, 1:51 pm

    My desire: for satisfying relationship in my home.

    I desire intimate connection with a man who can hear me and accept me and be with me, who will bring spark and joy and fun into my life, with whom I will feel safe and secure and loved and honored and cared for at a deep intimate and personal level, who is internally secure enough to be able to listen to and answer me and address my concerns without hysteria and attacks and escalation, who can accept my concerns (even worries and anxieties, at times) without being threatened or reactive or blaming or making it all about him and why I’m not OK or wrong or I should feel sorry for or sympathize with HIM instead of addressing my own concerns, needs and wants, who is able to talk about and be in RELATIONSHIP and not just all about work, who can empower me to be strong and competent and self-reliant without being dependent on me or jealous of me, because HE IS IN HIMSELF SECURE AND CONFIDENT, who has life force in abundance and wants to share it with me and enjoy life together in satisfying intimate connection for years to come.

    Driftwood: Such a man is spending time at my home, making part time use of a small cabin we have available. He is 35 years old, 26 years younger than me (!) (I am 61). He has two children from a broken relationship and is struggling to be a constructive and effective father to them. My husband and I have raised two daughters who are in the process of separating and leaving home — it has been a fraught and challenging process for the last 4 years. My friend and I have a good connection — we like each other and get along well and are both attracted to one another. He is beautiful and very sensitive to people and has very good manners and an ability to perceive and connect. My husband enjoys his company too, though he is jealous of the spark between me and this friend, and is feeling pretty burnt out and tired after a lifetime of supporting our family (he’s 61 too, a carpenter.)

    Desire again: I want MORE of this friend. I want to experience some of the things I’ve missed out on in my life with my husband (we’ve lived together since 1973 — that’s 41 years, since we were both 18!) I want to be with a person who can use language and track the movements of human emotion and sexual energy. He lights me up, and I want to feel lit up. I want excitement — AND security. I want love and touch. I want to express myself freely, and have it be OK.

    Driftwood: I love WHERE I live. Now I want to love HOW and with whom I live, and feel joyful and connected being here, every day. I want to make love often, and feel energized and turned on by it and held in love. I love the work I do — now I want to do more of it, be more prosperous and self-supporting, and have the FREEDOM to keep creating what I love and being with whom I love, and the freedom to touch, to talk, to laugh, to follow the thread of light and joy in safety and with inspiration.

    I want to live in love, not in pain and suffering, shame and blame and deprivation, accusation, hostility. I want to live in LOVE.

  • Sylvie J October 27, 2014, 6:01 am

    Dear Regena,

    I live in Prague, Europe. You are one of my greatest inspirers. I loved your note on driftwood. I always try to notice these small signs of the Universe that are pointing in the direction of my desire. I am almost 46 and have a wonderful son. I met The One only 3 years ago though, and we thought it would be wonderful if I could still get pregnant. It has not happened yet, and sometimes I feel that this sentence is likely to become simple past, (It did not happen) as I am not getting any younger as months go by…
    On the train yesterday I saw a young woman who caught my attention for some reason. She sat two seats away from me and I could hear her talking sometimes. After a while I heard her say the following: “You know, my mother was 48 when she gave birth to me. Got pregnant at 47 and was 48 when I was born….” It is rare enough in itself, not to mention the odds of me catching such piece of someone’s chatting on a trainride…..I took it as encouragement from God, telling me I should not give up this dream, it is POSSIBLE….. 🙂 And I felt deep wonder and gratefulness about the whole experience.

    Love to you all,


  • SG Ann October 19, 2014, 9:12 am

    “Evidence that my desire is seeking me”

    As a brand new student in VPBC, I state my desire to sell my feature screenplay and have it manifest into a wildly successful movie…

    That week, in the name of pleasure research, I buy myself magenta tulips after visiting three different delis to figure out what I am truly wanting.( the deli guy throws in a single pink rose as a bonus!) I return home to find the actor/filmmaker Ed Burns literally on my doorstep with a small film crew in the middle of a location scout.

    I have a Reiki session – something I’ve always wanted to try. I share with the practioner that I am a writer, and that I’ve written an epic screenplay about the first women pilots to fly for the US Air Force during WWII. She’s interested in what I might write next and I say I’d like to write some sort of metaphysical love story – I adore movies like Truly, Madly, Deeply, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir… The next day, she calls me, over the moon excited! She tells me that after our session, she was hungry. Craving lobster fried rice, she heads over to the restaurant at the top of the Mandarin Hotel overlooking Columbus Circle. It’s late and the only other patrons in the bar area are Reese Witherspoon and her husband, a big time CAA agent. As I’m listening to her, thrill bumps run up and down my body. Reese is my ideal casting for the role of a famous aviatrix in my script (I had not mentioned this to her.) Reese and her husband were discussing her next project. She desires to produce something big…something metaphysical…

    I post a VPBC Buttkicker submission. The SG who uprides my post begin… “You are a beautiful writer, Ann…”

    And then, last week’s episode of Project Runway. One of the designers is discussing the girl she has in mind when she designs. “She’s fun. She’s flirty. She’s a Fly Girl.” The name of my screenplay is FLY GIRLS – different meaning, still crazy cool!

    Thanks a million for this post, Mama Gena! I kept saying… “What does all this mean? Should I do something?” The image of driftwood gently washing up on the shore lets me know to just keep staying in my pleasure and allow the path to unfold.

  • SG Rorie October 16, 2014, 3:23 pm

    Yahoo! Thank you Regena! Awesome, and totally turning me on topic!

    This summer finding a place to live for my daughter and I. I knew my desires~ beautiful, affordable, outdoor space, and each of us having our own BATHROOM!

    I found one that had it all EXCEPT beauty. Should I take it? I was going to settle and called to take it. It had rented (she had said she would hold it for I was her first choice..). I was shocked……………………….Driftwood…………………………..

    Then the most BEAUTIFUL, just redone (yes granite counters, beautiful molding, CONTEMPORARY!!!!) condo appeared. Someone heard I was looking and told their friend who was going to list it. THE LANDLORD called ME!!!!! And INCLUDED ALL THE FUNISHINGS!!! (I had just had an estate sale and sold everything;).


    The Goddess always goes beyond my wildest dreams. I am in deep appreciation!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh GODDESS IS SO GREAT! Thank you more please!

    Thank you Regena for this driftwood invite, for I continue to remember almost EVERY situation occurs this way for me and it is making my mouth water:).

  • A Natural Journey October 16, 2014, 12:17 pm

    Driftwood… Now there’s a name for it!
    I’ve been experiencing just that lately. Learning to see the blessing and message in he journey! I’ve been co-manifesting ABUNDANCE- financial freedom! It’s been amazing to see how it’s been showing up for me- I’d work late a few days and make some over time. When I’m on call at the hospital I usually don’t get called in, lately, I’ve even called in for some major long open heart surgeries… I just got paid and realized OMG ABUNDANCE is seeking me as much if not more than I’m seeking it!
    My business is also thriving- I have a newborn mini session scheduled tomorrow, 3 mini sessions in the park Saturday! Yeah yeah yeah!!!!
    Loving it! Thanks and congrats on your feature!!!

  • SG Maria October 15, 2014, 10:03 pm

    At first read, I didn’t think I had any driftwood experiences happening for me because I’m not very clear with my big desires. But this post helped me a lot with identifying one of my big desires and seeing my driftwood.

    Also, I’m grateful to the Goddess community. The Goddesses are such an amazing community. You’ve all been teaching me how to stop complaining and take the things that I’m displeased with and having that be my teacher for what I really want.

    I’m always complaining about not feeling heard in my relationship with my husband. I married a terrible listener but a very sweet man who cares and wants to please me very much. And I’m so bad at teaching him how to please me. My big desire is to learn how to get heard. And I thought that I need a coach to help me with that.

    My driftwood is the movie I watched tonight, “In a World….” It’s a story about a daughter who does voiceover work and her father, also does voiceover, who can never hear her. It is an amazing story. She finally gets heard by her father and she then starts to do voice coaching for other women to teach them how to get heard.

  • Sister Goddess Rene aka The Mighty Muse October 15, 2014, 8:56 pm

    I loved the Elle Article! You wear it so well Mama, I’m proud to be one of your SG’s…

  • Mama Gena
    Loved the Elle Article. Hail to Yale… they have no idea what they have unleashed… Kudos… Is it a whole semester ??? Can I sign up???

    I never knew of the word driftwood termed this way before…. love it… but was grateful for God sending me a sample of what I was desiring and knew He was just getting me ready to keep my eyes open for recognizing my desire when He sent it to me because I never recognized the first one because it came in such a unique package I would have never looked there or expected it that way…. So I learned that your desires do not always look like you think they will on the outside so open each gift carefully and inspect it….. it may be your hidden desire inside…

    Lushishly waiting my hot wet desires…
    SG Princess Tammie Awakened Pussy

  • BSG Glitzy Cougar Karen October 14, 2014, 11:38 pm

    Ah, driftwood…I love the reminder. I’ve had some good ones hear at SWA, and lately they are rolling. I have been wanting to work with Hay House for years. Through a series of sister goddess synchronistic events, I won a webinar, did it for Hay House this summer and over 800 people signed up. Then there is the cabaret show that I created out of a $10/hr job (it was a vision I had held for a year about taking this work out into entertainment). It sold out three times in NYC! And now, where there are some men buzzing around…just sayin’ 🙂

    • SG Barbara October 19, 2014, 6:18 pm

      Awesome sauce, BSG Karen! xo

  • Silverheels October 14, 2014, 11:24 pm

    This summer I recorded a “This I Believe” piece for the Rhode Island NPR radio station. A couple of work colleagues told me how calm/serene I sounded. That left me wondering if there might be first time voiceover work in my future.

  • Sasha Stone October 14, 2014, 8:52 pm

    This is fantastic Mama Gena, and so important in keeping spirits high and hopeful. I feel that by acknowledging every small step, every little sign, every piece of driftwood, you send gratitude to the Universe which expands into greater abundance of what you desire.

    I am desiring to grow my businesses. So far this week I’ve received new sign-ups to my newsletter and scheduled a phone consultation for tonight for a potential new client. Driftwood indeed!

    Thank you! Mwah! xo

  • jeyan October 14, 2014, 7:06 pm

    Such an awesome article on the February weekend… I’m bringing my daughter-in-law and two granddaughters to the Feb 2015 weekend and they have already accepted!!! My daughter in law wants to do this course before her 25th wedding anniversary next November 2015…. She is so excited!!

    thank you Regina for all that you do… you’re an amazing woman!!


  • Emily Shaules October 14, 2014, 4:34 pm

    I LOVED your article! I have used the phrase “breadcrumbs from the Universe” for years to describe my driftwood and it was so fun to read such a similar description. For me with a new business sprouting (we launch in January), I have to celebrate my driftwood as I don’t yet have my finished products, etc. But when I do, it’s like they already are here!

  • Deborah Smith aka SG Wicked October 14, 2014, 3:46 pm

    Wow Regena,

    Way to rock it!! I had been heariang about the Yale study (s’pose we all have). So awesome that they discovered that you are the solution!!!

    Driftwood: three adorable men treating me like a Queen. One mind blowing wedding, so full of magic and wisdom and glorious competent SGs and sundry amazing helpful men. And my Ex who teased me as I pinned on his boutonniere saying, “Now is your chance to stick me.” Plus his sweet compliments about both my cooking and exquisite floral design work.
    Then there were three days of S. Cal beaching and dance breaks with the entire crew to release the tension of the final days of wedding prep.
    Oh yay: lots of awesome driftwood!!

    Thank you. Truly none of this would be so exquisite without the training you have given us.


  • T. L. Cooper October 14, 2014, 3:44 pm

    I was stuck on this idea I had for the cover for my upcoming book of short stories, Soaring Betrayal. I was so stuck on it, my reluctance to entertain any other ideas brought the book process to a complete halt because it wasn’t working. I didn’t want to admit it wasn’t working. I forced it even though all the driftwood was pointing me away from it. After some particularly loving but blunt comments, I finally realized it really didn’t work. As soon as I released my stubborn hold on it, a new idea emerged from my husband, an idea that worked! Next up came driftwood about the back cover copy that I felt in my soul wasn’t working. I rewrote it and showed it to a friend who declared the new copy “perfect”. Also, the author photo was creating a challenge for me. This weekend, I had new author photos taken and did so in a relaxed and happy manner resulting in a fun shoot and some great shots!
    At various times as all these challenges appeared, I looked at all this and wondered if I should scrap the project altogether. Each time I had those thoughts, a few random people offered me general encouragement and asked about my next book release.
    So now, the project is back on and my press has a brand new logo. Every time I paid attention, the new direction made things that much better!

  • Sister Goddess of Everything ~ Dani October 14, 2014, 2:59 pm

    I will be open to the driftwood today…

    I am putting it out there to the universe… I am supposed to rent my place out from Oct 26th to the 31st and was going to spend the week in GA with a relationship that has been very turbulent. Well, I was told I am no longer welcome there… 🙁 BUT, I realized this was an opportunity and opening to creating something else… something new… I am committed to renting my place and making some cash but perhaps I can create a trip somewhere, or make some sister goddess friends on here whom I can stay with during that duration in NYC or elsewhere… a week vacay/course something to satisfy my goddess senses… Any suggestions, ideas and brainstorming welcome!!!
    <3 Dani

  • Kate October 14, 2014, 2:53 pm

    Your blog today is driftwood. Perfect timing. Needed this today.

  • Silvia October 14, 2014, 2:48 pm

    Awesome and amazing post!!!!!!Exactly what I needed to hear!!!!Thank you so much mother goddess!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Linda Kannapell October 14, 2014, 1:54 pm

    I would Love it if I could share with all of you what my Desire was and what my piece of Driftwood was……..However, I cannot because….”.I am a piece of Driftwood”. I feel as if I have been casted off to drift and fend for myself. I Desire to be picked up by a soul who can really see me, appreciate me, and respect me for what I am and not for what they Desire for me to be or become. I am ok with being a piece of driftwood, but not Thrilled about it.
    After reading and absorbing Mama Gena’s post, I am in Awe of all of You who have focused on your successes.
    I am still drifting and I wood Love to have a bit of Your Juice sent my way! <3 Linda/GLinda

  • Melanie B October 14, 2014, 1:53 pm

    This is so true! I am really working on this as I’ve tended to see the negative in things for a lot of my life, but looking for the driftwood is so much more fun. I started a new business in August and I am overwhelmed with how many people have come forward to help me get the word out and also all of the positive response I’ve had from customers. It’s awesome! Driftwood galore.

    Hi to the other Melanie above me. Love your name. 🙂

  • Gwynne Montgomery October 14, 2014, 1:49 pm

    Driftwood. I like that.

    I call the Signs. With a big S, not a little one.

    Sometimes, they’re one-off things. Holy schmoly, did that really happen… kind of things. Like… “Hey, Universe, I keep getting little signals that I should be teaching people how to live this kind of wide open, connected to the flow life… can you let me know if I’m right?” And I launch a course that’s just a teeny step in that direction, and I sell half the slots before I even have an official sales page… Holy schmoly, did that really happen? Yup, yup, it did. It’s just *in the direction* of my desires, but firm thump-on-the-head confirmation that they’re incoming.

    Other times, they’re repetitive, but very distinct things. Seeing a ridiculous number of yellow cars. (Go ahead, start noticing yellow cars… at first, you’ll hardly see any…)

    They’re all messages. “Yes, darling, you’re going in the right direction. Keep going. The journey is part of the goal.”

    <3 ~ Gwynne @ I See The Future

  • Melanie October 14, 2014, 1:35 pm

    Love this reminder, thank you!

  • Techno Guru K8 October 14, 2014, 1:19 pm

    Your blog today was the DUH! reminder required for us to recreate our story around our technology company…Searching for tiny nuances of driftwood and using the tools (damn, they work!) to get there in exquisite timing;)

  • Prada Madonna October 14, 2014, 12:51 pm

    Dearest Mama –
    Congrats on the awesome article.
    Today Yale, then Harvard, then Goldman Sachs then the White House.
    Easy enough, right?
    Love you,

    • Linda Kannapell October 14, 2014, 12:59 pm


  • SG Ti Sugarbitch October 14, 2014, 12:47 pm

    I’m refreshing my relationship with money and celebrating every bit of driftwood I receive. A volunteer at work gave me a penny she’d found. I danced in my chair, singing, “Penny, penny, penny, penny penny loves me!” Then the investment firm that handles retirement accounts for the organization where I work called to ask if the $7500 that had been wired to them should go in my account. It wasn’t mine, but I celebrated like it was! Two days later, I saw my mom, who gave me an out-of-the-blue gift of $150 cash! I am loving it! This morning, I got an email telling me the amount that will be deposited into my retirement, to correct a past error, is about $200 less than I expected. I didn’t celebrate that, but I’m realizing now that it’s still money that I didn’t have a day ago. So I’m off to do my Sexy Money Magnet dance in the bathroom at work. I am sucking it in and instead of anxiety or ‘yes,but,’ I’m having F-U-N with every bit of driftwood and the real moolah that’s flowing in.

    • SG Ti Sugarbitch October 14, 2014, 7:20 pm

      Had to update – after I had my ‘oooh, I’m gettin’ MONEY’ dance break in the bathroom, I got word that I’m getting more money deposited into my retirement than originally reported. Yes!! Celebrating each splinter of driftwood isn’t just fun, it’s effective!

  • helen October 14, 2014, 12:44 pm

    oh honey mama g ~ jagger aint’ got nothin on you – he was always singing about ‘can’t get no satisfaction!’ – whereas you got it all goin on…. you rule! yay yay yay
    Yes, i just started going through the W-Arts book a second time, with diff coloured pens now, and realized this weekend i have scared myself silly ~ i have been into all kinds of driftwood – from buying brand new squeaky clean virgin black little file cabinets (towards organizing my new life) and signing up for singing lessons, starting to do art, reading hot books i bought ages ago and never looked at, got deliciously kissy-faced with a guy i just met, logging my orgasms (whoever thought orgasms for homework, ha ha ha ha) and giving away expensive things to thrift shop to make room for more (and getting two dining wood chairs i have lusted over in magazines – for ten bucks)…. and eating whateverthehell i wanted and jumping on my rebounder every morning and getting new clothes and having same kissy-face cute guy i spontaneously emailed for Canadian Thanksgiving actually email me back with capital letters and exclamation marks…. i realized i had suddenly been terrified my parents would show up in rage and crazed frenzy at my outrageous behaviours – talk about old ghosts -(i’m 62) they have been dead for years (’72 and ’95) – aarhg… yes, and this is only the hint of the beginning…
    THANK YOU!! xoxo 🙂

  • Suzi October 14, 2014, 12:33 pm

    This post is also my driftwood. This morning I was worrying about money (again) and I know it’s headed my way (because of specific things going on at work) but I just don’t know WHEN. So I’m thinking “How will I do this, how will I do that, afford holidays, etc.” And then of course that graduated to “What if the money NEVER comes?” which is ridiculous because it will. But not FAST ENOUGH for me. So this post is my driftwood – to notice the little things that show me to trust the universe, trust my desire. And you know what? I’ve ALWAYS had enough to do what I need – bills, kids (I’m a single mom), and a splurge now and then. Why, why, WHY do I still worry and doubt? So thanks, MG – this was a great reminder to pay attention. It’s coming. In it’s own good time.

    • Lisa October 15, 2014, 5:44 pm

      Thank you SG! This post was my driftwood today! Xo

  • Sister Goddess Pal-pip-wi October 14, 2014, 12:08 pm

    Hey I’ve never heard the term “driftwood” before for this phenomenon and I LOVE IT!
    Such a perfect visual, and I love visuals!
    I get pieces of driftwood rolling in all the time, ha!
    Let me think of one for example here….

    I am embarking on a HUGE new desire and I have just begun the planning and scripting stage and having so much fun with it. I want to spend my “retirement” opening as many Sudbury-type schools as possible in my region. I want to create the millions of bucks to buy the gorgeous huge houses with lots of acreage, hire a staff, and get them up & running so I can move on to the next one! This is my PASSION. I have some ideas for a new business that can bring in those millions.
    A piece of driftwood came my way:
    The friend that 1st asked me years ago to help her research the Sudbury type school as a possibility for her son (when I first heard of it & fell in love with the concept)…. we haven’t been in touch in 3 years: she calls out of the blue last week & we reconnect in that glorious INSTANT way sister goddesses do!!
    And I got to tell her right away that she was vital in developing this passion of mine!

    P.S. To gear up to start a new business that will pull in all the moolah I need for this desire, I am reading the classic by Bob Proctor: You Were Born Rich. Here’s a quote from the book that relates to seeing & celebrating DRIFTWOOD:
    “Remember: the stream of plenty always flows toward the open, expectant mind”.

  • SG Rebecca October 14, 2014, 12:08 pm

    Park Slope driftwood: on the phone, chatting with the producer of my first short film, when I realize the man I’ve locked eyes with is none other than Steve Buscemi! Then I ran into my favorite writing teacher a few seconds later.

  • goldie darling October 14, 2014, 12:05 pm

    Driftwood is always fun and gratifying to collect. Your post 2day is such a wonderful piece to add to my abundant collection. Thank-you, Mama Jagger

  • Shirley Ann October 14, 2014, 11:44 am

    YOU, Mama Gena! You are my driftwood today!

    I love you!!!!!!!!

  • Eugenia October 14, 2014, 11:18 am

    This makes me feel so good!!! My man driftwood was in spending an evening going to theater, having diner and then spending all nigh and the next day with a lover making love or going to a tango class with an admirer. My career driftwood, was getting to teach and coach a woman’s circle, finding a coaching clients on the street and teaching her how to OM…my writer’s driftwood – was getting stuck at home with a friend playing with building my blog, which resulted in the framework and face of the blog almost completed. All I need to do is add content. It’s coming every which way possible, one step at a time…

  • Sister Goddess Dazzling Debra October 14, 2014, 10:50 am

    As always, PERFECT!!!
    One of my dearest most treasured male friends spent this past weekend with me. We hung out together, we did our own thing. We talked endlessly, we were quiet doing our own thing for hours. This was driftwood of how I want it to feel when I have the relationship I desire. I want all the passion and sex and tumble on the floor because we want to ravish each other but I also want the quiet comfort of everyday life. When I am around couple that adore eat other I alert all of my senses and I take in how it feels. I bathe in it, I inhale it.
    I am also looking for the apartment I want to call home for a long time. I am seeing ONLY apartments that I can stay in for days without leaving AND leave to my friends when I am not at home. I went to SG Elan’s house the other day and inhaled its perfection of style and its enormity. I am seeing pieces of what I want and it helps me to know that when I see it, THIS IS IT!!!
    I LOVE doing this exercise. I love that even though I don’t have some of the things I desire (I also LOVE being reminded that I DO have things on the desire list) I am experiencing what I want it to look like when it appears.

  • Susan October 14, 2014, 10:47 am

    Awesome article!!!

    I hope you can soon study the Womanly Arts at College. That would be a milestone!

    That blog today refreshed me so much. Am going to do something good for me RIGHT NOW.

    Love ya, Mama!!!!!