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Owning Your Beauty

The women that take the Womanly Arts Mastery Program get something that I call “glow.” You’ve seen it when a woman walks down the street with her inner light “on.” She can stop traffic with her smile. No matter who you think you are, I want that for you! The world needs it from you!

Stop Depriving the World of Your Beauty

I’ve got a truckload of tips, tools, facts and experts to help you properly worship and adorn the glorious body you are in. The heart of the Womanly Arts Mastery Program is teaching you to own your beauty, now, not later when…. you lose weight, get a different haircut, boyfriend, car, job, apartment or life. Beautiful starts with getting in the now. My simple request: stop depriving the world of your bodacious brand of beauty!

Ownership is the key to beauty. You gotta dig on down and own yours to have yours. Every Sister Goddess—no matter how beautiful the world tells her she is—has to know and accept herself if she is to truly own it. Loving ourselves releases our life force and expands our beauty.

Beauty’s Little Secret…

Our innate beauty is nothing without enthusiasm backing it up. That’s why some women who have great physical attributes do not strike us as particularly attractive, and why some women who have no objective reason to enchant come across as absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. Most of us fall somewhere in between, but all of us can swing from beauty to ugliness, depending on our mood.

Beauty’s elusive trick, her secret, is that she requires great internal discipline to exist. Loving all of the features we have—the perfect, the quirky, the downright ugly—is one decision that creates her. Setting the stage for beauty, creating the atmosphere, being deliberate about every aspect of her care and feeding all contribute to beauty’s ongoing existence. Pleasure in life, satisfaction with ourselves and a rich sensual life add to her glow.

We are all capable of radiating our own individual beauty into the world. We all have access to the glow of gorgeousness. The question becomes, how interested are we in being beautiful? Are we interested enough to accept ourselves completely in order to be a knockout? Consider this seriously, my beauties, for complete ownership of ourselves and all our gifts is the price that beauty exacts.

What I have come to see is that we can embrace our beauty in countless ways. All we have to do is look around and do our best to incorporate our vision of it into every move we make, every item we surround ourselves with, every thought and feeling we have about ourselves and our place in the big, beautiful world around us.

Every Woman Is Beautiful

Let’s have our way with beauty and learn how to rejoice and honor that spark of miracle which we are all born with. Every baby is beautiful. Every woman is beautiful. Every creation of the Goddess is beautiful.

Exercise: How to Talk to Yourself

At least three times a day, every day, say out loud to yourself, “I am beautiful.” You can say this life-changing little phrase as you walk down the street, as you pass a mirror, at your desk. You can quietly think, “I am beautiful,” as many times a day as you wish, but you may say it out loud no less than three times.

For extra credit, do it in front of a mirror and give yourself a little wink as you do. This exercise totally changes your body chemistry from self-negation to self-adoration in one second flat. If you do it before an important meeting or dinner with your boyfriend, you are a genius!

You don’t need to worry about changing the unconscious messages you send yourself every day—they’ll start changing on their own once you convince yourself of your gorgeousness. Just add on this little ditty and you will be giving yourself a three-second beauty treatment every time you do!

Ready to rise to the challenge of treating yourself like the profound beauty you are? The Womanly Arts Mastery Program can teach you how!