January 27, 2015

How the hell is this my life?


Sister Goddess Leslie, Age 41 When I walked through the doors of the School of Womanly Arts, I was getting a divorce at the age of 37. I was beyond devastated. On the other side of this journey, I am a proud new mama at the age of 41, partnered with my husband and best friend, […]

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January 20, 2015

Do you get as good as you give?


After watching the Golden Globes the other night, I just had to check out the film BOYHOOD. I especially loved Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech, where she said: “You placed in my hands the part of Olivia, an under-appreciated single mother. Thank you for shining a light on this woman, and the millions of women like […]

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January 13, 2015

Have you hit your moment yet?


So, last Sunday I finally finished the first draft of the second chapter of my new book. I was right on deadline, even a few days early. (Quick brag: This book has been writing itself. I am so happy writing it, and it is so much fun­ I feel like Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Springsteen­­, at […]

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January 6, 2015

Ditch your resolutions for the Discipline of Yearning


You may or may not know this yet, but one of the reasons you joined this community is that you wanted to get really, really good at the Art of Yearning. Yearning is a way for a woman to spend her life in connection with Spirit. As we sink into this fresh New Year, many […]

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December 30, 2014

Our Favorite Frames from 2014! (Then, your turn.)


Ok, ok, ok. Enough already with the resolutions and goals and intentions and desires. I, personally, have no urge to improve or change, or upgrade myself. I just want to take a moment and celebrate. Myself. And YOU. Seriously – this won’t take long and then we can head right back and join all our […]

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Miami magic.

Do you know that feeling when every drop of you is spent, washed, wiped and savored — like the last bit of gravy soaked into a crust of the bread at the end of the most extraordinary meal — ever?

My team and I are awash in all the brilliance, beauty, sisterhood, magic, depth, breadth, emotional magnitude, transcendent beauty, and pure raw turn on of The Immersion: Miami.

When a long empty bucket gets filled inside of a woman, we all feel quenched.
Drenched from hours of dancing hard at the the pink party, drenched from a swim in the perfect blue water, drenched in tears, drenched in ecstasy.
When Sisterhood stretches her generous arms to include every single solitary woman, we are all restored.

The magic carpet of this trip began with a Creation Course intensive, followed by a luxurious spa day. Then, Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp students met each other live, for the first time, and on Friday night, The Immersion: Miami began at the Convention Center, stretching over 3 days of magic-making with women from all over the world.

And did I mention? I rode in on a white horse. Yes, really. I can’t wait until all the pictures are ready. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, here are just a couple of shots, to share a small slice of the Miami magic with you.

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There’s one thing I teach women from all over the planet that is probably the biggest game changer of all:




Let me say that one again.

t r u s t   .   y o u r   .   d e s i r e s   .

That impulse, that vision, that pull you feel towards whatever you want is your connection to the Divine. And we’ve been trained not to trust our appetite — not to want too much, for fear of looking greedy, being disappointed, or appearing demanding.

Desires are not about that at all.

Desires are the interface between you and that which is greater than you.

Desire is where creation begins.

What lofts a desire into creation is sheer enjoyment. And that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on here.

When you enjoy your desire — savor it, breathe life into it, study it, invest time into it — things start to happen. Things that you never ever could’ve cooked up for yourself or even believed possible. But this doesn’t come from willing it in your pretty little head — or desperately hoping that it will come true.

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7 Tips to Turn On your Work Life


“How am I supposed to feel turned on and in love with my life, when I spend so much time at a job I hate?” I received this question from a reader recently, and wanted to address it today because I know this sister is not alone in her frustration.

Who amongst us hasn’t felt overworked, uninspired, or underpaid at our jobs, at some point in our career? Even if you love your job, there are those weeks when you just get stuck at your desk for far too long.

For me and my team, we love the work we do, adore each other, and have so much to be grateful for — but we get stuck, too.

Right now, we’re closing in on one of our biggest events of the year and our plates are full, full, full. Plus, Donna is down for the count with a broken ankle and a nasty cold (send love!), and Hannah just got back from three weeks up north to help out with her brand new nephew (so cute!). And I, after separating my home and office for the first time in 15 years, am still trying to figure out how people pack their lunches, get dressed, walk dogs, organize their paperwork, and get themselves and their kids out the door on time!

During times like these, it is so easy (and yet, agonizing) to just push through, nose to the grindstone, and charge towards the weekend when you can squeeze in your dose of fun, pleasure, and joy.

But, but, but! This is exactly the time you need to turn UP the volume on your turn ON.

The key to landing a job you love (or transforming the job you have), a job that truly reflects your worth, a job that makes you ecstatic, is not to sit at your desk and hate the job you have, it’s not to settle for crumbs on the weekend, and it’s not to work yourself into the ground until you crash and burn out.

The key is to party with the job you’ve got. Today, I’ve created my short list of 7 Tips to Turn On your Work Life.

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The world was created for this.

You know that feeling.
You can feel it right now if you choose.
It is a sensation that feels very good inside, like you are sunshine; you are the ripple of wind across the water.
It feels sacred. It feels sensual. It feels pleasurable. It feels like the best possible truth. It feels like rapture.

Our internal compass develops in a healthy way by tuning itself, like a pitch pipe, to pleasurable experiences.

Problem: pleasure is not a word that people can hear, right now. We turn our backs to it, like a crucifix to a vampire. It threatens our opinion about our very nature, and our survival.

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It’s worth the risk to FEEL.

How ya feeling?

How many times a day do we get asked that question?

And how many times a day do we actually sink into the question, sense, discern and become conscious of the actual way we feel – and then, risk the truth of transparency in our answer?

I get to feeling kind of awkward when someone asks me how I am and I know they don’t want to really know.

I have a moment of wondering if I should reach for my truth anyway, or give them the finey-shiney answer they are expecting.
Or maybe I make the inner call that I don’t want to risk anything with them beyond “Fine.”
I might decide that they can’t handle my truth, or they are not really interested. Maybe I don’t want to be known by them.

We make instantaneous decisions about who we are – and who we are not – going to reveal ourselves to.

Who hasn’t been told to keep her feelings to herself?
Too much, too loud, too emotional, too intense?
We restrict our true feelings to conform to a culture that does not understand, appreciate, or acknowledge the ever-changing, ever-unfolding inner life of an emotionally healthy woman.
And by doing so, we restrict ourselves.
Suffocating ourselves.

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