April 15, 2014

My trip to the ER


Darlings, Last week, I promised to give you the 5th and most important step in creating a pleasurable experience. To recap for those of you who are tuning in today for the first time, the creation of a pleasurable life is not easy. In fact, it is actually easy to live a miserable life — […]

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April 8, 2014

How I make magic happen


Darlings, Like every single one of us, I work hard. I especially work hard when I launch a new program. Last weekend’s Mastery launch was not only the highlight of my teaching career with the largest, most expressive, most brilliant Mastery class ever, but my incredible team was absolutely spot on, glorious, gorgeous, generous and […]

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April 1, 2014

Bettered. Bested. Beyonded.


Darlings, There are those days, in a life, that you work for and towards with your whole heart and soul, that seem, sometimes, just out of reach. I know those days so well. And then, there are those rare and wonderful days in a life, where home plate slides right into you. A good thing. […]

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March 25, 2014

47 years of “too late”

SG Leslie

Darlings, Today I get to share with you one of my favorite things in the world — the story of an incredible woman that I got to meet because of the School of Womanly Arts. I have a special fondness for the women who hate me at first sight. I can see her passion and […]

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March 18, 2014

Blood sisters


Darlings, I am in the middle of an International Countdown. A huge caper. Me, my team, and women from 10 different countries and 30 different states are on the road together, even though most of us have never met. We are all winding our way down indescribably different roads, heading to the same destination. We […]

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When you take on the impossible


I am so in it.
So deep.
And I want to take you inside.

Every thought I have, every step I take is in pure service to the event we are creating this weekend, called The Womanly Arts Experience. I am excited, nervous, and deeply, deeply engaged.

For me, right now, it’s all about what to wear, practicing the best songs for the entrances, polishing the perfect exercises, reviewing the pacing, and finalizing the most incredible venue for the party Saturday night.
It is the first time that the school has ever produced an event for 880 women, and we are sold out, with a huge waiting list.

But if we go back a few months, when I got this idea into my head, we had literally no idea that this would happen. We were going to be happy if 500 women came. Ecstatic if we got 600. Over the moon if 700 showed up. 880 wasn’t even a thought at the time.

But something happens when a woman engages. Truly engages. Heart mind body soul, engages. What she stands for on the inner, begins to shift the outer.

When you take on the impossible, the really big energies line up so that you attract the outrageous. (Click to tweet!)

Regena WompThe power of her desire sends an invisible hook out into the universe, which starts to draw in not only her greatest heart’s desire, but so much more besides.

Not only have we filled the house for the Womanly Arts Experience, but the Daily News came by and did a whole-page feature on me and the School, which generated so much traffic that our website kept toppling down all day. Next, the London Times came and did an interview with me. Talk about the power of attraction!! And the event has not even happened yet.

And this is what I will be teaching women, this weekend.
That each of us has the power to create anything we desire, when we know what we want, and go for it, dialed in to our deepest passion – for the pure raw fun of it.
The miraculous is only a risk away. (Click to tweet!)
Yup, you heard me.
Only a risk away.

What miraculous are you going to risk, for yourself, today?
Please share with me in the comments, below.
I want to know what your greatest passions are, and your greatest fears.
They can hold hands as we jump off the cliff, together. :-)

In so much love and pleasure,

Do you put yourself last?


Where do you fall on the scale of priorities in your life?
Do you put yourself first?
Or last?
Would you cancel your plans with friends if your boss asked you to work late?
Do you invest in yourself? Or give your all to others?
Do you know how harmful that is?

OK, I admit it.
It happened to me.
Motherhood martyrdom.
Yup, even me, the Queen of Pleasure herself.
For a few years after my divorce, guess what I had been serving for dinner?
Kid food.
Breaded chicken.
Steamed Broccoli.
Night after night after night.
And I don’t even eat meat.
Why? Because that is what my daughter would eat.
She is super fussy about her food.
And after a long day of working and parenting, I took the “easy” way out.
But was it easy?
Not really. We consistently had a unsatisfying time at the dinner table.
I felt victim-y and annoyed because all I would do was end up eating salad. After salad. After salad.
Perhaps not surprisingly, my daughter was bored as well, and responded to my crankiness with her own.
My selflessness was not appreciated. Not by Maggie, nor me. In fact, was I being selfless? Or, was I actually teaching my daughter to shrink, instead of expand? Was I settling for crumbs instead of standing for my desires?

Women have been taught to put themselves last. continue reading…

I’m not that woman!


I ran into a girlhood friend, Carol.
We had not seen one another in more than 40 years.
She has a quiet life in the country, married to her childhood sweetheart, and working as a high school guidance counsellor, in Vermont.
In the last year, she and her husband separated, she battled diabetes, lost a job she deeply loved, and then, quit a job she did not like.
This is a time of great transition in her life.
Now, she wants to start her own counseling practice, and learn how to market herself. She wants to meet more people of like minds, hearts and souls. She wants to connect more deeply to the purpose of her life. She wants to be truly and deeply happy again.

She and I shared a childhood.
I know her longings.
I know her girlhood heart, filled with dreams.
So, of course, I invited her to our event February 1 and 2.
One weekend with me, and a woman’s world blows open.

She checked out my website.

And she declined.

Turned me flat down.

“I am not that kind of woman, Regena. I am not like you. I don’t wear high heels. I don’t even own high heels. I hate pink. I am not flirty or saucy or outrageous or loud. I am serious. Deeply committed to my own growth and the growth of others.
I am not frivolous in any way, shape or form. I know I would feel like a fish out of water at something like this. And I already feel that way, in my life. It would just depress me more.”
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Results that defy logic


How many new year’s resolutions did you write down this year?
(Don’t roll your eyes at me, Miss Missy!!)
And how many of those resolutions have been on your list for quite some time – years, even? (Big group sigh.)
What is it that happens to a resolution – that it stays unresolved?
What inner demon flat-out stops a resolution in its frail tracks?
Why is it that they seem to suddenly evaporate when you pass a dessert cart at a party?
Or face an employer who intimidates you?
Or spend another Saturday night…alone?

And wouldn’t you just give the whole wide world and then some to solve this riddle?

Being able to actually conjure, create, and live your dreams, desires and resolutions.
Desires, dreams, hopes, wishes, resolutions – it’s all a slice of the same pie. As women, we can create with our bodies, our thoughts, our intentions.
And no one in this wide world tells you how, teaches you how, or tosses you into the deep end so you can swim in brand new waters and make it to a brave new shore where you get what you want in record time in a way that simply could not be predicted.
Well, until The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program.
Get ready – I am about to reveal a little known but incredibly important fact, especially if you are a woman:
Logic is the enemy of creation. (Click to tweet!)
Worse than kryptonite to Superman.

Have you noticed how often you will think of something utterly wonderful – an absolutely brilliant new year’s resolution – that you long for, but, almost as instantaneously as you have that thought, your logical mind shuts your desire right down?
Your logical mind sends in thoughts like: I could never do that – it’s too much! Too extravagant! Too selfish! Impossible!!
And your resolution slowly begins to vaporize. And you are left with a shrug, an ‘oh well’ and an eerie sense of failure.

Because there are circumstances which actually create creation, and allow for the fulfillment of any and all new year’s resolutions, but the culture we live in is not structured in a way to support a woman’s dreams coming true. We live inside this culture like round pegs trying to fit into a square hole.
It’s not through setting goals.
Not through logic.
Nor doing the right thing that cuts a woman’s imagination and creation loose.
It is her connection to her own pleasure.
Her connection to source.
Her plugging into the magnificence of the body woman.
And connecting all those magical circuits to Sisterhood.

This is not at all logical. We operate differently than a man operates. Our creation process is utterly different than the way our culture has trained us.

At the end of this blog, I am going to let you read a detailed story of one of my Sister Goddesses who has been defying logic since she took Mastery six years ago. continue reading…

Man freak-out => Activism


Yes, it’s true.
I was having a ‘man’ freak-out.
It was a small thing. But not small to me. I had the great foolishness to develop a massive crush on a guy from a dating site, who I had never met, but who sent me a poem. Two poems, actually. (Do I emanate ‘send me a poem and win a free ticket to my heart???’)
And then, the dude vanishes. Up and vanishes.
Thus, the freak-out.
I am not a woman alone.
I am a woman surrounded by Sisterhood.
Sister Goddess Activism is my way of life.

A gang of my sisters got on the phone with me, talked me gently off my wall, and they gave me a few of my own exercises to do, to regain sanity, such that I was able to e-mail said poet without a drop of anger in my heart. A few hours later, said poet sent me a third poem.
And we are going on our first date tomorrow.
I am more excited about meeting him, than I have been about any guy, in a long time.

Dating is not something to do all alone.
Neither is raising kids.
Or navigating a career.
Or creating a marriage.
Or dealing with an illness. Or a death.

Having a woman, or better still, women, stand for you, while you run, heart wide open, in the direction of your dreams and desires, is nothing short of a miraculous luxury that it is my conviction all women require.

Alone, I am stuck where I get stuck.
Alone, my despair derails me.

But, surrounded by Sister Goddess Activism, I am not limited by my own limitations. continue reading…