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Sensuality is Power


Sensuality is power.

Not domination.  Not force.
It is something different.  It is both more practical and more numinous.

Yesterday, I was traveling seven hours with my daughter, to have a weekend visit with my college chums on Cape Cod.  The day before, I had packed up our beach house and moved us back to the city, after a week of hosting guests, and preparing for all the back-to-school activities at The School of Womanly Arts.

Maggie and I were exhausted.  And I knew the only way to get through the day of planes and trains and automobiles would be to connect with my eternal power source—my sensuality.

I put on these ankle boots that make me feel hot.  Tight white pants that make my legs looong.  A scarf I got in Paris, and a shrunken jean jacket.  The slightly tight clothes made me super aware of my body.  I walked differently, knowing I was hot.  And the focus of the day completely changed—it was not about the trains and planes and automobiles, it was about the pure privilege of being me (and Maggie being Maggie) and enjoying the challenging, ever changing experiences, as we travelled through New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

We ended up having a great day.  Laughing a lot. Flirting with everyone, and getting offered a ride on a motorcycle when we reached Cape Cod (which we did not accept—too dangerous… :-))

This is something that I want for all women.

Each of us has the propensity and the ability to connect to a deep, interior strength in pure service to ourselves.  That is the gift of 8,000 nerve endings.  The gift of being a woman.

Most women do not have any idea how to find that switch and keep it on.

The connection to our core fire is often tattered and torn.

We all have had such varied and difficult relationships with our sensuality.  Abuse.  Violence.  Ignorance.  Lack of education.  No validation.  Poor role models.

In today’s video, you are going to meet 3 women who have completely turned around their lives, by turning around their relationship to their sensuality.  You will see what happens to a woman when her core power is used for her, rather than against her.  The elixir of sensuality powers not only the woman, but her entire world.

It is our 4th and final video of this summer’s series, and we’ve saved the best for last.

Join me, Mirna, Sade and Bernadette in the video below, find their answers to your questions below that, and then join us all in the comments at the bottom…

What steps can you take to fall in love with your own power after a lifetime of feeling guilty/selfish…?


First I would suggest taking a look at how not owning your power and feeling small has served you.  Pretty disappointing, huh?  Make the choice—right now—to change your old habits and beliefs around power.  My guess is you are so damn powerful you scare yourself. Create affirming mantras like “I am powerful and brilliant,” or “I can and will make a difference.”  Being an active member in the Sister Goddess community has afforded me the opportunity to be in the company of great women who, with all of life’s challenges, are positive and affirming, egging all towards reaching their goals and desires. Find yourself right.

How do we own and worship the Goddess and have a man in our life that “sees” us and honors us?


The Goddess dwells inside each of us.  A way of being that reminds us what a privilege it is to be WOMAN.  Owning and honoring all the faces of the Goddess within allows us to accept ourselves wholeheartedly.  Self-love is impossible without this complete acceptance.  This is not lost on our men.  A woman who fully owns herself is the most amazing sight to behold, and her man knows it.  He in turn worships her and desires to honor all of her.

How do I maintain the mindset to be FAB everyday and keep the inner light bulb lit?


Awesome question!  It’s work…it does not come easily. However, it’s crucial to stay FAB, so I suggest a “Diet of Juiciness”! With regularity you must brag about your successes and greatness (both small and large), do what makes you feel good daily (e.g., have green juice, exercise, flirt, go for a walk, meditate, laugh, watch a good movie, dance…whatever!); you are so worth it. Make a date with yourself often and go get a massage or take your Baddass out for dinner. Know that great self-care is priceless!

I want to feel confident asking for what I want! Even exploring my daily desires for life is difficult. I don’t think it should be.


The number one confidence booster for asking for what you want is getting crystal clear about what that is.  My go-to tool is a desire journal: a beautiful book dedicated to all the small and large wishes my heart is beating for.  I write down everything I am desiring, no matter how dreamy or future-based it is.  This alone can feel like an act of courage because sometimes I find myself thinking, “Do I deserve that?”  I write it all down.  Find yourself right for wanting and loving all that you are longing for, whether it is heart based or materialistic.

Begin with baby steps.  Ask yourself: what do I desire to eat for breakfast that would nourish my body?  What do I desire to wear to work that would evoke a sense of confidence in me?  What do I desire to do after work that will inject a sense of play into my day?  Asking and answering questions like these will get your exploration started.  Remember to tune in to your feelings when your desires manifest. This will help you articulate even more of your desires, and the clarity will help you focus on what to ask for next.

How do I overcome and get myself to stay on the “good track” in improving all the things that I want to get done and be successful?


Make yourself a Desire List of your burning desires, post it somewhere where others can see it. This will make you feel accountable. Don’t be afraid to state your desires out loud. It makes them real. Set realistic goals and be in the company of people who are goal oriented and aren’t stagnant. Know that “baby steps” are steps forward. Reward yourself for any progress you make. Vision boards are wonderful tools as well.

It’s not a BAD life, I just want more. Why can’t I find the energy to go for more?


Your vitality is part of your charm, and the best way I know how to maintain amazing energy levels is through self-care.  Self-care is self-love.  And this is not negotiable.  Mama Gena always says self-care is self-protection.  Want to go for more?  Try EXQUISITE self-care today. That is a Goddess’s way of taking revolution into her own hands.  Through self-care you will not only increase your energy levels but change the world, too.


Inspired?   I want you to tell your stories in the comments section below, and hear the ways in which you live your sensual truth (or not), and have a chance to answer whatever questions you have.  Let’s keep the conversation going!

With so much love and pleasure, 

Mama Gena


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  • Rebecca October 12, 2013, 11:36 pm

    Mama Gena, I love yoooooooooou!! And the sister G’s!!!! 😀 Yes!! Yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Kim September 7, 2013, 5:18 pm

    I could learn a lot about this. Thank you for the video!

  • Jan September 7, 2013, 11:21 am

    Mama Gena, would you please record some glamorous sound files that can be used as cell phone notification sounds? I currently have my cell phone set to say “Hello, Sweetie! ” every time I get a text message. Hearing that sultry greeting always makes me smile, and always makes me feel loved and sexy. I would LOVE to find SG phrases to use on my phone as a random infusion of womanly arts ! Thank you for being a beacon for all women!

  • Deborah Smith September 5, 2013, 10:02 pm

    Sweet. I brag exquisite self-care in the middle of two weeks non-stop doubled-up-in-the-middle work. I brag spaing and a massage, manicure, pedicure, lots of sleep, make up to work every day, a hair trim, yoga and lots of Spring Cleaning. All this was easier last year when I was between jobs, and I am doing it anyway. It kind of feels like now, with this new job, I am where the rubber meets the road. How to BE a pleasure Revolutionary Goddess for 50 people and 200 animals!? I am still feeling around for how to BE the Goddess in charge of the zoo. I would LOVE any and all ideas around this “cuz the “work uniform” of mud boots, shorts/jeans and “officlal” staff t shirt is so not sensual enough per moi!!!

    Love you Regina. Thank you.

    • SG MagicMirna September 7, 2013, 7:04 am

      HUGE brag, SG Deborah. Way to go for standing for your pleasure in this way with all you have going on. A quickie…what are you wearing underneath? What are you feeling up against your skin? Knowing you have something colorful, fun and cheeky on will put a smile on your face several times a day. Change it up daily.

  • Margi September 4, 2013, 6:03 pm

    Does it work for 63 year olds with a partner who is terminally illm

    • SG MagicMirna September 7, 2013, 7:00 am

      Does sensuality work? Yes dear SG Margi. Just ask some of our students, I believe our latest class included a 90 year old Goddess. And she was divine. Sensuality does not know age. Pleasure is research and I always say I will forever be a student of life. Understanding that it is your senses that tap into your sensuality is step number 1. So what you eat today will fill your sensuality cup a little. What you choose to wear will fill it up a little more. What you choose to listen to will continue to fill that cup until your cup is so full you are in overflow. Looking after yourself and your partner from a place of overflow has a very different quality to it. Sending you much love, Mirna

  • Tiffany September 4, 2013, 12:37 pm

    “Sensuality is my birthright!”

    I loved to hear this because even when you think you don’t have that in your life, you still can say I am Entitled to it. I must own it like it’s on my birth certificate! Before I watched this I was sitting at my computer sifting through emails, and fiddling on facebook, when around me sits a very messy bedroom I could not bring myself to clean. Now, having watched this, I feel as though the day is young cause it is, I still have plenty of time to take a breath, stretch, get some tea relax for a maximum of 15 min, and clear my environment because when that is fresh you can feel fresh to invite sensuality. I also think its important to know that you can look and feel awesome but if your environment doesn’t reflect that it can easily change your perfect mood to one of chaos. This is the last thing I will be doing on the computer until I get my cute butt in gear! Thanks for the energy again Mama Gena and Super Sidekick Sister Goddesses!

    • SG MagicMirna September 7, 2013, 6:52 am

      Genius! An attachment to our birth certificates is a must. Thank you for your comment SG Tiffany.

  • Gillian September 3, 2013, 6:33 pm

    Great video ladies!

    Sade – really love your dress, first of all 😉 Secondly, I totally resonated with something you said. You mentioned that you used to walk down the street feeling smaller when you got attention, rather than enjoying and amplifying it. I’ve noticed recently that I feel uncomfortable getting “noticed,” even when I believe that I want to be seen in a sensual, powerful way! Totally something I want to work through.

  • christina September 3, 2013, 6:30 pm

    I feel I am a very sensual women, however I have tears n my eyes, because I fell I continually don’t connect to an external fore that I can share this quality with?. Lets say, for example, I go to a jazz club. I talk with alot of people, they come over to me, However, I feel I am never taken up on them asking me out. No takes an advance to talk and hang out awhile with me? I want to start going places and meeting men who can appreciate my sensuality, and I their’s? However I don’t know where to go or how to meet men at this point and i am getting discouraged. I do not want to continue boing single. I want to be someone’s sensual partner?Does anyone have any suggestions. Thank-you Goddesses?

    • SG MagicMirna September 7, 2013, 6:47 am

      Have you tried Sensuality to the Power of 2? Have you taken a wing woman with you when you go out? There is only one thing more enjoyable than a sensual woman and that’s 2 sensual women. Taking your SisterGoddess with you as your wing woman when you go out and having fun no matter what are a couple of the tools you learn at the SWA. Your wing woman has your back and knows just what to say to get you back up on the horse when you fall off. Having fun no matter what means the pressure is off the outcome of the night and that keeps you firmly planted in your sensuality.

  • Sister Goddess Elli September 3, 2013, 10:30 am

    Lovely video. Thank you, Mama.

    Here’s my fear:

    If I surrender to pleasure in my marriage, really surrender to it, then I am going to want more. And not just from hubby. I am afraid that I will want more sensuality and sexuality outside of my marriage and talking about that will destroy my marriage.

    • SG MagicMirna September 7, 2013, 6:36 am

      Thank you SG Elli. This is a sticky spot. There are several ways you can navigate, here’s one suggestion…whatever you do do not surrender to fear. Talk to your hubby, talk talk TALK and let him know you are wearing a new hat, that of pleasure researcher. Go slow, start with a couple of things that he would be open to exploring with you. Discuss what surrender means to both of you. Let him know your desire to fully surrender to pleasure and to him. Allow him access to your deepest desires, he longs to please you. You want to find ways to be so turned on inside of your marriage that anything else pails in comparison. Remember that sometimes fantasy doesn’t always play out the same in real life as it does in our heads. Should your appetite expand then share with your man your desires, that alone will turn you both on. It feels scary now but if you start with the simplest, smallest steps and build up the excitement, you allow this part of your relationship to naturally flourish. Pleasure takes focus and discipline and I find consistent steps toward it reward me exponentially.

  • Andie September 3, 2013, 10:30 am

    I am really disappointed in how this video treated catcalling (street harassment). Street harassment isn’t about a woman’s sensuality. It isn’t about a man complimenting a woman. It’s violence. It’s men’s way of telling women that they are vulnerable to attack and don’t have the right to move through public spaces unmolested. It’s how men remind women that they have physical power over them. Street harassment is also a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions. Men who harass women in public spaces want to instill fear in the women they harass, and often escalate to physical and sexual violence. Obviously, individuals have the right to react to harassment however they see fit, but condoning it by giving the harasser a positive reaction makes the problem worse for people who don’t enjoy attention from strangers.

    • Ellen Levin September 3, 2013, 1:01 pm


      I hear you and have always felt this way and still feel this way much of the time. However, I also think it’s possible IN SOME CASES for a woman to TAKE BACK HER POWER by saying YES, IT’S TRUE?!???!??????????? to men’s “stuff.” Occasionally, I have felt empowered by responding this way………………

      Anyway, thank you for this ………..I am going to continue to think about it.

      • Andie September 3, 2013, 11:20 pm

        Although I agree that using shame to police how women and girls use their sensuality is messed up and that women should own their sensuality for themselves, it is equally problematic to suggest that playing into rape culture (the idea that women are merely sexual objects) by being complicit with street harassers is somehow more enlightened and empowered than ignoring them, reporting the behavior to their employers or the authorities, or –when safe and called for– telling them directly that their behavior towards women in public spaces is inappropriate and (possibly) criminal.

    • SG MagicMirna September 7, 2013, 6:17 am

      You’re right SG Andie, street harassment or any type of harassment isn’t about a woman’s sensuality. It’s about a woman’s ability to choose her reaction to different situations. When you tap into your sensuality you tap into your inner Goddess. As girls we are taught to dim our light, to play small for fear that we will attract too much attention, the wrong type especially. The SWA teaches you how to shine your light bright and know what to do with all the attention it brings with it. This attention is the power reflected back to you from the universe, you need to be equipped and we simply aren’t. Nowhere are we taught how to be a fully blossomed woman, Regena is changing that.

  • Ellen Levin September 3, 2013, 9:31 am

    Mama Gena …..I am SO enjoying these videos. This particular one is the BEST reminder to stay LIVING in TURN ON! and to keep the focus on SELF and what turns each of us on!

    I also felt VERY teary at the beginning of the video as I was reminded of that 1st class in mastery 2012 where we all stood up because of our histories of emotional/verbal/physical and/or all of the above abuse. And yes, one does not feel so alone when 200 plus women stand up together and FOR EACH OTHER! YES! (and of course “YES! my favorite SWA tool)

    I am living in TURN ON and LOVE and GRATITUDE every day……….and sometimes every minute of every day. For me, the turn on has most recently (for several months now) been about my art……….doing it for hours every day……….living it………..loving it……….. It has become a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE for me along with my daily wonderful rituals of self care.

    Because of mastery 2012, I developed and concretized a daily ritual of fabulous eating (today it was chocolate chip cookies and coffee with soy milk……..HA!), but most often wonderful fruits, a wonderful meditative yoga practice, self pleasuring (YES ……..SELF pleasuring), biking and now art making and much more…………

    Mastery was the beginning of teaching me that it all begins and ends with me

    Grateful grateful grateful…………. for this ETERNAL TEACHING………..YES YES YES………It all begins and ends with me………..My thinking CREATES my experiences in and of the world



    In addition, my son (and I) joined (separately of course…….HA!) on the same day (it was his idea), and I am freaked out at all the responses I am receiving…..It feels crazy and frightening……… I was on match years and years ago before my prior relationship and don’t remember getting all these responses……..Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my freedom so now have the opportunity to look at my FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    The mastery graduates online community allows me to POST all of my STUFF and I am so grateful for this……… I am so grateful to be able to BRAG………..share GRATITUDES and DESIRES and swamp if necessary………………. AND UPRIDE UPRIDE UPRIDE my sister goddesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have over 2400 posts! and THAT’S A BRAG!!!!!!

    a big YES to all! LOVE and LIGHT!

  • Alaina September 3, 2013, 9:27 am

    This weekend was amazing. I have lost a lot of weight (65 lbs.) over the past 2 and a half years. Last weekend, I bought clothes from one of my favorite shops. This weekend I went out in my new sized, adorable clothes. Friday night I went dancing in heels, jeans, a couple of layered strappy tops, hair done up, makeup on…I could feel everyone watching me. It was amazing. The next morning I went hiking followed by a bubble bath and a date. My date spoiled me and I let him know that I appreciated the things he gave me, but also that I wanted to continue dating others. He seemed to take that well, but the next day he told me that he couldn’t handle that. I worked on online college course work that morning, submitted it and then went out with my best friend dancing. The next morning I went to the beach with her, followed by a reiki session and another hike. I gained the attention of 2 additional men, 1 on Friday and another on Sunday. I’m not sure if anything will come of it. But Mama Gena’s books have helped me enjoy myself, feel like a sensual creature and see my own beauty. I hope to one day find a man that can appreciate me as much as I now appreciate myself. I have been married twice. Not sure about the marriage deal, but love is amazing. I now love myself like never before. I think men love and have loved me only as much as I love or have loved myself. At least that’s what I hope, because I am totally in love with myself now.

    • Ellen Levin September 3, 2013, 10:38 am

      Fabulous post sg……. My FF (favorite frame) is “I now love myself like never before. I think men love and have loved me only as much as I love or have loved myself.” YES YES YES……BRAVO to this great INSIGHT! and YES…I find it to be TRUE, TOO!!!!!!!!!

    • SG MagicMirna September 7, 2013, 6:07 am

      What juicy brags! Enjoying yourself, your beauty and sensuality and ultimately reaching that sacredness of self love…Genius! May your desire for even more love be on its way to you.