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Have you seen the AT&T “Rethink Possible-Blanket Commercial”?
It’s the one where they drape orange fabric over EVERYTHING!

It is pure genius. I love watching the orange fabric cover the Hollywood sign, the beach, flowing down over the buildings, across the fields… And I was astonished to see that AT&T covers 97% of Americans — yes, 300 million people! Now before you think I’ve gone and ended my longstanding love affair with Verizon and taken up with AT&T, don’t worry your pretty little head.

Au contraire! I am simply inspired. Turned on. Amped up by this commercial! It’s had me Rethink the Possible for the Pleasure Revolution and my new baby: In my pretty little head, I don’t see orange fabric. Nope. I see hot pink silk covering all those landmarks and locations. And I see it extending across the Atlantic and the Pacific. I see it dripping down the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, The Sydney Opera House, the Great Pyramids, the Taj Mahal. I see it rolling down side streets and mountainsides. I see it reaching coastlines and flatlands. I see women running with it over their heads with reckless abandon. In my gorgeous brain, I envision the White House going pink! If AT&T — a cell phone service — can impact 97% of Americans, why can’t become THE leading online community for women?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what is possible when a group of women join together and unite in pleasure and desires! My Facebook gals have already begun to dream big — when I asked them who they desired to become a member of, there was no holding back! Click here to see the ever growing list — and feel free to add yours! Let’s rethink the possible for all of us!

We’re rolling out the pink carpet for this Thursday, July 1st!
To receive your personal invitation to become a member, sign up for our email list! And be sure to go to my website to see everything you get when you become a member of

So, mark your calendars. July 1st is a day for the HERSTORY BOOKS!

For all who enroll by midnight EST that day, you will get to take part in a large VIRTUAL LAUNCH PARTY on Friday, July 2nd from 12-1pm EST. (We’re putting a whole new spin on INDEPENDENCE DAY!) All the details will be in your welcome letter!
Join other pleasure pioneers from all over the planet for a dance party, global roll call, and even a little Q&A with me, your Mama, to kick off the new possible!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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  • Hope July 9, 2010, 1:21 pm

    Oh Lisa, when will you realize you’re just an avenue for her to line her pockets – this is her dream – to build her empire – she only pretends to care about your dreams when you’re paying her. Wake up, seek guidance from someone that deserves your praise, someone who comes from LOVE not lust, greed and ego. It saddens me that women are under the spell of this woman.

  • Lisa July 5, 2010, 11:02 pm

    Mama, you wrote:
    If AT&T — a cell phone service — can impact 97% of Americans, why can’t become THE leading online community for women?

    I respond:
    Because it costs thirty bucks a month–$360 a year–to become a member of, that’s why!

    In these economic times, many of us simply cannot afford this large expense. It seems unreasonably costly to me, but worse than that, it is self-defeating. Isn’t part of your purpose to bring together diverse women from all over the world? (At least, you seemed to think so, in some of your blog entries!) How many women from Egypt, Indonesia or India could afford this? How about single mothers here in the US, the unemployed, students, or just those without a lot of disposable income?

    Perhaps this website is really targeted only at the prosperous young, urban professional or “Sex & the City” types. In that case, carry on! But it is pure fantasy that this website will serve all women, or the “community” of sister goddesses.

    I am a sister goddess, but I simply cannot afford it. My health insurance just rose 30%, making my insurance cost higher than my monthly housing cost! Add to that being under-employed, and I cannot always pay all my bills each month. This extra expense is just not possible. And that is too bad, both for myself and for those on the website who will never get to interact with me, be supported by me, hear my feedback, laugh at my jokes, benefit from what I can share with them.

    Mama, I think you have priced yourself out of the market for the common woman, and that is sad.

  • Nan June 30, 2010, 2:17 am


  • Ligia June 30, 2010, 12:13 am

    Mama Gena,
    Today I had the last dull date ever.
    I didn’t have chance to read your book before the date.
    However I have it now and Im going to Read and practice. I am so hopeful although
    I feel blue because I know I didn’t know how handle the date, very well I’m so afraid of rejeccion. Don’t know how to take an initiative, or follow the lide(spl?) Dating it’s such a dark tunnel for me
    However there is light at the end of the tunnel and Im going to create a second chance with the help of your book and the blog. I know, next time it’s going to be success story.
    I can not thank you enough for all you have done for women, now going global, what a blessing!!
    Your very beginer student with gratitude,

    • Mama Gena June 30, 2010, 10:12 am

      @SG Ligia and @SG Nan- It is soooooooo good to hear from both of you and to see you posting here! Do you know how big it is that you’ve stepped onto the pleasure path and are declaring how things will be different!? IT’S HUGE!
      I do so hope you’ll join me and your sisters for the launch of tomorrow. Having the Sister Goddess Community at your back and cheering you on will be INVALUABLE for you. Pleasure is not a solitary activity. Community is essential for a pleasure filled life! Join us!

      With so much love and pleasure!

      Mama Gena

  • SGIndigo June 29, 2010, 1:43 pm

    yes Mama! i’ve seen this coming and believed in you ever since i read your first book here in europe. this is not only your dream, it is mine and so many other’s too <3

    with love and pleasure

    • Mama Gena June 29, 2010, 8:39 pm

      @SG Indigo- thanks for dreaming this dream with me! Where are you living in Europe???

      With so much love and pleasure,
      Mama Gena

  • SG GiGi June 29, 2010, 12:11 pm

    TOTALLY … love it … I’m psyched! I see it !!! … I see hot pink silk covering all those landmarks and locations …. across mountains majesty … covering the fruited planes …. I’m so excited to be on this path and part of a group of women who will change this planet. I am filled with gratitude for how Mastery and Mama have changed they way I SEE EVERYTHING.

    I promise to take my Hot Pink Silk and run with it – only with reckless abandon … where ever I go … and I will share the joy with everyone I encounter.

    For voracious eyes
    To adorn our seas and plains
    for draping over the Cap-i-tal, Big Ben and the Taj Mahal ….


    Girls shed its glory on all
    And crown thy hood with Sisterhood

    From Sea to Shining Sea!!!!

    • Mama Gena June 29, 2010, 1:11 pm

      @SG Gigi-
      You had me singing along!
      Thank you for standing with me- and I am completely enchanted with your promise to take your hot pink silk and run with it!
      I adore you!
      With so much love and pleasure,
      Mama Gena