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Sensual Pleasure

Darlings, Darlings, Darlings, I’ve got basic facts, tips and tricks that your mama may have never taught you. You have 8,000 nerve endings on your body whose sole purpose is pleasure. Getting pleasure, giving pleasure—the deck is stacked in your favor.

I want you to learn everything there is to know about your goods and your game. I want you to learn to dance in your glorious body, with all six senses fully engorged!

You know how a dancer knows her body? She knows her flexibility and her strength, and if she learns her instrument really well, her body becomes poetry in motion and sweeps her off her own feet. That’s how well a Sister Goddess can learn her sensuality.

Everything Is Open to You

When you own yourself sensually, everything is open to you. You awaken more feeling in your whole being, experience the joy that is available to you simply because you are a woman. If you are sensually aware, I promise you are more confident and you can enjoy your life more.

Some people learn to take exquisite care of their physical exteriors but ignore their sexuality. There is so much taboo. Many of us know more about our teeth or hair than we do about our vulva.

Some women think there isn’t enough to have it all. There is. Some women think it is not their responsibility. It is. Some of us were told that our partner would awaken us sensually. That can happen, but only to the extent that you are already awake. Like a dancer, you gotta know how to pirouette on your own to be able to do a pas de deux.

Be Fluent in Your Own Pleasure

I want to encourage each woman who reads this to be fluent in every aspect of her physical pleasure. Your sensual body is an eternal wellspring of pleasure. Sensuality is an area where you can make a small investment and get a huge return, or make a huge investment and get a life-altering return. The stock market may go up and down, strawberries go in and out of season, fashions go in and out of style, but your sensuality is always there for you—available and designed for a good time.

You don’t need a partner to create ecstasy in your body. It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t take a lot of time.

Whaddya say? Is it a date?

Exercise: Reading Assignment

Curious? Great! I was hoping you would be.

Read chapter 4 in Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts (click here to buy the book) and do all the exercises for a beautifully choreographed introduction to your sensual potential.

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