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The Extraordinary Jill Rogers and Her Seven Sacred Steps


I love this woman so much, I married her.
No, really. I actually became a reverend so I could marry her to her beloved, Richard.

 I knew Jill Rogers had something extraordinary going on when I met Richard at Mama Gives It Up To Men a few years ago. He stood up, with tears in his eyes and asked: “What do I do? What do I do with a woman that loves me soooo big that she has taken me beyond anything my soul has ever known? That I’m doing everything I can just to keep up with that much love.” The room fell silent, and all I could do was whisper, “You say, ‘Thank You.’ “

The next day he returned for a men’s panel and he shared how he and Jill had laughed during many conversations of the differences between men and women in intimacy. What they’d come up with was a man’s definition of intimacy is to disrobe and say, “Ta-Da! I’m ready!” And that a woman’s response is to say “Oh- no-you-don’t! There are Seven Sacred Steps and if you miss one of them we will back up and repeat them all again.” He told us that The Seven Sacred Steps is how Jill loves.
I couldn’t stop thinking of my experience of Jill and Richard. You could FEEL the love, SEE the love, BREATHE in the love. And if she had a series of Steps I could take to get me some of that, I WANTED THEM!
I asked her to send them to me. When I finally got the email, I was floored. Flat out on the ground floored. I KNEW inside of me that this was something all women needed to know. The Seven Sacred Steps ARE how to love. I brought her to the next round of Mastery, and the women in the audience had the same experience I did. They were flat out. The kind of flat out that occurs when you recognize the truth, when you resonate with something so deeply that you don’t question it. That was over a year ago, and The Seven Sacred Steps are now a part of the language of the School. Don’t wait one more minute to enroll in one of her classes. I promise you- you will be forever changed by her work.
With so much love and pleasure, 

Mama Gena 

Are you experiencing the love and intimacy you yearn for?

There is a new model of love being birthed right now.
A new paradigm — and The Seven Sacred Steps show you the way.
They help YOU break the cycle of what’s not working in your relationships and move you towards true partnership. I’m talking about a lot LESS EFFORT and way MORE REWARDS!

When you love conditionally, you feel burned out, stressed out, taken advantage of, and you NEVER feel like you have enough love.
I’ve heard this over and over and over again from the women in my workshops.
We are feeling tired, worn out, and beat down — and so are our men.
We crave intimacy and we do all sorts of things in the name of love, but we don’t get the results we desire.

When you love unconditionally – which is what The Seven Sacred Steps teach you how to do — you will feel a quiet, calm certainty within yourself and your relationships AND you will feel loved.
No more banging your head against a wall. No more trying to get love.
You will always know how to respond in your relationships — no matter what is happening.
You will be able to love any man or woman in front of you and you will feel the rewards beyond ANYTHING you’ve ever known.

This blueprint that The Steps provide will give you practices that assist you in getting the intimacy and love that you crave. But, ladies, you cannot take another where you have not gone yourself. You must be willing to let go of the old paradigm and step into this whole new way of loving.

Read on to hear how Sister Goddess Cyndy used The Steps to maneuver through a huge life transition, and instead of losing herself to anger in the process, she was able to stay connected to herself and her husband in a whole new way…

Jill’s Seven Sacred Steps Workshop is a soul-moving experience. I took the workshop last year and my most important relationship was profoundly enriched I realized I was living in an old paradigm in my marriage, and what Jill and the Seven Sacred Steps taught me is that a true partnership means to walk beside each other as we walk this life’s journey individually. In other words, I’m responsible for my own happiness even though I felt lifted out of my fabulous, high-salaried, NYC career to be a more hands-on mom in a DC suburb while my hubby pursued his dream. There was a lot of anger. I had to turn things around — and over the last year, with The Seven Sacred Steps, I did! I learned how to “stand” in my extraordinariness and be “full” first. Dan, my man, and I have been together for 12 years and we are closer than ever. We often get comments from friends and neighbors about our relationship — we’re in love and it shows. And if I’m in a yucky place, bubbling with angst, I reference my notes on The Steps to get back on track. It’s the kind of information you can use again and again to keep growing. I recommend this workshop for anyone in a relationship or anyone who wants to one day have a deep, spiritual love.
Thank you, Jill…you are a joy to love and I am a joy to love.

 SG Cyndy Cecil-Bragg

The Seven Sacred Steps are tools that teach you the new paradigm of loving, which you can and will turn to again and again and again as you practice the art of loving another.

I want YOU and the women in your life to experience more love and to improve the quality of your relationships. Participate in my LIVE, half-day seminar in NYC on Monday, May 24th: The Seven Sacred Steps: An Experience in Love. In it you will:

  • Be given an introduction to The Seven Sacred Steps
  • Learn the new paradigm. Break the cycle of what’s not working and move towards true partnerships.
  • Experience the practice of The Steps and be able to put them to use immediately in your next encounter.

The Seven Sacred Steps: An Experience in Love, LIVE in NYC:
Monday May 24th
9:00am – 1:00pm (doors open at 8:30)
Unity Center – 213 W. 58th Street (between Broadway & 7th Ave)
Cost: $250.00 for the half day workshop

 BONUS***The first 25 women to register get a bonus 60 minute Q&A with Jill on the Monday following the workshop (May 31st).



For any questions, contact me at 480.588.5523 or via email:

Can’t make it to the NYC workshop? Or perhaps you know you’re going to want to keep going after the LIVE workshop! Either way, if you want a little more time to dive into each Step, integrate it, and get coaching from me on your application of The Steps in your life- then join me for the ONLY Teleclass I have scheduled in 2010.

The Seven Sacred Steps Teleclass:
June 21st through July 26th
6 Mondays
8:00-9:00pm EST
Cost: $400.00

I only have space for 25 women in this teleclass- so don’t hesitate!

For any questions, contact me at 480.588.5523 or via email:

I want to leave you with one thought: It is possible for you to be able to Stand in the quiet calm certainty of your loving — NO MATTER WHAT is going on around you. Once you learn The Steps, you will find yourself able to go back to them again and again and again, and know exactly what to do. The Steps are subtle, their practice sacred, their results extraordinary!

I look forward to our next encounter!

In loving,



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  • SG Polly Coe Daly May 4, 2010, 9:02 pm

    WOW – for the 7 Sacred Steps. Discovering and pursuing classes at the School of Womanly Arts changed my already good life into something more wonderful with exhilaration and abundance. Through Regena’s brilliance & encouragement in Mastery, I connected with SG Jill and she has taken my soul to another level. Like most, I have been blessed with great joy and also with some truly difficult challenges. The personal “grounding” which I have learned from Jill on the Seven Sacred Steps journey has been a lifesaver to me. My “stand” is powerful and keeps me (and my proclivity to judge) in balance. And my ability to maintain personal balance is a remarkable comfort to those who seek my support. When I waver, I find my confidence and clarity are easily restored by remembering what I stand for. Because of Jill, I know I am an extraordinary woman who loves with an open heart. I choose love.
    And, I love YOU right there!
    SG Polly

  • Rose May 4, 2010, 4:12 pm

    Jill really is an extraordinary woman who has so much to share about how to love yourself and others. She is so worth it! Just contemplating on the 7 Sacred Steps from her website is great food for thought.

  • Steph May 4, 2010, 1:09 pm

    Leeann, go to to see what the steps are.

    I have taken Jill’s weekend workshop and worked with her privately. If you want to love big–I mean extraordinarily BIG–she is the one to go to. I can’t say enough about her and her work.

  • Sister Goddess Hedonia May 4, 2010, 12:32 pm

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (For those who don’t remember their Mary Poppins, that’s what you say when nothing else will do.) That’s what Jill Rogers is. She’s brilliant beyond words. She is love personified. She changed my life. I did her workshop last year as part of Mama Gena’s Spring 2009 Mastery. I wish I could do it again this year, but I cannot because of a scheduling conflict. I use her Steps and her wisdom every day, many times a day.

    These are two brilliant women who work together to make magic… and make magic they do.

    If you can’t make Jill’s workshop, check out her Web site: Check out her video blog. And wait (none-too-patiently) for her book….

    Mama Gena, Jill: You make me proud to be a woman. As Mama would say, I am flat out, on my knees, grateful for everything that you do for women. In the darkness, you are the Eternal Flame.

    With love and appreciation.
    In pleasure.
    Loving you,
    Sister Goddess and Pleasure Revolutionary

  • Dr. Enni Edna Cuevas May 4, 2010, 11:30 am

    I read a book while in a domestic violence facility with ny nichimyo; my girl now 13, then 6 fearing for our very existence and amongst life conditions of women mirrored our societies collective perspective of Hispanic women and then a pretty book about Passion, Love with shame and whole Lotta More of how I have been shamed into believing is a deficit? Hello! Mama Gena and her commitment to sharing Freely, colorfully, Truthfully how we Spin out a Control and minimize our most treasured and valuable Right! Gift! And Ability! AND the Reality that learning, practicing and the desire whether locked in a Vault waiting for WHo or What to give Me permission to Do what I Know I have been gifted with! Love and its Multifaceted, expansive essence that breathes us into synchronicity! I read with joy exuding for hewr courage and willing spirit to Go for Hers! A sel appointed mentor for me of Powerful and PassioNate Woman with Her Man and he is Loven the learnin! How Delicious and most importantlty that her fortune s
    Success is valuable And treasures of the Heart; reflected with the Net; we havew the our InnerNet and my heart my InnerNet as our Web of Existence! What software shall I download? And we Must not surrender to bvows of poverty! Money is the body and two-fold! Make determination to create Value and align and Celebrate our Mama Gena Passion that as One of Us lives, loves, learns simultaneously All are collectively ewmpowering Her, and Her and You and Me! Sending U both Mucho Amor for being my Mentors!

  • leeann May 4, 2010, 10:54 am

    i feel so bad that I can not afford to learn the 7 sacred steps. I wish you could tell us all, rich and poor alike, just what they are,, . then perhaps earn your money by really TEACHING THE STEPS, that way we can at least have an idea. I am poor and raising two children alone, I live 3000 miles from NYC and have no funds. it seems that here as well as everywhere else, only the rich benefit from knowlege that might enrich our lives, because if there is a dollar to be made, why help anyone unless you get lots and lots of money.

    I only wish I had the funds to learn from you I need it very bad