Get free tips on life, love and sisterhood

Get free tips on life, love
and sisterhood

Join the Movement in now on Facebook

We’re always looking at how to best support the community, so we’ve migrated to private Facebook groups for our students and graduates.

This is where our worldwide network of The School of Womanly Arts graduates will connect. Here you can find study buddies, participate in the daily practice of the Womanly Arts and connect with the Sister Goddess community that is fundamental to our work.

This group will give you instant access to inspiration, joy, and a place to connect, celebrate, practice the tools, and feel the depth of sisterhood that is available in our community. 

Join us on one of our private Facebook groups for graduates.

Email us and let us know your full name, email, what course you took and the year. We’ll send you an invite to join the group and you can start connecting with women from across the globe.