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Someone Who Loves You: Day One

Welcome to a brand new paradigm…

Allow me to introduce myself, on behalf of Someone Who Loves You…

To recap, here are your assignments for today (do one or all three of these):

1) Have lunch outside your office or home today. Go outside and enjoy the day. Or, to a sit-down restaurant to treat yourself, even for just 30 minutes. Know that your friend loves you so much and is so grateful that you are doing this because you are so worth it, and you deserve it every day.

2) Stop by a florist and feast your eyes on the beautiful flowers. Your friend wants you to smell at least one flower. And if you want to really indulge, buy a single stem for yourself and place it in a vase by your bed or on your desk or in the kitchen so you can enjoy it and know that someone loves you.

3) Click on one of the songs below and take the ride:

“Flower Duet” by  Leo Delibes
“I Know You Want Me” by Pitbull
“Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys
“I am Woman” by Helen Reddy
“Human Nature” by Michael Jackson

Go for whatever assignment sounds the most fun, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another message from Someone Who Loves You about what I call “The Pleasure Revolution”…

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena