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The Pleasure Revolution Heads to Denmark

Copenhagen seminar

Mama Gena leading a wild and wonderful seminar in Copenhagen

I recently had an extraordinary experience.
Yo’ Mama and The School of Womanly Arts went to Denmark!
I am still absorbing the exquisite fun of it all.
And the extraordinary web of sisterhood that went into making this experience possible.
Because that is how we roll, how we rattle, and how we shake–sister to sister, each opening doors, one for the other, sharing our radiance, exponentially, on to infinity.

It started with Sister Goddess Anja, who brought my book to a Danish publisher, Sister Goddess Lotte, and also translated it.
And Sister Goddess Lone, who wrote the forward.
And then, Sister Goddess Kirsten Stendevad, who decided to host me teaching a seminar, the same weekend of the book signing.
And then a group of 100 women that flew in from everywhere, to take the class.
Each linked in a fantastic chain that allowed us to take the Pleasure Revolution on the road.

The women in this class ranged in age from their 70s to 20s. Just like home.
They wanted to feel effective and powerful in their work lives and their relationship lives, and their sensual lives, just like home.
They are frustrated by their own lack of power. Frustrated by not knowing how to expand their intimacy, their sensuality, and their value in the world.
And they were flat-out knocked out by the Pleasure Revolution, and all that we are up to, in this incredible web of Sister Goddesshood.

Kirsten, Mama Gena, and Beth at the famous Rungsted Kyst, a.k.a. the Hamptons of Denmark

The women who stood out like bright lights and sparklers were all the graduates of Mastery: Mikey Argy, who I spied in the lobby, and yelled to, over the banister, as a huge hunk of a Danish guy was grabbing her and giving her a kiss as she sat there, just being Mikey.

And then, Pleasurably Pregnant Camilla–who did not even KNOW her now-husband, until just after her first weekend of Spring Mastery 2010, but longed for partnership and family–and here she is, gorgeously ripe and ready to have her first baby on January 1st!

And of course, Kirsten, our ringleader, whose passion is feminine leadership and has three gorgeous sons and a hot, hot, hot Danish husband who made us dinner one night.

And our traveling Team Pleasure: Orchidia, Line, and Shasmina, who made miracles happen. This is how great they are: they arrived at 6am, to scatter rose petals all over the floors, wind boas around the staircase, create gorgeous flower arrangements, and decorate the room to Pussy Palace perfection.

Our joy is serious business.
How serious?  Well, Sister Goddess Kirsten dropped her candidacy from the elections for the local government where she was running for office, in order to be in the course and connect more deeply to her soul’s purpose. Which she did by the end of the day. Sister Goddess Sine was considering breaking up with her man, because until we got to the man-training section of class, she had no idea how to bring her relationship to the next level. Now she does. And Sister Goddess Annette, who had been alone for 35 years, began to feel the explosive joy she had long given up on and forgotten was her birthright.

I just have to share this firsthand account of the experience, from Sister Goddess Rhea:

I brag that I traveled from Vienna to Copenhagen to see Mama Gena live for the very first time! I have to admit, I hesitated at first; as a graduate of Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, I thought, “What new material can she teach me in just a day?” Also, as an art student who just returned from a trip to NYC, the idea of dipping into my savings really scared me. But something inside me told me I should go…

So I called the host of the workshop, Sister Goddess Kirsten. Kirsten told me that it makes a huge difference to witness Mama Gena live, and that she personally only regrets the journeys she did not take. She even offered to help me and my friend Carla find a place to stay with a fabulous Danish Sister Goddess. So I signed up…

And girl, am I glad I went. I brag that I never had so much fun and pleasure in one single day!!! From the moment I arrived, I was dazzled by the way Kirsten and her team of Sister Goddesses had prepped the venue, with rose petals and boas leading the way. I loved meeting all the Sister Goddesses—over a hundred gorgeous women of all ages. I loved Kirsten`s intro speech—she described meeting Mama Gena for the first time at the uptown Pleasure Palace, and I felt like I was entering another world.

And I absolutely adored every minute of Mama Gena. Kirsten was right—it makes all the difference in the world to see her live. Her words helped me understand what I already knew at a much deeper level. What really began to sink in for me was the idea that pleasure is always at my fingertips. I was enthralled by Mama Gena’s energy, humor, warmth, and commitment. To my utter delight, she was 100% real, and so was the response of the Sister Goddesses. The energy in the room was so high—a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

So, back in Vienna, my big, delightful challenge is to maintain that level of energy in my day-to-day life and have fun no matter what. Ever since the workshop, I have been training myself to wake up in the morning with the thought of one pleasurable thing I look forward to, rather than my task list. I’ve noticed that staying juicy is easier now, because I am in even greater possession of myself. I am staying in touch with the Sister Goddesses I met (I’ve already “spring cleaned” via Skype with a Finnish Sister Goddess), and I am grateful for my Viennese Sister Goddess Carla who took the trip with me and helps me stay in the pleasure zone.

I hunger for more contact with Mama Gena and likeminded women, who are living this paradigm shift of pleasure. And if Mastery is anything like that day in Copenhagen, then I hope to see you in New York City…

Sister Goddess Rhea

PS: I brag that I fashioned half a dozen fabric rose petals, and have them on my desk, so I can see them every day to remind me of the pleasure that was, the pleasure I have, and the pleasure that is to come!

I am so, so, so, so, so grateful for this experience.

I am renewed.
Blown open with fresh perspectives.
And more deeply committed to women getting what they want, and living their dreams, inside our radiant community of sisterhood.
Because it is from here, that we get to ride the edge of every woman’s desires, not just our own.
It was not just my desire that got me to Denmark—it was every woman who had a hand in making this dream come true.
Imagine if every woman on this planet had a community standing for her, and with her?
Are you ready for that?
Right now?
What do you long for, more than anything?
Let’s plant the seeds of your brand-new desires, into this rich, fertile soil of sisterhood.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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  • SG Rhea November 21, 2011, 8:24 pm

    I had the TIME OF MY LIFE! And I so enjoyed re-living it while writing.
    Lots of love from Vienna

  • Karin Castens November 16, 2011, 6:49 am

    Oh Mama… what a transformational day it was!

    Just like SG Rhea (whom I have hooked up with via Facebook – hooray) I was absolutely high afterwards – and very, very full of impressions. As I biked home through the foggy Copenhagen, I chose the qieter roads in order to still my mind and be able to sense inside of me – let your seed send down firm roots into the soil so utterly well prepared by SG Kirsten Stendevad and her goddess school.

    Two weeks have passed and even through I am fighting utter chaos at home (both kitchen and bathroom are being renovated and all is a huge mess), I am trying to hold the thread that leads to my pleasure. And I am doing my very best to love and honour (and train) my man as he deserves instead of bitching around.

    Still lots to learn and transform, but you definitly took it to another level.

    Thank you.

  • Vulvanica November 16, 2011, 1:24 am

    🙂 Rock on.

  • Sarah June November 15, 2011, 6:34 pm

    Reading the above tribute to you Mama reminds me of myself back in 2003 when I first came in contact with you.

    I think you for being the same in any light. I love and appreciate you and this community you birthed.

  • Jane Nagel November 15, 2011, 5:29 pm

    I was so upliftet and inspired – thank you for high vibrations. Jane

  • Else Slagebro November 15, 2011, 2:10 pm

    Dear Mama Gena! Thanks SO much for an experience so beautyful and amazing here in Copenhagen.
    And am working in Peru half of the year – educating teachers to teach in a more modern and creative way – and I hope that your message of pleasure runs to every corner of the world – that would be really great for the Peruvian children – I’ll do my very best there, and of course in Denmark, too.
    Love from Else

  • kirsten stendevad November 15, 2011, 3:03 pm

    I so enjoyed every minute of having you here. Thank you for coming. And thank your for bringing the amazing sister Goddess Beth. And for so much fun. Love & lipstick, Kirsten