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The Wildfire of Desire Wants You


My obsession.
My passion.

My raison d’être, cause célèbre and chef-d’oeuvre. (And I didn’t even know I spoke French ’til I got to Morocco…)

I have devoted my entire life’s work to this topic.
As you know, I have made it my mission to fan the flames of women’s desires wherever I go and wherever I see them.

Now you may wonder, why on Earth would I ever do that?
C’est peut etre parce que je suis une chienne folle.
Or, maybe it’s because your desires are the best thing about you.
They are the voice of your soul, calling you to step into an even grander, more dazzling existence. Desires are anything but frivolous. They have the power to transform you and every other person who has the privilege of being in your presence. In fact, the entire School of Womanly Arts began with the spark of my own desire, kindled by the hot, throbbing appetites of you, my sisters. We have created some wildfire!!

And the fire is growing. We now have–The School of Womanly Arts Global Online Community, a worldwide desire playground where women learn to locate exactly what it is they want and let it come alive through practicing the discipline of pleasure, in sisterhood. Women are able to log in and join the party wherever they have Internet access. We’ve got women from over fifteen different countries right now. It’s like having a global desire task force at your fingertips, 24/7. As the Pleasure Revolution expands, more and more women are choosing to live as Sister Goddesses, remembering the ancient art of desire and bypassing one of the most common misconceptions women have about creating their dreams.

Let me show you what I mean. Check out SG Ti’s story…


I joined in the first weeks of its existence. An avid fan of Mama Gena’s amazing books and blog, I was thrilled at the chance to play with other Sister Goddesses and absorb their wisdom and beauty. I soon discovered that I had made one of the most brilliant decisions of my life. (Joining Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp was another, and I am quite sure joining Mastery in 2012 will be the topper.)

A few months into my membership, I took on a new Sister Goddess name. My sisters cheered me on in becoming the Bliss & Beauty Bitch. That’s when things got really good. I owned my bliss, taking my first ever solo vacation and recapturing the feeling of being a small child in joyful communion with nature. I owned my beauty, appearing at a women’s art conference in a short dramatic dress, and sweeping everyone there into my celebration of female flesh. During the month of January, I listened to the Womanly Arts audio recording on Partying with Your Inner Bitch and found freedom from an old, deep wound with the homework of writing a viciously angry letter (that I didn’t send) and then doing an anonymous act of good for that same person. I took a relationship that had been great and made it legendary. I have Sister Goddess friends all over the world now, and our fierce support for each other extends beyond the virtual world into our daily lives, inspiring all of us to stay on the pleasure path and revel in the exquisite privilege of being a woman.

Using the Tools and exploring the Arts in community is life changing. I’ve done the exercises in Mama Gena’s books on my own and they work. But regularly checking in with my sisters online takes it to a new level. I write about my rough spots, and others admit to and transform those same experiences. I brag almost daily in the company of Pleasure Revolutionaries. I brag when I feel gorgeous and when I feel like an ugly duckling. I brag when I’m sure bragging won’t work, and it always does. I read about what my sisters are doing, and it fires me up in ways I could not have imagined. Through researching and practicing pleasure in this online community, I’ve conjured all sorts of desires, including the exact $888 I requested for a Tiffany necklace, a hot makeout session, and private coaching with Mama Gena and her business partner, the amazing Dr. Anne Davin. (Not simultaneously, though don’t put it past me!)

You know what’s the most fun? I enjoy my desires now. I don’t sit around staring glumly into the space between me and what I desire. I delight in the desire itself! I love myself for the audacity of my BIG desires and wriggle with joy at the pure fact that what I desire desires me and is on its way. There’s no angst or feeling of “less than.” There’s just play and hot, sweet desiring. Sound good? Get in the mix, sister! Join us at and see just how delicious a life you can create.

SG Ti, Bliss & Beauty Bitch

You see darlings, all there is for you to do is take pleasure in your “hot, sweet desiring,” in community. Most women think they’ve gotta try and do all the “work” themselves, focusing on deadlines rather than desires. Don’t make it so hard on yourself. Your pleasure is the fastest path toward getting what you want, and on you have the opportunity to take advantage of the magnifying power of global Sister Goddesshood. was designed for a woman to plug into her power no matter where she is, and study the Tools and Arts alongside her sisters. You can log in and listen to an audio recording of me teaching you about one of the Arts or interviewing a Mastery graduate on how she uses the SWA technology in her everyday life. You can take on the pleasure research assignments and share your findings, as well as see what magic your sisters are stirring up. Like SG Ti, use it to get inspired and to inspire. We are in this together, and being a Sister Goddess takes active participation. I created this Global Online Community as an answer to all the women from around the globe desiring a way to get active NOW until they can get to Mastery. is loaded with features to enable you in creating a life of ever-expanding pleasure. Click here to read more about all the goodies included in your membership.

Your desires are seeking you. Will you answer the call? Become a member of today!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

P.S. And if you’ve already joined the party, I wanna know, what’s your favorite feature on Tell me below…

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  • Regina Grande April 25, 2011, 11:25 pm

    Finding Mama Gena-and hence all Sister Goddesses-has been the best, most terrifying leap I’ve ever made in my life. I thought I was wild and sassy before…I’ve got so much going for me, I fear I may be paralyzed, sucking sand in the Little Desert Town of Doubtsville. Figures, because I’m on the verge of taking over my own little corner of the world in Tucson, Arizona. I realize in practice, not theory, that I am totally responsible for creating my world! There’s also a man in it, and I’m not sure what to do with him… Did I mention my elusive and horribly intelligent Anger Fairy? I love you all-
    Regina Grande, Queen of the Desert-and Dessert!
    April 25 2011

  • SG Ti April 13, 2011, 6:22 pm

    The brag forum is AMAZING – so much support for each other and so many juicy tidbits about how other women are walking the pleasure path. A lot happens in that forum and you can watch women unfold into beautiful goddesses. The blogs are like little pleasure injections that show me exactly what a pleasure revolutionary does in daily life. Those blogs are better than most workshops I’ve taken when it comes to how much I learn. I love sharing with each other how we’re working and playing with the Art of the Month, too. Ahhhh, too much good stuff to pick just one!

  • RedSatinFire April 8, 2011, 12:36 pm

    There are many favorites for me but the tops is…..the way we sisters make each other feel! It’s so refreshing for women to support each other and fan each other’s passion. It really is a revolution because it keeps spreading outside of the website and into our communities. Wherever our sister goddesses are, the pleasure is spreading! Its a FABULOUS epidemic!

  • Michelle Medina April 8, 2011, 3:39 am

    I love the brags!!