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Desire Lesson #3- Top 3 Desire List Mistakes

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  • Gwen February 5, 2012, 6:19 pm

    @MyTakeOnIt,Thank you for sinhrag this but it doesn't change my feeling that college is not for everyone or that it leads to greater wealth. In Steve's post he adds an important P.S.:==as various commenters have pointed out, this only shows correlation; it doesn’t show causation.==Therein lies my argument. The type of families who can send their children to college are the ones whose children would earn more than those who can not. Additionally, it depends on the career the person wants to go into. Many careers just don't require a degree so spending 5 years getting one will set you back more than the person who spent 5 years getting experience.

  • SG Sherry October 18, 2010, 7:56 pm

    I wrote in a shabby legal pad at first but then I watched this video and knew I needed an upgrade to a nice, clean pink notebook. It’s so beautiful! Also, I was typing up my desires and printing them out on the computer- I didn’t feel as connected with my desires as writing them down in a beautiful notebook does. Already, I feel juiced and succulent savoring my new desires. Thank you so much Mama! Also, I keep remembering that desires is not in the how but in the emotion and feeling of them. I am throwing logic out the window and going with pussy.