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When you want the impossible, keep going.

Women. We are all the same in this regard.
We all secretly want what we think is impossible.
And almost before we even can imagine the desire – we cross it off our desire list.
Sometimes it seems impossible because we have never had it.
Sometimes it seems impossible because we think it’s too much or too expensive or too outrageous.
Or too impractical.
Too complicated.
But life only begins to get truly interesting in the realm of the impossible.
What we can easily imagine will never truly satisfy us – at least not for very long.
It’s only when we push outside of what’s comfortable does life taste most sweet, and we can live with true generosity.

I wanted a horse.
I can’t really explain it.
But I know enough about my desires to not really have to question myself too much. 
It was just fun to want a horse for my entrance in Miami.

The most fun part of a desire is the longing, anyway.

And I was imagining how much fun it would be to have an absolutely spectacular entrance, on the Friday night of the Immersion. It was, after all, the biggest Miami, ever. We had over 800 women registered. I wanted to celebrate the moment, and honor the women who were coming from far and wide.

Meanwhile, this wonderful man that I am dating, is a former Nascar driver. And when we were talking about Miami, he offered to drive me in for my entrance, in a Nascar. Which sounded really fun. But, it turned out that the Convention Center could not get the Nascar in the freight elevator. So, we had to scratch that plan.

Ever imaginative, ever generous, he offered me a ride on the back of his motorcycle. Which was so sweet. But, I have already been there and done that.

And then, sweetheart that he is, he came up with the idea of teaching me how to ride a motorcycle, so I could drive myself in, wearing some kind of cute pink leather motorcycle outfit. Which sounded fun, but I found myself wanting to be a passenger, not a driver. I thought I might be too nervous, as a brand new biker, to drive myself in and then lead my seminar. Although the cute pink biker outfit sounded hot. I was so grateful for the thought.

Then, he offered a SWAT team. Or a bunch of policemen coming and and pretending to put the place on lockdown.
We had a lot of giggles.

As the evening ended, I mentioned that I had never made an entrance on a horse before.
And I had always dreamed of doing that.
What fun that could be…
We left it at that.

In the mean time, I had lots of organizing to do on my own. Miami was 6 weeks away, and I needed a cute outfit. I found the most adorable top, that cost a bloody fortune, at Bergdorfs, and when I tried it on, it screamed ‘Miami’. I figured it was a bargain, in a sense, because I wouldn’t have to wear bottoms, being Miami and all that.
And I had the shoes, already.
But, I wore it to a black tie party before Miami, and had to take it to the dry cleaners.
My dry cleaner swore he could clean it, no problem, even though it had feathers and beads all over the bottom.
And when I went to pick it up, a few days later, he had destroyed it. The feathers looked like a drowned pigeon. And the black beads bled through and the whole bottom of the top was grey instead of white. Whoa.

My entrance was going up in dry cleaning fumes.
I was outraged and despondent all at once.
But my dry cleaner is a good guy, and we came to terms.
The question was – could another blouse be found in time?
We called the buyer at Bergdorfs, and she tracked one down in Dallas.

The very day my replacement blouse arrived, my guy called to tell me he had organized a horse for my entrance in Miami.

I stood for the outfit, he stood for the horse.

Sounds simple and magical.
Which it was.
But, magic requires a strong container.
And no kidding resolve.

The cowboy who owned the horse had to come to the Convention Center and measure the freight elevator. George, the horse, had to be brought by for a run through on Tuesday. The handmade Moroccan saddle had to be found. And the day before the event, George had to have a special tech runthrough to make sure he was unphased by the sound 8 speakers at full tilt, with Will Smith singing “Miami” and screaming women everywhere. When he passed that test, he was taken to the car wash, for an enema, to keep his back end under control during the evening.

At each one of these steps, the whole entrance might have gone up in smoke.
If George did not cooperate, if he couldn’t fit in the elevator, if he couldn’t handle the music, the plug would have had to have been pulled.
Each moment lurching towards a desire is a huge risk for everyone.

And then, Friday night in Miami arrived.
So did the horse, on schedule.
And my guy.
And 3 cowboys.
And hundreds of incredible women from all over the world.
And we went on to have the best Miami, in the history of the School of Womanly Arts.

Can you see the architecture here?

  1. You must hold your desire lightly in your hand, and take nothing from it, but the enjoyment of having it. Never doubt it, never criticize it, never compromise it. Just enjoy the pleasure of being the human vehicle for your desire to come to be.
  2. Include others in your desire. Allow everyone to share your vision.
  3. Live ‘as if’. Dig your ditches, prepare your trenches, get your wardrobe together, it’s coming, so get ready. No wavering.
  4. Be ready to let it go, and yet don’t ever ever give up.

What about you? Have you experienced an impossible desire become reality? Or, do you have a longing that seems impossible? I’d love to hear from you in the comments . . .

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  • SG Southern Wine December 17, 2014, 5:10 pm

    One of my greatest desires I have is to have a “Sweet Home Alabama” moment/relationship/picture. I desire to marry a hometown fella, that owns a business and has a vision. A strong and capable man, that is muscular, thick and stocky. A man that is mature, and passionate, and motivated. I have my eye on this man, but so many things make the situation IMPOSSIBLE… For starters, he’s 13 years younger than me. (sigh) But we have an amazing connection!! And my desire to have a family is stronger than ever. May I have a “Sweet Home Alabama” moment/relationship/picture, or something better!!

  • Elektra December 9, 2014, 6:25 pm

    I had one of my biggest desires come true last week!!!
    I am a huge Chicago Bears fan and have always wanted to see a game at Soldier Field. I kept putting if off year after year for one reason or another. One day I spoke my desire to high school friend who lives in Chicago. Then let it go. Every year I looked at the football schedule and scheming, planning and ultimately let another year go by. This year my amazing friend asked “what’s it going to take you to get out here?” Again, complaints … well I want to come back when it’s good weather and when I can afford it and, and and. Out of the blue he called and offered his frequent flyer miles to me for the airfare and pulled up the remaining schedule and said “Now pick a game”. I took him up on the trip of my lifetime!!! I went back to a magical city and had the best of everything, a kind friend who came by train to show me around every night, a gorgeous city all decked out for the holidays (which I would have missed had I come in the fall). I flirted with waiters and waitress, bellmen. Men stopped me on the street and told me how beautiful my eyes are and a man that I made eye contact with through a window followed me out into the street wanting to get to know me better! Ahh, what a triumph this is. I am powerful, sexy and grateful as hell for my fabulous life! Thank you Mama!

  • Stacey December 5, 2014, 9:47 am

    My desire is to get to the point where I can enjoy my desires. Most of the time I feel guilty for wanting things, and then the few times I assert myself and state what I want its almost defensively because I’m sure it won’t be well received by others. Then when I do get it I feel guilty for being demanding. Logically I know this is not the “right” way to feel but it is the way I feel right now and my desire is to not feel it anymore. But how do you get there?

    I remember a couple of years ago I got fed up with telling my husband I didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This day is painful for me for reasons I won’t go into but every year he would insist on buying me a potted plant and a heart shaped box of chocolate. I like plants but I kill them and I like chocolate but I’m diabetic so I was eating them and feeling guilty about the sugar, but then NOT eating them made me feel guilty because he bought them for me with good intent. He was trying to show me he loved me, I know this. So that year I gave up and thought, “if we’re celebrating then I’m asking for what I truly want” which is cut flowers, preferably purple, because I don’t feel bad when they die anyway, and red berries, which I enjoy as much as chocolate and the sugar level is much lower. I got them, but then felt bad for being demanding. I think I’m just contrary, lol.

    • Stacey December 10, 2014, 10:17 am

      Ok, maybe some of this is making sense. I’ve been super tense and stressed lately and when that happens I get knots in my back and shoulders that can be very painful. Yesterday I kept thinking of how much I wanted to get a massage so I just called and made the appointment. I wasn’t sure if I could afford it but I did it anyway. Today I got a gift card, completely unexpected and out of the blue, to use towards it, which will cut my expense in half, and a friend has decided she wants one too. So now it costs less and I don’t have to go alone. Sweet!

  • stephanie December 3, 2014, 6:02 pm

    congrats on creating the awesome entrance you desired. but do you really think it was kind to give a horse an enema at a car wash, stick him in a freight elevator and bring him into a room with 8 speakers playing at full-tilt and hundreds of screaming women? do you really think that was what that horse desired? the enema alone sounds very cruel and also very dangerous.

  • SG Priska December 3, 2014, 11:40 am

    Hi Sister Goddesses!
    When heading towards a desire I want to stress point 2!
    My desire is to be able to go to Naropa university in Boulder, Colorado, to follow where my intuition is pulling me to.
    That means precisely, I desire the funding of my undergraduate program.

    The scary part is, I know I can get it because I deserve it.
    … Takes courage to remember that in the trenches. 😉

    Thanks for this space and save community to share, let go and let the universe do it’s part.
    Love, SG Priska

  • Singing Sister December 3, 2014, 11:09 am

    Ok, I´ll share my impossible dream. Or dreams. Because I have so many. I want my own home, share a very good relationship, and I want to hold my upcoming debut album in my hands and share it with the world. The album is soon ready, and I will join you my beautiful beloved strong sisters with all my dreams, hail you – and let´s just do it, because we have all the power in the Universe to be all of this, and more. Light from the North

  • Oh shiny guiding light of a Goddess, what a fabulous post!

    LOL: I had no idea horses required enemas before performances, but of course, that makes all the sense in the world; and George sounds awesome: how he was able to put up with all those inconveniences to serve the greater good of our cause: to further the feminine…

    But seriously, isn’t this just the crux of it a: daring to dream big and then let it go, but most of all: knowing how to manage that journey after…
    I already heard about your entrance, but hearing about the journey is so helpful and inspiring!
    I have witnessed that often we are afraid to start on our desires for fear of the journey. Why ARE we so afraid of that journey, why do so few of us trust we will be carried along the way?

    This morning I spring cleaned with a fellow SG and we decided our new slogan needs to be: “I trust and enjoy my journeys”.

    Thank you for this lovely example,
    In great, great gratitude…

  • Szilvia December 3, 2014, 7:58 am

    You are a genius, Mama Gena, that is what your name stands for!
    Thank you so much for you!

  • SG Tahera December 2, 2014, 11:07 pm

    So disappointed that I missed the Entrance, (have to be prepared so I can be early cause I don’t want to miss another entrance now that I get a taste of what you and others have to do to make them happen. I have a longing that seems impossible, I have so many desires thanks to myself and Mama G. My biggest desire is to put all my desires together to make the best life ever. I desire making videos or movies or shows. I desire crochet anything I want at anytime. I desire to make an album that I can perform atleast every 5 years. I desire to be a yoga instructor. I desire to heal through plants and vegetables something like holistic nursing. I desire to meet and have a man that appreciates all this creativity and encourages it. I desire to meet Nas to see if he is that man. I desire to travel the world and live in warm, sunny, beach places like Hawaii, Miami or California. New York will always be my home to come back to. I desire for my children to be able to explore and be creative in this world and be successful. I desire health love and fun through my journey called Life. I desire to fit all of these desires in one lifestyle. MINE. I’m so inspired and I can feel me shifting inside… 🙂

  • Sheila December 2, 2014, 10:38 pm

    You all are some amazing women with some amazing desires! I couldn’t make it to Miami but I’m loving all the stories! Regina thank you for this visual and the reminder that it’s all possible!

  • JJ December 2, 2014, 10:17 pm

    I love this illustration of DREAMING while staying flexible to the gorgeous outcome… and it is very clear that we need a video of all this fabulousness especially the top.

    • Maree - another Goddess from Oz December 3, 2014, 1:43 am

      YES YES YES JJ! I wanted to see the photo of Mamagena on the horse so we can all celebrate! Great inspirational post MamaGena xxx

  • Grace December 2, 2014, 9:30 pm

    Here is what has felt like an impossible dream at one point that has become/is becoming a reality for me.

    I had big health issue in 2013, when I discovered I had an irregular heartbeat. Terrifying!

    My dream was to be cured of Atrial Fibrillation, not to spend the rest of my life on medication. I’m well on my way to that dream coming true.

    On top of the health adventure, I landed in one of those bureaucratic quagmires with insurance. Seemed that it was all going to cost me $145,000 that I didn’t have. All claims denied based on pre-existing condition, the last few months before Obamacare made that illegal.

    I set my intention to have it all paid for in the best way possible. Had no idea how that would happen!

    But then I happened to chat with a stranger and got the lead to my powerful Health Care Advocate, who guided me through successfully challenging the insurance company and getting them to pay! Awesome Inner Bitch training.

    On top of that, I got a lot of the bills completely written off, just by asking.

  • Holly Haupt December 2, 2014, 6:38 pm

    Thanks Mama,
    For the great blog ! I know you ride horses so
    It must have been incredible to get a horse in that convention place
    My deepest desire is to own my own house that is affordable with a huge garden
    And a great place to do healing sessions
    I desire to design my own garden that is magical with fruit trees and lots of edibles
    Did I mention that it’s to be in the Hamptons where I love to be near water!
    This has been a desire for at least 30 plus years. I finally put a bid on a house so it’s mine or something better!!! I would love to have a greenhouse and to raise bees as well!!

  • Magical December 2, 2014, 5:52 pm

    Dear Mama Gena, thank you for being there to remind us, again and again when we forget 🙂 I desire to live with all the time in the world to do the things i love, i desire to have a great relationship, depth, fun, joy, gratitude, with all the people in my life or whom I meet on my path. I desire to deepen the relationship with my Beloved, to deepen the understanding of my son and our communication. I desire to have THE most fantasic beautiful house in the forest with more land around it than needed. I desire to make a living there. Sharing my gifts with people who are deeply interested and people who really enjoy my wool-artwork. And I desire to go higher and deeper, be open and vulnerable and to truly live and be Love, what i already know and keep forgetting when busy doing “other” things.

  • Dr. Hope December 2, 2014, 5:05 pm

    Thank you for this today! I believe the sheer power of desire helped me advance from an uncultured, impoverished farm girl in way-out rural VA to an independent surgeon in her 40’s living with a beautiful young man…and all the stages in between.
    Now I’m going for something that seems even more “impossible”. Owning my own private cosmetic surgical office & operating rooms where clients are treated with respect and love and we offer world class surgical services and expand to include image consultancy, anti-aging medicine, non-surgical aesthetic services and health, happiness and beauty related workshops, lectures, and events.
    It’s been a very long road..but I saved enough to complete an unpaid cosmetic surgery fellowship, I secured financing for the practice, finally found the perfect location in Downtown Charlotte (finding that space took MONTHS of visualization), found the architect and construction company, survived multiple road-blocks along the way, and am nearly through with construction….
    ….and now the property association is throwing up delays and extra expenses all over the place because I need to install an HVAC vent. Yep. A regular old vent, and the extra delay and legal and construction expenses, are my version of your dry cleaning disaster.
    This morning I felt like I just couldn’t make it through another day of stress and uncertainty. And somehow, this story helped.
    And, Mama G. , when I get this thing rolling I want you to come speak!

  • Estela December 2, 2014, 4:24 pm

    It was impressive and a surprise to see you on the horse.
    Congratulations for showing us different entrances in each meeting.
    I wonder what will be the next one…
    My desire is to live in love & harmony. To be creative, to
    laugh and enjoy everyday. To be aware of life unfolding
    in a way that is, even though I do not understand or make
    sense of it.

  • Kat December 2, 2014, 3:05 pm

    LOVE the description of the entrance, and all which went into it!

  • T. L. Cooper December 2, 2014, 2:47 pm

    I struggle to define anything as impossible, so I had to give this a little thought. I’m not sure I have goals or dreams that I find impossible though I do have some I find improbable. I do, however, have a habit of holding on to my dreams too tightly – so tightly they are unable to breathe and take flight or doing the complete opposite and releasing them to the point of forgetting them as I choose another path. That is of course until they reach back up to slap me in the face.
    Right now I can think of 4 dreams that while not impossible feel improbable to me for various reasons:
    1) Earning my PhD in Psychology
    2) Moving to a place that’s warm year-round
    3) Bringing a dog (or two) into my home
    4) Reaching a place where my writing career is beyond self-sustaining financially

    Honestly, I know with some different decisions I could have all of these, which is why I can’t bring myself to label any of them impossible.
    There are others, but these are the ones foremost on my mind at the moment.
    As for desires I thought improbable that have come my way… oh, I have a ton of those, but I’ll just list 4…
    1) The opportunity to apologize and be forgiven for actions I took in college that broke someone’s heart. I thought I’d never see this guy again, and we ended up being friends after finding one another again.
    2) To be surrounded by people who love me for my imperfections and my perfections.
    3) To live life on my own terms without getting bogged down by convention
    4) To be able to let go of the anger that drove me for years and to feel peace settle into my core.

  • SG Tiiu December 2, 2014, 2:09 pm

    I desire to be slim, with gorgeous boobs and luscious hair! Just want it for no reason. I just feel it would be fun to wear whatever and look good in it, to buy clothes in L or M sizes and be able to choose from all the beautiful bras at Hunkemöller and Princess Tam Tam. I desire the body of a dancer. I desire to dance.

    So be it.

  • Deborah Smith December 2, 2014, 1:43 pm

    Ahh yes, hold it lightly, be OK with letting it go and never give up. Such a a discipline! Such amazing results!!!
    Last year I desired the Raleigh as my abode for this year’s Miami. By the grace of Pussy I scored a place in a suite with three other SG’s right after the original 4th dropped out! Desire met and done, Yes? No!
    Enter 5th SG; my “newbie”. No room for her in the suite! Oh no, what to do? My mistake so mine to fix. Again, by GPS there were still rooms left at the Raleigh. Ok, super pricey and I needed this glitch fixed ASAP as it was the Wednesday AM before the Thursday flight to Miami. So I booked the remaining suite. Thank Goddess for credit cards.

    Of course, with all of this came all of the “old” negative voices in my head. I choice to be my best Pleasure Revolutionary self, Co Joed the entire happening, silenced the negative voices and began the weekend committed to Totally enjoy our suite, my BFF SG and everything around the weekend.
    Arriving at the Raleigh Thursday night the desk clerk gave me a huge smile and told me they had given us a “Very Special upgrade.” It was. Cindy and I were booked into the Esther Williams Suite complete with champagne on ice and a beautiful platter of fresh fruit. Desire met and exponentially enlarged.
    Thank you Regena, Thank you GPS!!!!

  • SG Jill is MAGIC December 2, 2014, 12:50 pm

    I adore this post Regena. You were resplendent in that mini-dress on that horse. It feels so good to hear all of the back story of how this magical event came to be. The non-attachment yet never giving up, the savoring and the delighting in all the possibilities along the way…the way you KNOW and stand for YOUR desires…beautiful and amazing, and inspiring as usual.

    As I look back over this year, my time in Creation was very powerful. I started writing and recording music and I had my first ever opening gig, playing 9 songs to a packed house at a small club in Santa Barbara, including 2 original songs (and finishing off with Moonage Daydream by David Bowie!!) Having always been the girl dating the musician, it was a dream come true.

    My next impossible desire is to have a band. To play electric guitar. To have friends to collaborate with. I give up on this dream a lot – thank you for reminding me not to!!!

    Love you!!!

  • jeyan December 2, 2014, 12:14 pm

    So LOVE this story!!! My desire is to fully live in the turn on for the rest of my life…there’s no dried up prune in this body…. And then to have the most masculine, worldly man, who completely sees me, spoils me and take me to heights that I can’t even imagine while all the time we are communicating our desires, respect and love for each other as we stand in our power…. Can’t imagine a more fulfilling life… that the combination is stronger than the two parts apart… Wonder what wonders we could produce for the betterment of the world of women….. & do it together!!!

    • Laura Jacobs December 3, 2014, 7:42 am

      And so shall it be Jeyan. You are becoming that woman with every breath you take.

    • SG G-Spot December 3, 2014, 2:20 pm

      Does he have an available, equally enlightened brother? Love, love, love this!

  • Jennifer ( SG FAB) December 2, 2014, 11:47 am

    Okay, Regena, you caught me. Yes, I have been suppressing a desire I have had for some time and only expressed to my Creation Mastermind. Now it’s time to fess up. Being apart of the SWA has changed my ‘effin life. That first day I walked into Mastery in February 2013 was the beginning on miracles happening in my life. Onward to Creation, which pushed my limits and allowed my to find my voice.

    You have giving me the joys of Sisterhood and knowing a community always has my back. I am forever grateful to you and all the beautiful SG’s. My desire is to expand my role in SG activism to a larger sphere and become an official West Coast Ambassador for the School of Womanly Arts. I have no idea how that role will manifest but know it will be truly amazing to be in service to so many women who can be touched and expand their lives by sharing the tools and power of sisterhood to expand their lives and live their greatness.

    With LOVE, Jennifer

    • SG Jill is MAGIC December 2, 2014, 12:39 pm

      Jennifer!!!! I am very turned on by your desire!!! Yes to a West Coast Ambassadorship!!!!

    • SG Kathleen December 3, 2014, 10:05 am

      I love that idea sister goddess Jennifer!
      Would love to be part of a west coast sisterhood! Thank you for sharing your desire!

  • Esther Fink December 2, 2014, 11:14 am

    I had a childhood friend who’s Mom looked like a classic movie star goddess out of the 1950’s. I always wanted to be like her but was a mousy shy adult, covering myself in layers of clothes, ashamed.

    Fast forward: I joined Mastery, and now Creation and I am becoming that goddess thanks to the example of Mama Gena.

    I never gave up that desire and now I am stepping into that woman I dreamed of becoming as a child. THANK YOU REGINA, you are a shining star.

  • SG Joosey December 2, 2014, 11:03 am

    My entire life is built on impossible.

  • Melissa December 2, 2014, 11:02 am

    I needed this today. My divorce was final 5 days ago. My”freedom ” scares the hell out of me. I’ve been married my whole adult life. Met him when I was 15, married at 18, left him 19 months ago. So my future that was planned to a tee with him is now gone and my clean canvas seems so impossible. After reading this I’m gonna decide and focus on “my horse for Miami” and go full throttle!!!!

    • Lesley December 2, 2014, 1:55 pm

      Wow Melissa, thank you for your courage!! You go girl, we are all with you xoxo

    • SG Barbara December 2, 2014, 4:00 pm

      You’re in the right place, Melissa. I’m available to chat with you if you need it sometime.

  • Kate Goldsborough December 2, 2014, 10:51 am

    Nice post! Ahh. It’s only taken me YEARS to get what identifying your desires looks like for me. I came home from Miami and had a dream. And you were there in it. That helped me know I was on track. But it was the feeling of the Friday night exercise I believe pulled me toward the dream (where I owned my old family home on Lake Champlain–the entire mansion). Finally here was a specific desire that wasn’t too small for me. I was a stylist, a consultant and you were coming to visit in the most gorgeous place on earth. So fun. And I’ve filled in the blanks in the meantime. I practice imagining all those things have already come true. Thank you for your genius!

  • mishel December 2, 2014, 10:44 am

    i desire my own home. a big open gorgeous space with wooden floors, big windows, and tall ceilings. my own space. lots of plants everywhere, beautiful furniture. My home.

    This seems so out of reach impossible right now. But i will switch my perspective from: “so out of reach” to “im just gonna enjoy the desire and savor it”.

    thank you <3