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What Is a Sister Goddess™?

Many women ask me—where did you come up with the term Sister Goddess™?

Sister: because every woman on this planet is a sister to one another.

Goddess: because each woman has at least a drop of the divine in her, if not a whole heck of a lot more.

And when you treat a woman as your Sister and as a Goddess, you bring out the best in her.

Somewhere within you, either close to the surface or hiding out a little deeper, you are already a Sister Goddess. You have simply not yet claimed your rightful title! (Want help reclaiming your inner Sister Goddess? Check out The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program—a multi-month training to become a Sister Goddess).

What exactly is this exquisite creature, a Sister Goddess?

She speaks her mind
She is vibrantly alive
She revels in her originality
She knows what she wants

She is a bit naughty
She is often outrageous
She is her own unique brand of Sassy and Sexy
She uses the power of her own pleasure as a way of life

She loves herself as she is now
She finds pleasure in all that she does
She knows that enjoying herself in the presence of others is a great gift
She tends to flirt with everyone—men, women, babies, dogs, and cats included!

She is a sensual being, a sexual being
She takes reverent care of herself
She has extraordinary relationships with the men and women in her life
She has a scorching sex life

She treats herself like the Goddess she is
She chooses to adore her body, whatever her size, age or circumstance
She has work that is designed and driven by her juiciest desires

She works less, gets more and has fun doing both!
She uses her community of women to support her dreams
She has taken her rightful place as the owner and operator of her life

She is you…

Hmmmm…. Does this sound like more of a desire than a reality for you? See how you can learn to be a Sister Goddess in our Mastery Program. It will take you on a journey—with this amazing community of women—to locate your joy, your enthusiasm and the interior certainty that what makes you happy is the most important thing on earth.