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I’m BACK and I’m on fire!

Darlings!! Hi! Hello! Ohmigoddess, I am so happy to be back here! I’ve missed you so much over the past eight weeks! Wow. My summer has been incredible. I have been riding, writing, swimming, and cooking (yes, you heard me, cooking!) dinners with friends. Meanwhile, I have been following along, the biggest fan ever, with …

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What’s tugging on your soul today?

Darling, Welcome to this brand new year, and all the opportunity it holds for unparalleled beauty, intimacy, seduction, outrage, intrigue, love, provocation, passion, adventure and mischief in your life. If the concept of “New Year’s resolutions” inspires even the slightest trace of annoyance, impatience, frustration, crankiness, fear, anger, and/or overwhelm in you, I’ve got good news. …

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